Healthiest Ways To Use Cannabis

Almost everyone knows the medical benefits that cannabis can have on our bodies and every year more and more research comes to light about the increasingly positive results that have been found.

Normally when we think of cannabis and the consumption of it we usually think about smoking a joint or maybe even using a bong. These are effective ways of consuming the plant but they are not the healthiest. We want to help you today to discover the healthiest ways of consuming weed and some tips on how to do just that.


Smoking is not very healthy for your body or for your lungs and can leave you feeling dependent on it if mixed with tobacco. Smoking is linked to a variety of health issues starting with throat irritation all the way to something as serious as cancer.

Despite this smoking is the most popular way to consume cannabis, this is likely because it is the easiest way. Smoking is also one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of weed as it only takes a couple of minutes.

If you are looking to avoid smoking you could start with vaping instead. You can order CBD vapes such as the Elev8 Pen, at licensed online dispensaries. Vaping cannabis uses extracted oil concentrated from the cannabis plant.

Vaping is also a lot healthier than smoking as there is no tobacco, there are no byproducts from the papers and rolling materials, there is less chance of consuming low quality cannabis, it’s quick and easy to use, it’s more cost effective once you have bought the equipment and it’s also a lot more portable.

Please keep in mind that vaping will have a stronger effect than smoking the regular dried plant. Keep this in mind when trying it out for the first time.

Cooking With Cannabis

The healthiest way to consume cannabis is to eat it. You are not inhaling any hot fumes into your lungs which is a lot healthier. You are allowing your digestive system to do all the work for you which is a lot easier on your body. If you are suffering from chronic pain, eating cannabis can also provide you with longer lasting relief making them a good option.

You can even buy a cannabis cookbook to help you come up with different recipes. There are plenty of cannabis products you can use with your cooking such as cannabutter, canna oil and a lot more. There are plenty of delicious ways you can consume cannabis in your food. You can purchase cannabis from a cannabis seed bank and use them however you wish in any recipe.

Beauty Products

Another one of the healthiest ways to smoke weed is to use it within beauty products. Nowadays the whole beauty industry is filled with beauty products made from the cannabis plant. An example of these companies is The Body Shop who has a whole hemp range available on their website and Milk Make Up who also have a whole range around hemp and its nourishing properties.

Some other popular products with cannabis include topicals, skincare, bath products including bath bombs, fragrances, oils, makeups, hair creams and oils. Using products like this is the healthiest way to consume weed without feeling, “high”. You should consider trying high CBD strains.

Drink Cannabis

Cannabis tea is perfect for when you come home from work and simply want to sit down and relax without encountering the negative effects of smoke inhalation. You can dissolve cannabutter into your tea or coffee.

You can make this butter/cannabis combo yourself by heating the herbal cannabis with the butter or if you’re not looking to have a full high and just want a warm cuppa, you can pop your herbs into your water like normal tea leaves.

If you are not a tea or coffee fan you could also drink cannabis in a juice, this is a fairly new way of enjoying cannabis but it is one way of enjoying it without having to deal with some of the side effects.

You can blend up raw, fresh cannabis leaves with any fruits and vegetables to enjoy a healthy and tasty treat which you can take with you on the go! You will be able to enjoy the drink without inhaling smoke and also juicing your cannabis means that you will avoid the THC which is released when cannabis is heated, allowing you to enjoy the flavour without the high.