Why Is Online Bingo So Popular?

Bingo has always been a popular game for people to play. With the introduction of online bingo, it has propelled the game even further and into many more homes across America. With this, the type of people that play has become more diverse.

For instance, did you know that around 90% of online bingo players are under the age of 50 years? Of this amount, 85% are women aged between 20 and 25 years, which reveals bingo transcends age when it comes to people that play it. But how has this game remained popular online?

Online Bingo Bonuses and Prizes

There are plenty of online bingo sites, all competing for new players, whilst trying to retain the ones they have. To set themselves apart, many will offer bonuses and welcome offers to cater to different players.

For instance, a site may have welcome bonuses and player referral incentives, as well as deposit bonus offers to keep them playing there. This is fairly common, which has helped to increase bingo’s popularity, simply because there’s an offer for everyone.

Another big draw when it comes to players is the cash prizes. With the many online bingo rooms available, often not restricting the number of players that join them, the virtual rooms that offer the biggest prizes get the most people in them. This is understandable when there are bingo games for real money, especially if they have progressive jackpots that get larger each time they roll over.

The Social Aspect of Online Bingo

We’re naturally social creatures who like to communicate, which is handy as online bingo sites often have chat facilities in their virtual rooms. Additionally, they have other ways for bingo players to communicate with one another.

It’s helpful for bingo sites to encourage communication amongst their players. It provides greater player satisfaction and bingo sites have found that the more players interact, the better the customer retention for them.

Online Bingo Tech Benefits

Technology has continued to shape bingo as it advances. Virtual reality and augmented reality are two areas that game developers and bingo sites are working together on. By doing this, they get to create a better experience for bingo players as they make bingo more immersive.

Another area of interest is the auto-daub in replace of the dabber that people use to mark off numbers on their cards. The auto-daub automatically crosses off a number on a player’s card if the random number generator (RNG) has called it. Speaking of the RNG, a bonus of a site using it is that numbers cannot be predicted, which makes the game fair for all players.

Many players use the auto-daub because it enables them to play hands-free. However, some actually enjoy marking off the numbers on their cards themselves, so they can disable this feature if they want.

The evolution of bingo has been fascinating to watch. From bingo halls to online bingo, its popularity has never truly waned to the point of extinction. With technology widening the scope of what the game can achieve, it’s widened the demography of players, meaning that more people are playing bingo than ever.