Evening Wear Style Tips For The Cold Season

The weather outside is frightful, but after so much time stuck inside, staying home doesn’t sound especially delightful. For most of last year, our main fashion question was, Do I really need to change out of my pajamas? Sadly, this was true even when it came to selecting a New Year’s Eve outfit.

Enough is enough. The time has come to show our joy in being alive. You may have even forgotten what’s in your closet besides yoga pants, but it’s time to dust off the fancier stuff. Keep reading and brush up on winter evening wear style tips.

Brighten Up

Winter is a time for dark shades and neutrals, but this year has been bleak enough. This is why you’ll see color cropping up everywhere. It doesn’t have to be a full-length red ball gown — although feel free if that’s what is calling you.

A beaded handbag or sparkly necklace jazzes up any little black dress. Gown already the star of the show? Pair a blingy frock with a classic strand of pearls such as those from The Pearl Source to look stylish but not over the top.

Show Your Shape

Sloppy sweats were never an evening wear thing, but we’ve had so little practice with other clothes, it’s understandable if you feel tempted to wear a loose, shapeless frock for your first outing.

Resist the urge. The time has come to get back into the groove of wearing clothes that fit. Tailored blazers, pleated trousers, and dresses with darts are all trending strong this winter season. If you’re still easing your way back into structured clothing, try a bias-cut skirt or knit dress as your starter outfit.

Go Wild

Whether you’re getting back to nature or channeling your inner wild child, this season is all about finding inspiration from our winged and four-legged friends. Feathers, faux fur, and animal prints are all hot this winter. Plumed and furry cuffs and collars add interest and excitement to every ensemble while animal patterns show you’re ready for anything.

When it comes to leopard, zebra and the like, be sure to stick to a single print per outfit, and that includes shoes. Keep in mind any pattern can be tamed with the addition of a neutral-toned but coordinating wrap.

Treat Yourself

Pleasures during the pandemic were few and far between. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s to treat ourselves right. Luxury fabrics like velvet, silk, and cashmere offer the perfect way to dress up while enjoying the sumptuous feeling of quality against your skin. A silk camisole under a fitted velvet jacket is a real treat. Be careful of mixing silk and wool, however. Sparks may fly!

Get Creative

This past year has been challenging, and there’s nothing like a challenge to get those creative juices flowing. Be bold and take risks. For example, mix patterns in the same color family, or pair a corset with a tuxedo.

And there’s no rule that says you must wear only winter clothes in winter. A faux fur vest provides a fun contrast to a springy floral print dress. Drama is also trending strong this winter season. Think capes and ruffles, and you can even consider showing a little skin.

Try Something New

It’s sometimes easier to turn down invitations than it is to get motivated, especially when it’s cold and dark outside.

But dressing up is fun too. Remember when you dreamed of having an hour to spend on your hair and makeup? Take this extra gift of time and put it to good use. Find inspiration online and experiment with makeup and hairstyles. Try on every fancy item in your wardrobe and fearlessly create new looks. It’s a new year, but it’s up to you to make it memorable.