Need A Website For ELearning? Here’s What You Need To Get First

When creating a website, there are plenty of things you’ll need to remember to ensure you have a free-flowing, easy to use product. When it comes to eLearning then you’re going to need a website that loads quickly and is easy to navigate.

Learning can be a challenge, so there’s no need to have a challenging website that provides the lessons. Creating one is simple, you just need to follow a few rules. Here we take a look at the essentials of starting an eLearning website. 

Where Does Your Website Live? 

First things first you’ll need a name for your website. Call it whatever you like, but there has to be space for it. Much like a racing horse, or a mobile phone number, there cannot be more than one with the exact same name. Choose something different and memorable and once you’ve done that you’ll need to see if your domain name is free, and decide where it’s going to live.

Use any domain checker and pick your desired web name, from there you can choose where you’re going to host. Depending on the country you are in will depend on the company you use to host your website. Think of it as the foundations of a house, you need them to build everything else. 

If you’re located in Canada and want your eLearning site to be efficient, fast, and easy to use then it’s wise to go with a Canadian web hosting company. If the website is held in the country you wish to reside in then it’s going to be quicker than setting it up and hosting it halfway across the world. It’s wise to choose a company that offers everything in one, for example, domains, hosting, emails, and website support. 

A Brilliant Web Design 

There’s a lot to be said about how your website looks. The reason creators spend months laboring over sites making sure they look perfect is that the people that visit will judge within the first 10 seconds of being on your page. If it’s not up to scratch, or visually appealing, then there’s no reason to be on there. 

Design is hugely important. Visually appealing. Easy to navigate. Good content. It’s all-important when putting the website together. Don’t cut back on any aspect of your site thinking it’s going to save money or time. It will end up being detrimental when everything has been completed. 

Grade A Content 

Websites aren’t just about looking suave. They have to be informed, factual, and interesting to read. This means short, sharp, informative pieces of information that don’t take an age to read. If the text looks daunting or as though it might take a while to get through then people tend to either skim read or ignore it completely. 

There are content writers for hire all over the internet if you’re unsure of how to write your homepage, about us page, or any bit of text that requires attention. 

Easy To Use eCommerce 

This is essential if you’re selling anything! An eCommerce site that causes no fuss is one that will sell a lot. Two click payment? Fantastic. Form to fill in before checking out? I’ll go somewhere else. The aim of selling a product is to exchange money, make it as easy as possible. 

Setting up a website can be labor-intensive, but it’s labor that is worth it. The more time you invest in making your website look and feel incredible, the larger the reward will be when you go live. Make sensible choices and don’t choose the cheapest option.