Wedding Tips: Dressing Up Your Entourage

Your special day has come and you are getting married so you want everyone playing a part in your marriage ceremony party to look their best.

Well they can, if you know how to go about making them look their best by choosing which clothing outfit to wear, color shoes, hairdos and all. If you are not aware of how to have your marriage party looking sharp and in unison with one another, then this article is for you.

Consider clothing attires for your wedding party to wear

A major way to bring off your wedding celebrations and leave a lasting impression on your guests is for you to choose the best bridesmaids style dresses and groomsmen suits that will compliment your wedding gown. 

  • Bride: As the bride, some things you should take into consideration are the type of dress you will be getting married into, how modern is it, does it have embroidery or beads lining it and so on. Most brides-to-be at times may experience some difficulties when choosing a dress for their mothers to wear. If you are having this problem, you can read more here to get an idea of how you can pick a dress to make mom stand out without stealing the bride’s thunder. You will have the fun of your life selecting a new design from their collections of exquisitely made bridesmaids’ dresses. However, as a thumbs-up rule you should never dress your bridesmaids in the same type of dress that you are wearing because you want to really stand out as the person getting married on that day. Therefore, instead, choose to stand out from your bridesmaids and not to blend in.  
  • Bridesmaids: On your wedding day, you want to show a sense of unison and not a unified party of people attending you. This unity can take the form of having a single or more unifying detail that makes your entire party look like a together team. For example; you can choose a single looking neckline, color or fabric that still compliments your dressing attire. You should also decide on using two details such as the same neckline and color dress for your bridesmaids to wear. Choose to unify the group by how your entourage dress and not make your guests feel that your team’s dress attire for the day is way off.  
  • Groom: The groom should be well dressed on a special day. He should take into consideration which season it is, fabric and style dressing worn in the season, color suit and shoes, tie and so on.   
  • Groomsmen: For the groomsmen attires, the groom should consider color clothing to wear, formality, theme and event location. If it is a wedding by the beach, you can choose linen pants and white shirts for the men to wear instead of tuxedos. 
  • Flower’s girl: The flowers’ girl’s dress can sometimes take the form of a mini-version of your wedding dress. You can also make your flower girl wear a white dress with a colored sash that matches the bridesmaid’s attire. 
  • Ring bearer: The ring bearer can wear clothing that does not entirely match the groom or groomsmen. Just make sure that the pillow he is carrying with the ring on it does not clash with the outfit he is wearing. 
  • The bride’s parents: The dress code for the parents of the bride should be dependent on the location of the wedding, date, time of day and how formal the event will be. The bride’s father can wear something almost resembling the groom’s father but not identical. The mom can wear something that compliments the dress code of the bridesmaids but not identical to their dresses.
  • Parents of the groom: In some cases, the groom is the one that chooses what his dad wears on his wedding day. Still though, while dad can wear almost anything, it’s best that he wears something that distances himself from the groomsmen. The mom of the groom should not be seen wearing a white dress or any color close to what the bride is wearing. Instead, she should deck herself out into something that is close to what the mother of the bride is wearing but not really identical matching.     

Set a clothes budget

Weddings can be an expensive affair and therefore can cost you a lot. It’s best however that you and your partner set a reasonable budget and maybe a little extra as well, that you can cover so your spending will not go overboard. Consider the cost of the bridesmaids and groomsmen clothes material and the amount you will have to pay to get them made.

If you are short on cash then ask the members of the wedding party to help out by paying for their own clothes instead of leaving all the expenses for you to cover. Some other things to consider when setting a budget for your wedding are venue and food cost, guest size, wedding style, and date as well as time for the big event. 

Choose a coordinated fabric to wear

The type of fabric you choose to dress the bridesmaids and groomsmen into is important when it comes to dressing your wedding entourage. As the bride of the day, if you decide to wear a soft, flowing chiffon gown on your special day, you should not make your entourage wear structured taffeta shifts. This type of dress theme will make you and your team look odd and will even leave negative questions in the minds of your guests.

For the men, the same material suiting that the groom wears should be worn by them as well. Never choose to dress the guys into cheaper or more expensive material suits than what the groom is wearing. If they should dress in less expensive suits, the wedding can come off as something cheap. On the other hand, if they should wear more expensive suit materials, then the groom will not be able to stand out. 

Coordinate with your team

Before taking your entourage on the walkway, you should first meet with them and decide on some things like the type of bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen suits they will be wearing, color theme, cost and so on. This approach will make everyone on your wedding team happy and will sort out any problems before the big day arrives.

Having your wedding party look their best on your special day, is important if you want to create a lasting impression on your honored guests. Your wedding day will be well remembered by you and everyone attending it and you can expect to receive some great toasts along the way.