Experience vs Attitude: Which is More Important when Hiring a Doctor?

There are several qualities to consider when hiring a physician to work in a medical facility. You can’t settle for anyone who can’t do the job well because the reputation of the institution is on the line. The problem is that given the high demand for doctors and other medical practitioners, you can’t get the perfect candidate for the job.

Other hospitals and clinics might lure these professionals, and you settle for someone who isn’t as good as the others. In the end, you might have to decide between someone with enough experience or another doctor with a better attitude.

Ideally, you want to work with someone who possesses both of these qualities. You need an experienced doctor who can deal with any case confidently. Experience can also teach someone to avoid making the same mistakes. However, a doctor with a good attitude is also important. You want to work with someone who comes to work on time.

You also want someone who is endearing to patients. The hospital is also a stressful work environment. Working with someone who has a terrible attitude will make things even worse.

Work with a recruitment firm

If you have a hard time choosing between candidates who don’t have all the necessary qualities, it might be time to work with a recruitment firm like https://mascmedical.com. Their experience in the industry will guarantee that you will find someone who is perfect for the job.

Instead of waiting for candidates to come, these firms will aggressively look for someone who fits the bill. You will still decide who makes it, but these firms can help improve your choices.

Train inexperienced candidates

If you have to settle for someone who doesn’t have enough experience, you can train that person to improve. Workshops, seminars, conferences and extra courses would work to improve that professional’s ability to do a better job. As long as that person is willing to go through this process, there won’t be a problem.

Be honest with the candidate before hiring

If there’s an attitude problem, you need to be clear about the hospital policies. For instance, if you think tardiness might be an issue, you need to state the rules in regard to being late. If insubordination could eventually be a problem, you can also discuss the possible consequences.

Attitude might be an issue, but these are medical professionals. They didn’t get to where they are now without being disciplined, or failing to follow the rules. Medical school isn’t easy, and they managed to survive.

It’s frustrating to find someone who doesn’t meet your standards because of a missing quality. Since you’re in a hurry to fill the post, you might end up settling for whoever is available. Before you feel bad about it, you need to understand that these hires are capable of changing.

It’s a process, and you will be there to guide them. Besides, they’re medical professionals. They have a reputation to protect, and they will always try to do a better job.