What Services Does an AC Contractor Offer?

People regularly tend to overlook AC maintenance, be it because it keeps slipping their minds, or because they believe that their AC is just fine, and will be sure to call a professional when it comes to it. While the last part is a valid conclusion, you’ll probably end up paying more if you wait for a serious problem to turn up, and you might even end up having to buy a whole new air conditioning system.

On that note, in this article, we will talk about the air conditioning service that a regular AC contractor offers (besides installations and repairs) as well as their importance regarding your AC system’s lifespan and efficiency. 

Inspection and Cleaning

This service is concerned with both the parts of the system that are outside and inside of your home, so basically your inside unit (cover and front panel), evaporator coil, and the drainage tray.

This is very important since debris tends to accumulate over time, in the outside parts of the system being leaves, grass clippings, twigs, and pretty much anything similar, while in the inside parts being mostly dust and if you have animals – animal hair.

Now, what kind of problems does this cause? Well, the debris reduces airflow, which forces your AC unit to use up more energy to do less work. So basically, efficiency is being affected, which causes spikes in your electricity bills. Your contractor will be sure to clean everything, making sure that it is done properly and nothing is damaged in the process, which sometimes happens when people do this themselves.

Filter Service

Filter service is very important since the filter is directly connected to the air quality inside your home, and that being said – your health. A dirty filter means that all of the airborne pollutants such as dust, dander, and even mold will be enabled to circulate through your home.

Breathing in any of these can, in the long term, cause allergy problems, and in the short term, they cause general irritation. If you or any of your household members suffer from respiratory issues, this is a top priority. Not to mention the mold or even microbial infestation, and on that note, if you happen to smell any bad odors, call your AC contractor immediately! 

Inspection of Condenser Coil for Leaks

Leaks can become a serious problem for your home if not managed since they can sometimes lead to serious structural issues. It is normal for your AC unit to condensate water as it is working since the system is dependent on condensation to cool, but any bigger water accumulation isn’t normal.

Experts on air condition units from Billy Air Con suggest that this most often happens due to excessive clogging of the drainage pipe and that this problem can be easily solved by proper cleaning. Also, if structural issues mentioned above aren’t big enough of a problem, excessive leaking can cause mold growth on your walls.

Inspection of All Electrical Connections 

We have mentioned the connection between the work efficiency of your AC unit and the electricity bills before. It goes without saying that if your electrical connections are loose, or if there is something generally wrong with them, that your electricity bills will get higher.

Not only that but if reparation of the problem is delayed, it can lead to irreversible damage and the system failure of your AC unit. 

Gas Check and Inspection

Gas checks have tremendous importance regarding the safety of your home. Did you know that the most common cause of CO (carbon monoxide) leaks is a failed or cracked heat exchanger? Centers for Disease Control and Prevention go to say that exposure to even low concentrations of carbon monoxide tends to cause very serious health issues.

In higher concentrations or a long term exposure to low concentrations sometimes even proves to be deadly. Your air conditioning contractors will be sure to properly check for any possible problems with your air conditioning unit and if so, solve them quickly. You can even talk to them about installing a carbon monoxide detector, which is a great thing to have in your home.

A little can really come a long way when it comes to your air conditioning units. Regular checkups will not only increase the lifespan of the AC unit that you invested in, but it will also increase the air quality in your home. This will overall prove to be a lot less costly than a critical AC unit system failure, which will lead to you just buying a new one.

So, be sure to look for the signs that there is something wrong with the unit, keep up with the regular maintenance, and your AC unit will be nice and efficient for years to come.