Can A Wedding DJ Compare To A Live Band?

Your wedding day is undeniably one of the best days of your life, as well as your partner’s life. However, only a few parts of the whole wedding ceremony will remain in your guests’ memories for years to come, and they are the food and the music.

You may add as many decorations as you want, or invite as many or as little guests, but it is the ambience, the excellent meal, and the fantastic songs that your guests will remember years after your wedding. And if you think about it, no matter how good the food is, if the atmosphere is dull and there isn’t much going on, your guests won’t feel any special during your ceremony.

The music is the make or break of the ceremony, whether it be you walking down the aisle after you exchange your vows or during the reception, playing amazing songs can get anyone in the mood. Whether it be old classics or new bops, you can dance and get swooned because of music.

One of the things that you need to decide on with your partner is whether or not you will have a band play at your wedding, or if it is best to opt for a DJ. It is a huge decision to make since there are a lot of things that you would need to consider to make sure that your guests will also have the time of their lives.

Choosing Wedding Reception Songs

When it comes to deciding whether you will have a live band play at your wedding, or if you will hire a professional DJ instead seek help from Evengo then can help you book one! it is all down to personal preference. If you think about it, one is not above the other. Both play music, both entertain your guests, and both can take the playlist that you want to be played.

All you need to think about is your personal preference, and you need to talk to your partner about it too. There are things that you need to consider before you choose aside from which entertainment suits your taste, you need to talk about your budget, the space of the venue, the demographics of your guests, and more.

Remember to keep an open mind through it all and review what other couples have done at other wedding receptions that you have attended. If there is a professional DJ or a band that you think is good and you want to play at your wedding, it is best to check them out.

Make sure that you work fast because professional DJs and bands book their gigs for months and they may not be able to squeeze you in.

Review their schedule to make sure it can match yours, check their other gigs, read their website if they have one, check their demos and ask them about their rates so you can also review your budget.

Check Your Vibe

The vibe that you give at your wedding ceremony depends on what music you’re playing. Choosing songs that suit your personality and your taste will make the whole thing more personal, and it will also help you decide on whether you will hire a live band or go for a DJ instead.

Now, if you want groovy songs, old songs, band sounds and songs that will make you dance, then it is best to go for a live band, as long as you have enough space for them and their instruments.

But if you want more choices in music and if you’re going to be able to switch genres during your wedding party, then you can go for a wedding DJ. Consider the demographics of your guests too, as wedding DJs are not the cup of tea of older attendees.

Review Your Budget

Consider your budget and do not go overboard if you know you can’t afford it. Remember that being in debt over a wedding is not worth it because you will have a new life to prepare for with your partner and you won’t be able to start if you are in debt. Think about your budget if you are choosing between a DJ or a live band.

Wedding DJs are much cheaper, especially if you pay them on an hourly basis. Live bands are a bit more expensive because of the nature of the act. A DJ is usually just one person, so you are paying only a single person, their equipment, and their talent.

As for living bands, you will have to pay each member of the group, their equipment, their time and their expertise. The more people and equipment are used, the higher the price that you will have to pay.

Go for Personality

Aside from music, check on their ability to entertain. When you pay for a live band or a DJ, you are not only paying them to play songs but you are also paying for their talent. Make sure whoever you choose, they can get your guests to dance and groove.

This is something you need to consider as they are the key to keep your guests entertained the whole night. One of the good things of having a live band is that they are already considered as entertainers, and it is previously expected that they can excite the crowd. For DJs, they can have a stellar personality, so check their actions before you book them.

Ask for Suggestions for Venues

Your venue for your wedding reception may offer help in choosing a band or a DJ. Make sure that you check with the site of your reception first before you book a live band or a DJ because there may be restrictions that you are not aware of like the number of musicians or the equipment that they can bring.

Ask about noise limitations as well, and electrical power supply sources so you can choose wisely.

Have Fun

Everything is all up to your personal preference. It is entirely up to you if you want a band or a DJ. Whatever you choose, do not forget to have fun with your guests when the evening comes. It is still your playlist after all, and it is essential to remember that you are the star of the show and you are the life of your party.