Buyer’s Guide: 3 Things You Cannot Ignore When Buying Ceiling Fans

Buying ceiling fans should be as easy as walking into a store and picking one, or even better, ordering one online and having it delivered to your doorstep. But, if you want a fan that lasts long, and delivers air throughout the room with 100% efficiency, first, you need to first figure out a few things before you finally decide to get home your shiny, brand-new ceiling fan. 

So, let’s look at a few factors we don’t consider but should when buying ceiling fans, as these have the most impact on its efficiency. 

1. Sweep Size and Design

The sweep size of ceiling fans is crucial to their performance. So, as a rule of thumb, always go for a bare minimum sweep size of 18-24 inches, even if the room is small. Plus, it’s never a good thing to go for a fan that has the ideal sweep size for the room it’s going to service. So, here’s a handy guide to how much sweep size you need for a particular room size. 

  • 36 inches wide sweep size is well-suited for 75 square feet room
  • 36-42 inches wide sweep size is well-suited for 144 square feet of room size
  • 50-54 inches wide sweep size is well-suited for 225 square feet of room size
  • Go for multiple fans in case your room size is bigger than 225 square feet

Once you have the sweep size figured out, choose a design that best matches your room’s ambiance. These days, you get a lot of options to choose from, including the number and type of blades, colors, finishes, LED lighting, and the works. Remember, mixing style with substance is the name of the game here. 

The London Big Ben British Ceiling fan is a great option that offers stylish looks and excellent functionality. 

2. Reliability Vs. Cost

Today, the market is flooded with all types of options for ceiling fans, with some ceiling fans costing a lot less than others. Even though it might seem tempting to buy a ceiling fan that costs less, you need to ensure that it doesn’t come at the cost of reliability.

Always buy a fan from a reputable brand rather than a less reliable brand because even if the retail price is high, it more than enough makes up for it in terms of efficiency, reliability, and service life.  If you’re looking for a reliable yet cost effective ceiling fan, the Hi Air Classic by Luminous can be a great choice for you.

3. High-Quality Motor and Blades

A ceiling fan without a high-quality motor and blades can quickly become a mere accessory hanging from the ceiling—looks good but lacks substance. A high-quality motor is what powers your fan, and great blades ensure optimal air delivery throughout the room; therefore, your fan mustn’t be lacking in that department.

So, whether you choose high-speed ceiling fans or one with normal speed, always check with the retailer about the motor and blades and ensure they are of top-notch quality to avoid any disappointment later. 

The New York Chelsea by Luminous is one of the most effective ceiling fans to choose from as it comes with the BLDC motor. This motor helps save up to 50 per cent energy and makes it one of the most energy efficient fans available in the market. 

Moreover, since we go shopping for ceiling fans once in several years, ensuring that the fan is of good built and quality along with a long service life is essential. As otherwise, you’re going to end up visiting an electrical store time and again. Additionally, it is vital to keep all the factors discussed earlier in mind. 

Luminous has a range of ceiling fans available across a range of budget and style options for you to choose from, with high-powered motors and blades that are made using only the best of elements – so you can be sure of bringing home a fan that will last for decades. 

So, if you are thinking of buying ceiling fans, then go through their complete catalog of ceiling fans featuring modern designs that come with Luminous’ reliability of exceptional service, after-sales experience, and customer support.