42 Highest Paying Work from Home Jobs [Infographic]

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer may have banned it, but the popularity of telecommuting refuses to die down. Better time management, reduced down time, cut down costs, increased productivity, low stress levels and a great work-life balance are some of the common advantages of work from home jobs that add to their popularity.

More often than not, the pay scale of telecommuting jobs is at par with regular jobs. This means that even while working virtually, there’s no compromise whatsoever, on the salaries. This infographic presents a comprehensive list of the highest paying work from home jobs, where to look for jobs and telecommute-friendly companies.

work from home jobs infographic

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42 Highest Paying Work from Home Jobs

Raising the curtain on the highest paying work from home jobs, how telecommuting has grown over the years and ways to land a job that allows remote work (even if Marissa Mayer chooses to ban it).

Phenomenal Growth of Work from Home Jobs

  • Regular telecommuters belonging to the non-self-employed population recorded a growth of 103% since 2005
  • 79% of knowledge workers around the world now work outside the office
  • 60% of teleworkers worldwide would leave their existing job for a similar job, at the same pay rate, if they could work from home full time
  • 3.7 million employees( 2.8% of the workforce) work from home at least half of the time
  • 75% of telecommuters earn over $65,000 per year, putting them in the upper 80th percentile of all employees, home or office-based
  • From 2005, The percentage of growth in teleworkers has been 3.1% and 2.9% for the non-profit and profit employers respectively
  • Federal Government telecommuters recorded the highest growth of 424.3% from 2005-2014
  • Local Government telecommuters recorded the lowest growth of 78.5%
  • About 62.8% of telecommuters are male and most of them are self-employed
  • From 2005-2015, the number of female telecommuters increased by 45%
  • Whereas the number of male telecommuters increased by 13.5%

List of Top Paying Work from Home Jobs

42. Test Prep Instructor

What It Is: Setting goals for students, structuring studying schedule, identifying and addressing content weakness, and giving suggestions to approach problems.

What It Pays: Up to $21 – $32 per hour

41. Graphic Designer

What It Is: Creating visual concepts to communicate ideas. Developing overall layout and production design meant for various marketing collaterals, advertisements and corporate reports.

What It Pays: Up to $22 per hour or $75,000 per year

40. Freelance Writer

What It Is: Writing articles, books or websites on a freelance basis. Gathering information, writing drafts, editing and proofreading and working on multiple projects at a time.

What It Pays: Up to $51.47 per hour or $55,940 – $77,000 per year

39. Transcriptionist

What It Is: Converting speech into written or electronic text document.

What It Pays: $25 per hour or more

38. Translator

What It Is: Converting information from one language to another language. Speaking, reading and writing fluently in at least two languages. Rendering the spoken messages with great accuracy, clarity and speed.

What It Pays: $42,420 – $77,140 per year

37. Human Resource Generalist

What It Is: Recruiting and staffing logistics, policy development and documentation, employee relation, employee services and counselling.

What It Pays: $49,000 per year

36. Web Designer

What It Is: Contributing to the creation and laying out of visual aesthetics of a website, improving overall interface and UX, creating pages to drive leads and sales.

What It Pays: $52,000 per year

35. Telephone Nurse

What It Is: Helping patients over the phone, answering key health questions, determining the care needed, asking to-the-point questions to assess situation and referring healthcare providers.

What It Pays: $50,000 per year or more

34. Project Manager

What It Is: Being in-charge of specific project(s) within a company, meeting financial objectives, overseeing planning, implementation and tracking of projects.

What It Pays: $52,000 per year

33. Photographer

What It Is: Clicking photographs as per client requirements, clicking and selling original photographs on websites, photo editing and enhancing.

What It Pays: $53,000 per year

32. Curriculum Developers

What It Is: Focusing on classroom learning, developing the materials for teachers to use in classes and topics for students’ learning, evaluating and reevaluating curriculum to make it up-to-date.

What It Pays: $59,000 per year

31. Digital Marketing Manager

What It Is: Overseeing strategies to drive online traffic, planning online campaigns, maintaining presence on social media, tracking, measuring and reporting the performance of the digital marketing campaigns.

What It Pays: Up to $58,034 per year or more

30. Travel Agent

What It Is: Arranging travel for customers, determining their needs and preferences, planning and booking tour packages or trips, making reservations and calculating total travel costs. Assisting travelers in making alternate booking arrangements, giving tips and advice about the travel location.

What It Pays: Up to $70,000 per year

29. PR Specialist

What It Is: Assisting organizations, individuals and brands, building and maintaining a positive public image, developing press releases, drafting speeches, representing the firm for both online and offline media.

What It Pays: $70,000 per year

28. User Experience Designer

What It Is: Suggesting placement options for websites and apps to maximize call-to-actions taken by the user.

What It Pays: $72,000 per year

27. Grant Writer

What It Is: Creating research proposals to request funding from agencies, using efficient research skills to craft successful grant proposals.

