Tips For Buying Weight Loss Medications

There are many medical weight loss programs available, including medications. If you want to take a medication, make sure to talk to your doctor and choose the safest, most effective option for you.

1. Get a Prescription

If you’re looking for a medical option to help you lose weight, talk to your doctor about a prescription medication. While there are over-the-counter and supplement options, some people may have a medical issue or be seeking an amount of weight loss that would require them to get a prescription.

Prescription medication is also better regulated than supplements, so you know you’re getting the treatment you paid for. Your doctor will discuss your goals and options with you so you can decide on the best medication option for your needs together.

2. Purchase from a Pharmacy or Reputable Company

When you take medication for weight loss, always purchase it from a reputable source. For example, if you’re trying to figure out how to buy low dose naltrexone online, there are many options available, including traditional pharmacies and telehealth options.

There are supplemental options such as weight loss teas available at places like grocery stores, but pharmacies and other retailers that specialize in medical care will usually have your medication in stock and be more informed about it if you have questions.

If you’re ordering your prescription for the first time, these retailers will have information available for you and check to see if you have questions. Additionally, they’ll often provide options to refill your prescription automatically.

3. Check for Insurance Coverage

As with any medication, you should check to see if your insurance provider covers it. Some do, some don’t. Check your provider’s website and call to ask if you’re not sure. If your provider doesn’t cover your medication, you can discuss your options with your doctor.

4. Consider Name Brand Versus Generic Medication

Some weight-loss medications have a generic option as well as a brand name one. Generic medications are the same as brand name options in every way except price because they have the same dosages and active ingredients but are manufactured after the original brand’s patent has run out.

For example, the ibuprofen you can buy at the grocery store is often a generic store brand rather than a name brand. If a generic version exists for your chosen medication, your doctor will often prescribe the generic version so you can get your medication for a lower price.

Your doctor will be able to help you research and make decisions regarding these and other options.