Top Ways To Redesign Your House This Spring

Designing your home can sometimes be tiresome, especially if you are feeling particularly uninspired. Your house says a lot about you as a person and if your house is particularly disheveled and unkempt the chance is when people come into your home, they will assume the same for you.

Many cultures across the world completely redesign their home seasonally, Japan, for example, so there are many sources from which you can derive inspiration from to welcome in the Spring.

Decorating your home comes with many problems. Financially, you may not be able to afford a complete redecoration, which is why catalogues with instant credit can prove to be very handy in getting new items of furniture you ordinarily could not afford. Or perhaps your partner does not feel that the home needs to be resigned. Whatever the problem, you should address it before you start.

Brighten The Place Up

With Spring comes life, the tree canopies become suddenly vibrant and green again, wildflowers spring from out of nowhere almost, butterflies return and dance freely between branches, and songbirds sing pleasantly behind it all. With this newfound life, it is no surprise that you should want to redecorate your home and match the beautiful outdoors with stunning indoors.

Maybe your curtains are a darker, more shadowy colour, more appropriate for the winter. Change them in for a new pair and put up some net curtains and a brighter shade of over curtain. Net curtains, while more common with older generations, can prove to be a great asset to a home. While allowing in light, they stop people from being able to look into your home, although you can still look out.

Net curtains are a great Spring addition and mean you can have your curtains open all day without being blinded or spied upon. You should always have your windows open in Spring to let the gentle rejuvenating breeze in.

Try Rush Flooring

More suited to homes without pets and children, rush flooring can be a great Springtime addition to any home! While more common in Japan and Korea, and all of Eastern Asia, rush flooring is starting to see a huge emergence in the West. Rush flooring, known as tatami in Japan, comes with a beautiful straw scent that permeates through every room in your home, is soft on the feet, and oxygenates the air, keeping it nice and cool, while in the winter it keeps the air warm.

Rush flooring can match all styles if used correctly, and while slightly pricey, can be worth it if you buy in bulk and redecorate many rooms of your home with it. No shoes on the mat, however! It’ll damage its fibres!

Try More Floral Furniture

In Spring, with the re-emergence of the beautiful wildflowers, and the vibrant green of trees, why not match the outdoors with the indoors and get yourself a brand-new sofa, or blankets to cover your chairs? You can pick up a wide array of sophisticated and beautiful floral designs from any furniture store or catalogue, and the flowers will be accentuated by the natural light flooding inside.

Change Your Wallpaper

As with the last point, the new natural light that will be bathing your home with lovely vitamin D can accentuate not only floral furniture but wallpaper! Why not match your new sofas and blankets with a similar wallpaper, or perhaps try out a baroque pattern? Baroque is slowly falling out of favour, and has been rapidly for the last fifty years, so why not try and bring it back on your own?

Decorate Your Home With Flowers

What better time than Spring to decorate your home with flowers? Head down to your local gardening centre and pick yourself up as many flowers as you can find, and proceed to put them up all over your home.

By decorating your house with flowers, not only will you derive aesthetic enjoyment from it, but flowers are known to better the quality of the air you breathe, and houseplants too, so you will be getting a physical reward also: better air quality!

Flowers can bring life to your home, and an ordinary grey, drab room, can suddenly burst into life with a floral display. Be careful, however, if you have children or pets, as some flowers can be deadly poisonous to your pets, and your child may be allergic to them. Be sure to do your research as to what is appropriate for your home before you buy any.

Make sure when redecorating your home, you buy your furniture and decorations from a reputable source. There is nothing more devastating from arranging a redecorating and finding you have been scammed and will have to proceed on an extremely tightened budget, if at all. If you will be employing people to decorate your home, equally check them out, cowboy builders can dampen a Spring afternoon.