4 Best Ways To Use Cheese To Make Food Delicious

Cheese is not just any other food item – it is a blessing straight from heaven. One of the most popular by-products of milk, cheese is loved by everyone.

From kids to adults, middle-aged to teens, cheese has always been crowd-favorite. As per a survey, as many as 96% of Americans cannot go a day without cheese.

All thanks to the yummy taste and lovely texture it gives to all types of food. There is no lie in the fact that cheese has a way of making everything better. Don’t believe us? Well, try out these 4 delicious ways of using cheese in food for yourself:

1. Grate It on Top of Your Pasta, You’ll Thank us Later

Grating cheese on pizzas is so yesterday! Grate some of that cheese on top of your pasta and enjoy! Pasta is a mouth-watering dish in itself. White sauce, Red sauce, Pink sauce, or Pesto – pasta dwells in each of these sauces effortlessly. But when you grate some cheese on top of it and bake, the taste elevates to another level.

Wondering which type of cheese to use? Do not worry, you have many options – Parmesan, Mozzarella, Gouda, Cheddar – try these out. And why just pasta? Pick up that mozzarella brick and start grating bread toasts, mashed potatoes, noodles, rolls, or even your regular chapatis – the combinations are endless.

2. Spread Cheese for the Go

When someone says “spread cheese”, the only legit combination that instantly pops in our heads is a slice of bread. Resorting to this very factor, spread cheese is commonly a no-no in most households. But that is primarily because we have never really experimented with it.

You will discover the various wonders of liquid cheese only when you are brave enough of using it with some of your classic favorites.

Thin-crust pizzas, kebabs, and tikkas, or even your favorite Ceasar’s Salad – just a spoonful of Brie cheese or fresh mozzarella and you will be amazed to see the results. Trust us, you are just a dollop away from rediscovering your favorite food.

3. Add a Little Bit of Cheese in Your Sauces and See the Twist

Cheese is ordinarily consumed as it is – raw or probably baked. But a touch of cheese in sauces like pasta sauce or marinara sauce, and you will never go back to the classic way of preparing your sauces.

The utter lusciousness and mind-blowing taste it gives after dissolving is something that everyone craves for. Blue cheese, Parmesan, Emmental – add a little bit of any of these cheeses and see the magic!

Pasta, vegan gravies, and even pizza sauce – just pick up your cheese block and get going. Try it out for yourself, and you will honestly feel glad to have known this “golden way” of using cheese.

4. Use It as a Dip

When we say cheese has a way of making everything better, dips are not spared. Cheese fondue is a classic example of how wonderfully cheese works when melted into a thick sauce-like consistency.

Warm or chilled, it always manages to blow away one’s mind. And why just stick to the regular cheese fondue? Add your favorite herbs, or perhaps throw in some Brie with your mozzarella sauce and enjoy the dip your way.

Again, Gouda, Cheddar, Feta, and Mascarpone varieties are extremely loved in thick, liquid form. Dip these in your favorite veggies and enjoy the taste.

Over to You…

Cheese is one of the most loved food products. Besides being extremely versatile, it can be easily combined with almost every dish. Elevating the taste and the overall texture, no wonder why cheese is one of the most supremely used garnishes around the world.

Along with an impeccable flavor, there are also innumerable varieties of cheese to choose from – mozzarella, gouda, parmesan, feta, mascarpone, and many more.

Each of these has a separate, queerly amazing taste to savor. If this article made you crave for some cheese, you must visit cheesetherapy.com to satiate your cheese lust.