Alternative Wedding Dress Ideas When You Don’t Want to Wear White

More and more brides are ditching the traditional white dress and opting for an alternative look on their wedding day. There’s nothing more jaw-dropping than a bride going down the aisle in an all-black dress or a statement pantsuit! Not just brides, even their moms are looking for a more modern mother of the bride dress than a traditional one. What’s one of the best reasons to choose an alternative wedding outfit? You’ll be able to rewear it again!

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1. Go for a color other than white

This is the easiest way to break with tradition on your wedding day! In previous decades it was nearly impossible to find wedding dresses in any color other than white.

But many designers have broken out of the traditional mold to offer a variety of wedding dress styles in every color imaginable! If you want to keep your look somewhat traditional, opt for a classic silhouette like a princess dress in a subdued color like blue or red.

2. Wear a suit

Remember, you don’t even need to wear a dress on your wedding day if you don’t want to! An elegant pantsuit is a fun play on gender norms while a two piece dress is a fun play on the classic wedding dress. If you’re looking for an alternative wedding day outfit, consider ditching the dress entirely!

3. Choose trendy jewelry

Another way that you can break some fashion rules on your wedding day is to opt for fun and trendy jewelry rather than the classic pearl or diamond studs and necklaces. One gorgeous way to incorporate this trend is to choose a jeweled hair piece or hair clips to hold your veil.

4. Wear all black

White is the classic color for wedding dresses, but did you know that it wasn’t always like this? In fact, Queen Victoria made waves when she wore a white wedding gown to wed her husband, Prince Albert.

Before Queen Victoria made fashion history, red wedding dresses had been the norm. You can make your own fashion statement by rocking an all black wedding dress to your own nuptials. If you want to keep a romantic feel for your wedding day, choose a black dress with lace or satin details.

5. Wear a colored heel

If you don’t want to dive off the deep end into an alternative wedding outfit, try making a statement with a simple pop of color. If you chose a white or ivory dress, a brightly colored heel is a great way to add a bit of fun edge to an otherwise classic wedding day dress!

6. Choose a short dress

There’s no rule saying that your wedding dress needs to be floor length. A short dress may be perfect for your big day, especially if you plan on doing a lot of dancing or if your wedding will be outside where you risk ruining the hem of your dress!

7. Go for sneakers

Planning on dancing the night away? Then go for a sneaker instead of a heel! This trend is especially perfect for anyone having an outdoor or ultra casual wedding day ceremony. You can even find heels designed specifically for wedding days that are decorated with jewelry and rhinestones. Bonus points for not having sore and tired feet the next day!