Here’s How to Win Big in NCAAF Betting Events

The NCAAF betting scene is not far off from the NFL when it comes to popularity across many countries. College football games happen once a week, and with an average of 12 games per team in a season, there’s bound to be movement in the betting lines and interest for both new and seasoned bettors. After all, the NCAAF offers high-adrenaline action between the betting lines.

In this article, we will tackle great ways to win big in NCAAF and use the time between games to strategize your game plan and maximize your wins.

Understand The Game

Before you start picking off NCAAF betting odds and playing through the lines, you must familiarize yourself with the basics of betting on college football. There are many ways a bettor can play, but if you’re starting on the scene, then you first need to understand these betting modes below:

Point Spread

Point spread refers to the number of points a team loses or gains. In any match, bookkeepers can level the numbers by two competing teams.

For example, if Team A is expected to beat Team B by 1.5 points, it will show up on your betting sheet as -1.5 points for Team A. This means that for you to win, Team A should beat Team B and culminate at least two or more points to cover the spread.

The same idea goes with Team B, who is also considered the underdog, given his +1.5 spread. If you’re betting in favor of Team B, they have to do the same as Team A, defeat the competitor, and cover enough or more points.


Another way to easily wager through the upcoming NCAAF games is Over/Unders. This mode totals the combined points accumulated by teams in a game.

Bookkeepers may predict 50 points from Team A and B’s scores in this example. In that sense, if you think both teams can cover more than 50 points, then you would wager on Over, and if you predict they can accumulate less, vote for Under.

It’s pretty easy to wager since you won’t focus much on who wins the game but on their capacity to collect points throughout the match.


A more straightforward method of betting, moneyline bets are generally just betting on who wins or loses in a match. However, what makes it interesting is the value that oddsmakers change before the game.

Specifically, teams more expected to win offer less moneyline value in exchange for lower risk. And for underdogs, a higher moneyline value but far riskier. Overall, it’s all about risk management regarding moneyline bets and looking ahead of the numbers, not just relying on the percentages and what people bet most on. If there’s anything you have to take note of, is that on sports betting, anything is possible.

Home Field Advantages Are Real But Overrated

Playing in a home field offers real advantages in player performance and betting lines, with most oddsmakers placing favorable numbers towards them. And as enticing as it sounds, relying on such advantages is overrated, for a good reason.

Most bettors play for fun and tend to bet in favor of the home team, which creates inflation and drastic changes in their value—making them look profitable and expected to win. While that makes sense by definition, it’s not a guarantee that you’d make a win by a long shot, as relying on this alone gives you bad and overpriced wagers.

So, the next time you see a home-field advantage, take a step back and analyze the numbers first; it will take some time to determine if their overpriced wagers are worth the shot.

Steer Clear of Parlay Bets

Parlay bets are well-known because it offers the most money for a smaller stake. However, if you’re in for long-term success and skill-building, you need to steer clear of this game for a good reason.

Because of how parlay bets are structured, many rookie bettors miss that you rarely win at this game, and you’d make a lot more on safer, less tempting wagers. Consider this tip when betting on a tight budget because they can drain your money like a hole in the bucket despite being attractive.

Avoid The Public

As mentioned earlier, most bettors you’d see playing are in it for fun, or as some call them, recreational bettors. That said, avoiding their collective influence through their wagers allows competitive bettors to exploit inflated lines. A vital aspect of this is most odds and lines are not based on the potential to win. Often, it’s the people who inflate the reward potential and predictability.

To make it simple, when faced with a famous wager, avoid conforming to them. Instead, look deep in the lines and see if there are some opportunities for high-value, low-risk bets caused by inflation.

Final Thoughts

The NCAAF is as action-packed as the NFL. With rising stars seeking our glory and a chance to compete as professional athletes, they show off their best play styles, and it opens up for bettors to show support through their bets.

If you want to rise from a rookie to an expert bettor, the above points can be your stepping stones to success. So what are you waiting for? Budget your money, get your sheets on, and win some money!