What It Pays: $70,000 per year

26. Call Center Employee

What It Is: Communicating with callers and providing them assistance, ensuring maximum client satisfaction, troubleshooting issues, providing information and helping customers take an action.

What It Pays: $75,000 per year

25. Freelance Editor

What It Is: Editing content written by other writers and authors. Using and implementing style guides to edit and proofread a variety of documents.

What It Pays: $80,000 per year

24. Underwriter

What It Is: Analyzing the information in applications, determining the risk of insuring client, determining apt premiums and amount of coverage, evaluating recommendations from underwriting software, screen applicants on basis of set criteria.

What It Pays: $82,000 per year

23. Clinical Research Associate

What It Is: Associating, collecting and organizing data obtained during trials conducted in fields. Coordinating and processing the results gained from long-term testing of the drugs, products and medical procedures.

What It Pays: $81,400 per year

22. Medical Claims Processor

What It Is: Managing insurance claims in the medical offices, analyzing and processing the insurance claim, checking claims for validity.

What It Pays: $85,000 per year

21. Animator

What It Is: Creating animated narrative sequences of drawings, puppets or models to create films for commercials, computer games, music videos, websites etc.

What It Pays: $86,000 per year

20. Mobile app/Software Tester

What It Is: Testing application or software for functionality, usability and consistency manually or by using various tools and techniques.

What It Pays: $90,000 per year

19. Major Gifts Officer

What It Is: Cultivating, soliciting and closing current and the prospective donors for large-sum donations.

What It Pays: Up to $90,000 per year

18. SEO Specialist

What It Is: Analyzing and reviewing websites and their incoming links, providing expert guidance and advice to business owners to gain organic search engine traffic and higher ranking positions on Google.

What It Pays: $90,000 per year

17. Market Researcher

What It Is: Collecting data, investigating market activity, analyzing data and statistics, evaluating a product or a service’s sales, assessing future trends, coordinating research projects.

What It Pays: $90,000 per year

16. Research Biologist

What It Is: Studying natural elements and understanding how living organisms work, collecting and analyzing data, conducting tests, determining results or bringing about solutions.

What It Pays: $90,000 – $157,000 per year

15. Audit Manager

What It Is: Overseeing internal operating controls, practices and processes, recommending changes, identifying process risks and documenting the results of the evaluations. Documenting all the audit-related information, understanding the outcomes or impacts of audit, evaluating internal systems, policies and procedures.

What It Pays: $90,000-$110,000 per year

14. Actuary

What It Is: Evaluating the likelihood of future events and designing creative ways to reduce the likelihood of undesirable events.

What It Pays: $96,000 per year

13. Financial Analyst

What It Is: Collecting, monitoring and creating financial models for decision support. Improving the financial status by analyzing results, monitoring the variances, identifying trends and recommending actions to be taken. Assisting with annual and quarterly forecasting.

What It Pays: $100,000 per year

12. Director of Business Development

What It Is: Managing and growing their sales territories, helping in revenue growth, designing and developing programs for lead generation, working in close quarters with stakeholders and clients.

What It Pays: $100,000 – $151,000 per year

11. Systems Engineer

What It Is: Overseeing the design and the management of engineering projects, keeping information organized and the product and service flowing to the customer.

What It Pays: $100,000 per year

10. Senior Software Engineer

What It Is: Developing, designing and running software, managing a team of engineers, debugging the software, troubleshooting issues and overseeing other related projects.

What It Pays: $100,000 – $160,000 per year

9. Director of Quality Improvement

What It Is: Working to design and develop top-notch practices related to the systems administration and the data architecture. Maintaining the quality, safety and reliability. Having a thorough knowledge of the current trends in quality improvement along with operational performance.

What It Pays: $100,000 – $175,000 per year

8. Environmental Engineer

What It Is: Developing solutions to the environmental problems by using the principles of engineering, involved in efforts for protecting the environment. Being on the field on some days for conducting research.

What It Pays: Up to $110,000 per year

7. Tele Radiologist

What It Is: Interpreting medical images such as X-Rays, CT scans and MRI scans without being present at the site. Sharing the studies with other radiologists and physicians.

What It Pays: $100,000-$400,000 per year

6. Senior Technical Writer

What It Is: Creating journal articles, technical and instructional manuals, developing technical information for various purposes.

What It Pays: $110,000 per year

5. Senior Medical Writer

What It Is: Writing documents and reviewing medical information, working with senior management to keep projects on track and editing other medical writers’ submissions.

What It Pays: $110,000 – $115,000 per year

4. Cloud Engineer

What It Is: Performing duties associated with cloud computing, including design, planning, management, support and maintenance.

What It Pays: $127,000 per year

3. Supervisory Attorney

What It Is: Providing legal counsel and representation to clients in various niches.

