How to Plan the Best Wedding Reception

The day of your wedding is going to be one of the most important days of your life, and it’s important to make it memorable in the best way possible. As much as the ceremony is at the top of the list for you, it’s also important to note that the wedding reception is probably what the guest look forward to the most!

This is where you and your guests get to let loose, dance and eat and really enjoy each other’s company. This is why we’re going to give you a couple of tips to help you plan the best wedding reception.

The Location Matters

Popular wedding locations are specific because they tend to be able to cater to a space for the ceremony and also a decent area to have the wedding reception for your guests. It’s important that you look for a spot at least 6 months in advance because the most popular places will probably be fully booked.

When picking a space for the wedding reception, you want to keep the number of guests you have in mind, a space for the entertainment, and of course for the food and drink. The key is to have it as spacious as possible, but not so large that your wedding reception feels empty. This needs a lot of planning and you need to consider it carefully so that the result is perfect.

Think About The Entertainment

Nothing gives a wedding reception life quite like the entertainment factor! This can vary from one couple to the next, and of course cultural wedding traditions come into play as well. Something that everyone across the board will agree on though, is that having a live band gives a special touch to the reception.

You can get a couple of ideas from and look into the different kinds of bands, the music they play, and what the overall process and options are. You need to make sure that you book the band as early on as you possibly can because it would be devastating to have something in mind and not be able to book them because you were too late.

Some people like to have professional dancers or troupes perform at their weddings, so it’s all really a matter of preference to what it is you’d like to have to really make your wedding reception a memorable and fun one. 

Catering Company

You need to decide on what kind of a menu you’re going to provide, and whether it’s going to be an open buffet or if you’re going to serve your guests by the plate. Either way, you need to find yourself a decent and experienced wedding catering service so that you can ensure nothing goes wrong with the food and beverage area.

Find yourself a company that handles the food, drinks and even provides servers so that you can have a whole package that will really take the stress of that part of the reception off your mind.

Prepare For Any Kind Of Surprises

It’s important to get your head out of the clouds for just a moment as you plan for your wedding and your wedding reception so that you can plan accordingly for worst case scenarios. It may not be fun to do, but you’ll be forever grateful that you did in case something actually does go wrong with your wedding.

The best thing to do for this is to hire a wedding planner like Married to take care of these possible mishaps and prepare for damage control if need be. Something like a power cut, or a sudden rainstorm can absolutely ruin everything for you. But if you’re prepared, then you won’t have to think about anything going wrong in the wedding reception.

Don’t Forget To Make Your Guests Feel Special

We know it’s your special day, but don’t forget to make your guests feel special too! Hire a photographer for the wedding reception and have goodie bags made for all your guests as well. By making the wedding reception as much about you and your wedding as it is to appreciate all of the people who love you enough to make the time to celebrate with you goes a long way.

At present photo booth is also trending. For birthday, wedding, and anniversary party crowd this is just awesome. Those are the types of events that make people want to take home a souvenir. It’s a bit pricey sometimes. So go for a rental photo booth service which is much affordable.

Having an amazing wedding reception is more than doable if you just plan for it properly. By following the tips we’ve provided here, you won’t have to worry about things going wrong and you’ll be able to make every single detail taken care of to perfection, so that both you and your guests can have the best time on your special day. 

What’s more, having the right tablecloth linens can also give your guests a good impression.