The 4 Ways To Make Sure You Win Custody After A Divorce

Divorce is always hard on a child. What is even harder for them is a long, drawn out divorce followed up by a bitter custody battle. An easy divorce and quick custody hearing is the best case scenario for both you and your child. However, custody battles are not easily won.

The court needs to be careful and weigh everything before deciding. This is not a bad thing, but it sometimes results in a very messy case that takes a long time. You can make the court’s job easier by having all of your ducks in a row. This will also help you win that custody you are eager for. In this article, we will go over how you can make sure that you get custody of your child after a divorce.

1. Keep a record of everything

The more detailed information you have to give the judge, the better the odds are that you will be seen as the best option for your child’s custody. Even the most affordable family lawyers are going to want a long list of every detail from financial records to an outline of all the ways that you spend quality time with your child.

Keep track of all the doctor’s visits you are the one bringing them to. You should also include the interactions that you have with your ex spouse which may show signs of any inconsistencies between what they tell the court and what they are actually doing.

2. Make sure you can afford it

Custody battles can be lengthy and expensive. It would be a shame to be mostly through the process and then struggle to come up with the money to see it through. You should make sure to have all of your finances in order so that you can make sure to pay for all the expenses.

You will not only be laying for a lawyer but you also have to account for lost wages due to missed work, the court costs, and all the other expenses that will add up over the duration of the case.

3. Don’t get emotional

Nobody expects an emotionless robot at the case, but you do need to manage your emotions to be able to make your case effectively.

There will be times when your ex is going to try to push certain buttons to elicit a negative reaction from you to try to show that you are not emotionally capable of raising your child. Know that this will happen and find a way to not take the bait.

4. Show your support

A court wants what is best for the child and will need to not only see that you are capable of taking care of them, but that you have the proper support network to do so. It is very difficult to raise a child without help from family and friends. Not only is it difficult, but it is very important for your child’s development to be around supporting family and friends.