6 Reasons Why Your College Application Essay Was Denied

The college application essay can seem like a mysterious process. What makes some essays get accepted, and others get rejected? Many factors go into it—the topic you chose, the words you used, and how you put them together. However, one thing stands out above all else: your writing skills. Below we share six reasons why your college essay might have been denied:

1. You Wrote Too Many Words

It is not unusual to write more than the required number of words. Most students do. However, it can be a problem when writing too many words in your college essay. The admissions committee isn’t going to read every word.

It is easy to overwhelm the admission committee with all the content. This is to the point they toss your essay to the side for the next candidate. Therefore, it is essential to keep your sentences short. Also, limit yourself when using big words and complex sentence structures. You can try searching on Google like “write an essay for me” and use their service to remain within the scope.

2. You Wrote Very Few Words

A short essay may signify a rushed job. While you don’t want to write a thesis statement and three paragraphs, it should be at least double or triple the word count specified by your school.

If your essay is over-written and has few words, it can also indicate that you didn’t follow instructions. Also, maybe you tried to do something outside the scope of what was asked for (such as describing how well prepared you are for college). This can lead admissions officers to doubt whether your application is genuine, which may result in them denying it.

3. You Wrote a Generic Essay

When applying to college, it is tempting to follow your English teacher’s advice and write an essay that sounds both profound and impressive. But when opening up about yourself to admissions officers, who will be reading your application with a discerning eye, make sure your story is unique and exciting.

As much as we want our stories to be meaningful and valuable in the eyes of others, they can’t be too far removed from our own personal experiences. College admissions officers want personal examples that illustrate points.

Do not assume they will understand your topic just because it’s interesting for other people (or even for yourself). Use personal examples and stories throughout your essay. Alternatively, try to pay for essay service to bring out your qualities comprehensively.

4. You Wrote an Off-topic Essay

Off-topic essays are essays that don’t address the prompt. You may think you are clever by writing about something else, but admissions officers will see right through it. They want to know who you are as a person and how your experiences have shaped your worldview.

This means that if the question asks for an essay on why you want to go to college, they want to hear why college is essential to YOU personally. Not what other people say about colleges or what colleges do in general.

We have had those moments when we get so caught up in our thoughts that we start talking about something utterly unrelated before taking another breath—but remember that this doesn’t work as well on paper.

To avoid off-topic essays, try thinking through every sentence before writing it down. Moreover, ask yourself whether each one ties back into your original thought. Also, make sure everything fits together logically at the end (you should be able to explain each piece is relevant).

5. Your Grammar and Spelling Were Terrible

You may have written an incredible essay. However, if it’s full of spelling and grammar mistakes, you are unlikely to get a second look from the admissions department. The same goes for your essay: your application will be rejected on sight if it’s full of typos.

Properly proofread your work before submitting it for evaluation. If English isn’t your first language or if you are not confident in your grammar skills, ask someone else to read over what you have written and correct any mistakes they find.

You could also use a spellchecker or grammar checker online. These tools highlight incorrect words or phrases and offer suggestions on how to fix them accordingly (e.g., adding an extra “the” when needed).

6. Your Essay Didn’t Fit With the College You Applied To

The essay is supposed to reflect your personality, not just the college. You can’t write for every college and expect it to work. It must fit with the college you are applying to, as well as its culture and environment.

Your essay needs to relate to the person who will read it and think about what they would want from a student. Moreover, try your best to accommodate those wants in your paper. If you have written a piece that doesn’t quite match up with those requirements or have been rejected by a few colleges, then this may be why!

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Not getting accepted to your dream school can be a devastating experience. However, it’s important to remember that there are many other schools. Even if you don’t get into the one you want, it doesn’t mean you won’t find an amazing place to go! If nothing else, this process will help prepare you for what lies ahead in higher education and beyond. Therefore, stay positive and keep those applications coming.