What Is BVOD Advertising And Why Does Your Company Need It?

Broadcaster Video on Demand, or BVOD, is a popular way for modern users to receive information from broadcasting companies. These platforms allow viewers to watch quality videos on demand from any device. An advantage for viewers is that all video content is produced by reputable providers, and can therefore generate interest.

In fact, a user who prefers programs from, for example, the BBC can start watching programs on the computer and finish on the phone. In this case, he gets a beautiful picture.

The main feature of such platforms is the need to view ads at the start or finish. It is this niche that many businesses are interested in, as it allows you to broadcast ads to your target audience.

Let’s understand what is bvod and who can be interested in placing it on such pages.

Why are BVODs so popular?

Many countries that use BVOD have already conducted studies on the effectiveness of reaching audiences. Broadcaster Video on Demand combined with linear TV reaches 75-90% of the population between the ages of 16 and 60.

The main goal of each user is to watch his favorite movies, shows, and serials in high definition wherever he needs it. The platform completely covers these demands, and therefore regularly attracts new users.

Freedom of choice of content is also an advantage. Television restricts the viewer in this, and therefore it is necessary to follow the broadcasting schedule to watch the desired program. BVOD allows you to find the desired movie or program at any time.

The main advantages of bvod advertising

Since Broadcaster Video on Demand is actively gaining popularity, companies began to consider them as a platform for advertising. And there are a number of advantages in this:

  1. A clear hit in the target audience. It is extremely important for any advertiser to find a site where its target audience sits. To do this, statistics are analyzed and a content plan is developed. BVOD has open statistics, which will be available for any customer. The placement of the audience is also clear and transparent.
  2. Opportunity to find a niche. Commercials on TV are broadcast to a wider audience, which is not quite acceptable for a highly specialized business. On BVOD platforms it’s easy to find those who will be interested in your product or service.
  3. The image comes first. When placing a commercial in Broadcaster Video on Demand, the customer can not worry about quality because the work will be done by a broadcaster with a good reputation. This advantage is the most important when building a brand reputation when you want to create a strong association of a product with quality, reliability and presentability.
  4. Transparent control system. Often when cooperating with advertising platforms, firms are faced with fake impressions. All analytical data is publicly available to the customer and completely excludes fraud.
  5. Social networks or BVOD? Studies have proven that viewers remember information from Broadcaster Video on Demand better than in targeted ads or clips from Youtube. First of all, this phenomenon is related to the attractiveness of advertising, which generates interest and makes people watch it to the end.

Broadcaster Video on Demand is a new trend in media. Thanks to it, it is possible to interact only with interested people, as well as to quickly transform an advertising campaign.

This option will suit those companies that have considered television advertising or are planning a large-scale social media campaign.

It means that BVOD is an interesting and promising direction for advertisers. This tool helps to increase profits from advertising campaigns and increase brand awareness. Also, such advertising has a transparent analytics system, which means that the customer cannot be cheated by unscrupulous performers.