Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Madrid

The best time for visiting Madrid is during summer. This time of the year will welcome and present you to the authentic Spanish experience. You will enjoy the scenery, parks, nightlife, and good food.

So how do you get there? Depending on your location, you will determine the best route.

Let’s start with visitors to Spain. Madrid is connected to all major Spain towns through rail. It is the center of the Renfe railway network that extends internationally to France and Portugal. So if you are within the region, the train could be a better, cheaper option. You can choose between long-distance, mid-distance trains, high speed or suburban trains.

Travel by Road

Madrid boasts one of the world’s largest road networks and is the center of Spain’s road network, making this an excellent option if you are a traveler who prefers slow travel at your own pace.

There are several national motorways that you can use, including the Motorway of the North, Aragon, Andalusia, Valencia, and Motorway of Extremadura. All these run through the city from a different town in Spain. Take advantage and get the real feel of car travel and ambiance.

Also, if you still prefer the road but don’t want the hustle of driving. Book, sit, and relax as you are taken to Madrid City by coach buses. Coach bus companies run daily services from towns in Spain, European countries, and North Africa.

Air Travel

This is the fastest way to get to Madrid, regardless of where you are in the world.  Adolfo Suarez Madrid- Barajas Airport is only 30minutes from the city center. There is an available airport express service available 24 hours to take you to your hotel on arrival.

But if you are to be picked up and they are running late or have some time, you may start exploring right there at the airport. Enjoy the contemporary art scene or get to express shopping in the many airport shops or grab a bite in one of the good food restaurants like the Kirei Barajas.

Why Visit Madrid

1. The Architecture

Among the first things that will dazzle you here are the buildings. Start your awe moment with Faro de Moncloa with its famous expression “from Madrid to heaven.” Enjoy the magnificent city views from the 92 meters high observation deck standing at the heart of Madrid’s Cuidad Universitaria.

Then head over to Puerta del sol and wander down to Almudena Cathedral, not forgetting Palacio Real, Europe’s largest Royal palace. Continue your stroll as you admire the Opera House and the beautiful Neoclassical city hall. Your wonder won’t end without you checking out Plaza de Cibeles and Palacio de Cibeles; they are magnificent!

2. Food History

Madrid City is home to some of the oldest restaurants in the world. These restaurants date back over a hundred years, such as the Botin, and the best part, they serve some of the best authentic Spanish cuisines. So eating here is a tour through history.

3. The Food

All these fantastic architectures in the city host some of the finest restaurants with delectable cuisines. Pick all or pick what you want from various native Spanish delights, a trendy spot, or hearty brunch; the choice is yours. Get to indulge in food tours, explore unique food experiences, and check out the amazing gourmet food markets.

4. The People

How do you enjoy all this without the owners, the people? Locals here live for the good times. They are friendly and will try to speak a little English. Their welcoming nature will make you feel at home almost immediately. They will show you around and even give you tips on the best places to visit. So if you are in for fun, culture and to make new friends, you are just in the right place.

5. Music All Summer

Madrid residents live for a good time, which means music is part of it. Night or day, festivals and live bands fill the city roads/ parks and all gathering places. Likes of Noches de Botanico or the MAD COOL featuring green fighters and green are some of the events you shouldn’t miss.

6. Football

Madrid is home to some of the world’s most successful football teams including Real Madrid, Vallecano, and Atlético de Madrid. In fact, the Atlético Madrid – €1.35bn is among the world’s biggest spenders. Therefore, if you’re a true football fan, you may want to visit the football stadiums before you complete your visit.

7. The Parks and Gardens

On the sides, around these magnificent buildings are the parks and gardens. Some of the main ones are the El Retiro Park, a favorite spot for many away from the city bustle. The Sabatini Gardens, formerly the royal palace stables, is cool for sunset watching. Campo del Moro park, an English style garden, where you can see the Royal Palace.

Casa de Campo Park is the largest public park, natural space for zoos, and amusement parks. The Madrid Rio Park runs along the river Manzanares. It’s quiet and layback, which makes it the best for strolling. The 18th century Capricho park, plaza de Espana gardens, Vistillas garden, Plaza de Oriente garden, and the san Francisco el Grande garden are a few. 

8. The River

Recent renovations around the Manzanares River have made it a perfect spot to hang out. Sit in the beach section basking in the sun or participate in watersports for both you and your loved ones.

9. Budget Wise

Unlike most big and glamorous cities, Madrid offers you affordable lodgings, food, and drinks. That said, Southern beach hotels can be pricey, but during summer, you are sure to land yourself a deal.

10. Getting around the City

The city has an affordable top-of-line metro and bus system that makes it easy to move in, out, and around the city. In the city center, most roads are closed off for cars making them pedestrian-friendly. You can also opt for a bike. You can use an electric bike if you don’t want to cycle, especially during the hot summer.

Bottom Line

Madrid is one of the best cities to explore in Europe, and it is filled with fantastic things to see and do. Use this guide to plan your visit to Madrid.