What Makes Live Wedding Music Good?

Live wedding music sometimes gets a bad reputation in favor of DJs. In this article, we’re discussing why some of the criticisms against wedding DJs are unwarranted and how a wedding DJ can actually be the best option for your wedding reception.

Live wedding music can give you a unique experience unlike any other because the music comes from live musicians. No matter what night you have booked for your wedding, wedding bands will be able to deliver a performance that no one else has witnessed.

Wedding bands also get a bad reputation because some people see them as less adaptable than wedding DJs. However, if you choose the right wedding band, you will be able to throw them any genre curveball and they will be prepared to play your requests at the wedding. Professional musicians shouldn’t be limited in what they can play. 

What Makes a Live Wedding Band Good?

There are plenty of reasons to hire a live band for your wedding. They can have more style, be more engaging with the crowd, bring a high level of energy, and create a unique, memorable experience like no other. 

Specific Style 

Live bands can bring a unique style to your wedding that DJs and other live entertainment can’t re-create. Having a particular band play at your wedding will enable you to customize your set to include all of the songs you love in the style you prefer.

Not only will the band play your favorites. They will also be able to play the songs you prefer in a style that is uniquely their own. So, your wedding experience will be the only one like it and no one will be able to say they had the same entertainment at their wedding.

Crowd Pleasing 

Because wedding bands feature instruments, they present a more intimate experience than DJs in a lot of ways. Wedding bands will be able to interact with the crowd on a more personal level. They will be able to provide a live performance that is more physical and your guests will appreciate the fact that they are the ones creating the music instead of having to play it through a computer. 

High Energy Performances

Live music always brings an element of spontaneity that recorded music can’t recreate. There’s something special about watching a band perform together that gets people into the performance. They will be able to engage with guests, improvise portions of songs, and impress your guests with their ability to perform their favorite songs on command. 


Reputable wedding bands will be able to adapt their style to their guests’ tastes. They will also be able to read the mood of their guests to understand when to slow down or speed up the show. This ability to adapt ensures there won’t be any lulls in your set and you will keep the energy of your show at a high level throughout your reception. 

Personalized Entertainment 

When you listen to live music, no other band can recreate what happens at that moment. That’s the benefit of hiring a wedding band instead of a wedding DJ. Wedding DJs play the music that has already been recorded. With a wedding band, the sound is coming directly from the source and your wedding entertainment experience will be different on a nightly basis.

Because wedding bands play slightly different sets every night, your reception will be unique. No one will ever hear the same show that was played at your wedding, which is an exciting feature of a wedding band.

How to Find the Perfect Live Wedding Music Band

There are a few things you need to keep in mind if you plan to have a wedding band to make your reception a unique and memorable experience. First, before reaching out to a band, you must narrow down your music selection to the non-negotiable songs and the genres that you want to be a part of your wedding reception. Wedding bands should be able to accommodate your tastes, and if they don’t want to, that’s your first tip that’s something awry. 

Once you narrow down a few candidates to interview for your wedding band, you should ask for a sample of their live performance. A reputable band will have plenty of examples of their live performance and this will help you decide if they can actually interact with the crowd the way they say they can. If seeing the band perform live isn’t an option, ask them for a recorded version of their live set. 

Lastly, your wedding band should match your personality. There are many different wedding bands out there and each serves a different purpose. If you have a low-key reception in mind, you might want to consider a 4-piece orchestral band.

If you have a 150-person wedding reception and you like to let loose on the dance floor, you might consider hiring a funky wedding band. Whatever the case, your wedding band should be able to fulfill all of your requests. 

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Your wedding band should be part of that experience. They should add to that experience in a way you didn’t know possible. 

What the Critics Say About Live Bands and Why They’re Wrong

There are three main criticisms people like to use against bands. Wedding bands don’t have enough variety. Live music is too loud. And the bands are too expensive. None of these are true when you find the right band. 

It’s true that a DJ can download any song and play it on command but professional wedding bands can do the same and add a unique twist to the song. It’s also true that a live wedding band can be louder than other options. However, if you find the right band they will be able to adapt their volume to whatever venue you want to host your wedding in.

Lastly, wedding bands may or may not be more expensive than other live entertainment options.