Work Tables With Undershelf

Work tables with undershelves are professional neutral equipment, without which it is impossible to organize the activities of the kitchen in the catering sector. Technological tables are used in the process of cooking, for storing kitchen utensils and products. It is convenient to place technological and heating equipment on them: cutters, waffle makers, boilers, kneaders, bread slicers, etc.

Any professional industrial kitchen has such commercial restaurant equipment that makes cooking and other food products more convenient. Stainless steel work tables with undershelves improve productivity and product quality. A food table is ordered for the production of:

  • initial processing of fruits and vegetables;
  • cutting fish and meat;
  • packaging of products and semi-finished products;
  • rolling out dough, making pizza and making baked goods;
  • collection of food waste;
  • drying and placing plates and cutlery.

Stainless steel is the best possible material for kitchen furniture, as the absence of pores in it prevents sanitary risks after cutting meat carcasses and cooking various products. A table with a sink and a stainless steel work table with undershelves maintains an aesthetically pleasing appearance throughout the entire service life, while observing simple maintenance rules.

What restaurant equipment should be in the professional kitchen?

Professional stainless steel work tables with two undershelves differ from ordinary kitchen tables in their increased strength and durability. The stainless steel surface is scratch-resistant and not exposed to aggressive solutions. At the same time, they are extremely easy to maintain.

Stainless steel work tables with two undershelves speed up the workflow and significantly save space in the kitchen. To give strength, prevent vibration and sound absorption, a chipboard plate is mounted under the tabletop. The frame of the table is made of a profile tube. The table legs are equipped with height adjusters to eliminate unevenness in the floor.

Work tables with undershelf of this type have characteristic features and advantages:

  • the neutral surface of the table top made of stainless or galvanized steel is attached to the frame made of the same material;
  • the dimensions of the table top allow one workman to work confidently, using the entire surface;
  • the bottom shelf of separate parts is designed for storing auxiliary items, containers;
  • the table is easy to clean during a short break and between operations.

Due to the absence of chemical activity of stainless and galvanized steel on the surface of the table, there is no dirt with odors and other traces after the operation is completed. The use of centrally located neutral tables with timely washing and cleaning keeps the workplace clean.

The work tables with undershelf can be completed with a sideboard and there are also configurations with drawers. Cooking different types of food on the same surface is prohibited due to sanitary rules.

An individual zone is allocated for each technological process. For fish processing — a table for cleaning fish, for meat — a table for cutting meat, as well as a table for processing vegetables. When working with flour, a flour table is used. There are also special tables for laying out fish on ice.