What It Pays: $117,000 – $152,000 per year

2. Clinical Regulatory Affairs Director

What It Is: Planning, preparing and submitting products for national and international marketing. Authoring regulator documents for clinical trial applications, assisting with marketing documents for new markets, briefing documents etc.

What It Pays: $150,000 – $151,000 per year

1. General Counsel

What It Is: Ensuring that company is operating legally, setting the strategy and implementing them from legal perspective. Being aware of the transactions of the company since its inception and identifying issues that might harm the company.

What It Pays: $181,000 per year

Top Companies/Organization that Offer Jobs/ Where to Look for Jobs

A Couple of Sites to Look for Remote Jobs

  1. https://www.wfh.io/
  2. https://weworkremotely.com/
  3. https://www.flexjobs.com/
  4. https://www.freelancer.com/
  5. https://jobspresso.co/
  6. https://www.authenticjobs.com/
  7. http://stackoverflow.com/
  8. http://www.remoteworking.co/
  9. https://www.virtualvocations.com/
  10. https://www.workingnomads.co/jobs
  11. https://www.upwork.com
  12. https://angel.co/
  13. https://www.skipthedrive.com/
  14. https://remoteok.io/
  15. http://ratracerebellion.com/
  16. https://remotive.io/

Telecommute-friendly Firms

  1. http://join.liveops.com/benefits-of-working-from-home
  2. https://www.teletechjobs.com/why-join-teletech/work-at-home-en-US/
  3. https://www.amazon.jobs/location/virtual-locations
  4. https://www.sutherlandcloudsource.com/SGS-Work-At-Home-How-It-Works.aspx
  5. https://careers.unitedhealthgroup.com/
  6. https://jobs.dell.com/search-jobs/remote/375/1
  7. https://www-07.ibm.com/employment/bcs_career/non-flash/bcs_careers_workatgbs.html
  8. https://usda.usajobs.gov/
  9. https://workingsolutions.com/who-we-are/work-at-home/
  10. https://humana.taleo.net/careersection/externalus/moresearch.ftl
  11. https://www.aetna.com/about-us/aetna-careers.html
  12. http://careers.intuit.com/
  13. https://kaplan.com/work-with-us/join-our-team/
  14. http://www.kellyservices.us/US/KellyConnect-WorkAtHome/
  15. http://careers.cactusglobal.com/
  16. https://www.westat.com/careers
  17. https://www.salesforce.com/company/careers/
  18. https://jobs.parexel.com/search-jobs/work%20home/877/1
  19. https://www.cybercoders.com/jobs/
  20. https://jobs.americanexpress.com/virtual
  21. https://careers.vmware.com/
  22. https://jobs.sap.com/
  23. https://www.xerox.com/en-us/jobs/work-from-home
  24. https://www.firstdata.com/en_us/about-first-data/careers-home.html
  25. http://www.us-reports.com/jobs/
  26. https://www.oracle.com/corporate/careers/index.html
  27. http://careers.caci.com/
  28. http://www.aplaceformom.com/jobs
  29. http://careers.antheminc.com/
  30. https://jobs.dell.com/category/secureworks-jobs/375/24185/1
  31. http://www.worldtravelholdings.com/careers,work-home#.WQVwLfmGOUm
  32. https://jobs.adp.com/
  33. https://jobs.aon.com/
  34. https://www.umuc.edu/administration/jobs/
  35. https://www.allergan.com/careers
  36. http://www.k12.com/careers.html
  37. https://www.transportation.gov/careers
  38. http://thecsicompanies.com/candidates/
  39. https://www.roberthalf.com/job-seekers
  40. http://careers.nielsen.com/
  41. https://www.redhat.com/en/jobs
  42. http://www.adobe.com/careers.html
  43. http://www.overlandsolutionsinc.com/your-career/
  44. https://www.bcdtravel.com/get-to-know-us/careers/
  45. http://www.connectionsacademy.com/careers
  46. https://www2.deloitte.com/ca/en/pages/careers/articles/flexibility.html
  47. https://www.apple.com/jobs/us/aha.html
  48. http://www.mckesson.com/careers/
  49. https://jobs.thermofisher.com/
  50. https://careers-nthrive.icims.com/jobs/intro

Tips for Landing a Well-paying Work from Home Job

  • Invest in the right kind of software and hardware. Being tech-savvy is an added advantage.
  • Getting a degree in the area of specialization may not be necessary for all jobs, but some firms might consider it for hiring its employees.
  • Keep your portfolio ready. Put your best foot forward.
  • Have references handy from your past employers/businesses.
  • Thoroughly research about the company for whom you’re going to work.
  • Watch out for online job scams and avoid them by:
    – Checking and verifying the contact information – it should have a phone number, a physical address and a contact email.
    – Avoiding “UNBELIEVABLE” offers such as making millions overnight doing practically nothing.
    – Using the internet to find out about the company by typing its name with the keyword “scam”.

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