7 Innovative Ways to Help Save Our Planet

From carbon emissions and non-degradable plastic to infinite waste and environmental negligence, if we were to list everything affecting the health of our planet adversely, the list would just never end.

Fortunately, our environmental awareness has been increasing over the years, and, today, it’s quite common for people to take their environmental footprint into consideration. While individual efforts have been exerted over the years, the leap we’ve witnessed in environmental sustainability is astounding.

If you want to contribute to this positive change, here are 7 innovative ways through which we can help save our planet.

1. Switch to Bioplastic

Out of all the troubles we, as humans, have given our planet, plastic has been especially the most stubborn and nasty. Most of us have come to understand that it takes centuries for plastic to disintegrate, during which it finds its lethal way to the food chain and ecological system, affecting both humans and animals.

As if that wasn’t troublesome enough, plastic is synthesized using one of our planet’s most precious, and finite, resources: petroleum. This drove the change-makers at Trvst to ask a crucial question: could we find an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic?

This could certainly be possible by switching to a plant-based bioplastics. For example, by making plastic out of the hemp plant fibers instead of petroleum, we’d be hitting two birds with one stone. 

2. Install Solar Glass

Saving our planet can be done in many ways, one of which is to come up with new sources of infinite energy. As nature would have it, our sun has always been one of the most generous natural and infinite resources, but the issue has always been in finding ways to fully utilize this treasure.

Solar glass is an ingenious invention that would provide us the luxury of utilizing solar energy through our very windows, although the best invention so far falls at an efficiency of 25%. We’ve started with solar cells and gone a long way, and even though our luck is somewhat hindered when it comes to efficiently install solar glass, we’re putting a lot of hope on this invention. 

3. Try Fake Meat

There are just way too many resources that get used up at the expense of the meat we eat. Starting from land issues to higher greenhouse gas emissions and using up and contaminating fresh water. All in all, our planet pays a hefty price for the meat production industry. But what if there was an alternative?

Now, carnivores, just hear us out for this one. It can sound really shady, but technology has found a way to create fake meat that competes with real meat in terms of taste, texture, and nutritional value. It’s definitely something to try, eh?

4. Utilize Carbon Capture Technology

It’s smart to think of ways to reduce the carbon emissions in order to counter all the global warming, but what’s even smarter is to find a way to capture this carbon and sequester. It might have been just wishful at some point, but thanks to the advances in the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology, it’s no longer a dream.

This technology has the potential to single-handedly reverse one of our planet’s worst nightmares. 

5. Make Use of Graphene

What if we were able to create a substance that could be stronger than steel, thinner than paper, and is more conductive than copper? Can you imagine the tons of resources and energy we would save in the process? This is yet another example of how innovation turned wishful thinking into reality, thanks to the creation of Graphene. 

6. Ask Artificial Intelligence for Help

Despite our best efforts, sometimes it’s just easier for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to come up with the answers we’ve spent decades looking for. This holds true in the case of saving our planet as well; AI can help us in finding alternatives and creating new opportunities – basically, undoing all the damage we’ve done to our planet so far. 

7. Become Mindful of the Environment

You’ve probably heard this one countless times already, but our planet really can only be saved if each and every one of us put conscious effort into saving it.

It doesn’t matter how well-off you are, being mindful of our planet is a lifestyle that is adopted in our every action, such as saving water, being conservative in using resources, recycling and upcycling waste, using energy-efficient devices, or supporting environmental awareness in all possible ways. 

Saving the planet certainly sounds like such a heavy burden to bear, but that’s only the weight of the sins we’ve committed. As a result, this weight keeps pushing us into a corner to come up with new ways to save our planet and undo the damage we’ve done. Fortunately, we’ve risen to the challenge, and, while it’s still too early to celebrate, the future now looks a little bit more promising.