Workout Routines You Need to Try in 2020

The fitness craze is still going strong. In order to maintain your shape and stay fit this year, there are so many workouts you can try. It is essential to switch up your fitness routine every once in a while, not only to avoid getting bored, but also to ensure your body doesn’t easily get used to the workouts you’ve been doing regularly, which makes it difficult to see any changes.

Starting the new year fresh and eager to get fit, here are a few workout routines you need to try this 2020: 


One of the reasons calisthenics is so popular is because of how easy it is to do absolutely anywhere. Not having to use any gym equipment makes it possible to workout at home, in your garden or even when you’re on holiday or on a business trip. The lifestyle and fitness gurus over at the CozyStream credit its practicality and popularity to the fact that Calisthenics is a form of workout focusing on body weight. 

Calisthenics focuses on using your body weight as a form of resistance and allows you to do basic moves such as squats, pushups and planks. You later build on these exercises by making them more advanced as you get stronger. You’ll also find a Calisthenics Unity you can try joining to be able to work out with a group performing the exercise routines together, making it even more enjoyable, competitive while ensuring that you manage to maintain exercising on a regular basis. 


Boxing has always been an excellent workout, as it requires a lot of physical effort, focus, and coordination, which makes it not only help anyone get fit, but it also helps increase their speed and endurance levels. That’s why boxing as well as kickboxing classes are on the rise as they put an end to boring cardio workouts and ensure that your workout routine is fun, effective and competitive. 

In 2020, technology brings a new form of boxing that makes adds a bit of competitiveness to the fun workout. Smart boxing uses devices worn on the wrist as a punch tracker enabling you to monitor the velocity as well as the intensity of your punches. You’ll be able to track your progress over time and share results with others, creating a sense of competition and adding new goals to boxing, too. 


Dancing has always been popular and has been visible in many fitness studios over the past few years as a form of exercise. This year is no different, as it brings even more dance classes to the table. In 2020, you’ll be able to dance to the beat with rhythm dancing classes that give you a fast-paced, high-intensity workout that is full of energy and fun. The best thing about them is that while you’re having fun dancing, you’ll be losing anywhere between 400-600 calories an hour, making it extremely effective. 

Another form of dancing workouts that is gaining popularity in 2020 is Latin dance fitness. With Latin music becoming more and more widespread, the music finds its way into the fitness world with all its exotic, sexy, fast-paced moves, making it a workout you definitely need to try out this year. You won’t just have an immense amount of fun, but you’ll also get super sweaty and burn more calories. So, switch on the music and get ready to burn a whole lot of calories while dancing to the beat


Combining mindful workouts with high-intensity ones is one of the latest trends you’ll find in 2020 and for good reason. With yoga — acting as not only a form of meditation, but also a means to becoming more flexible — combine with high-intensity interval training, will enable you to get flexible, tone the body and burn many calories as you build endurance.

This makes Yoga HIIT a must-try in order to get fit while working on stretching your muscles. One of the reasons this workout routine is super cool is that it is great for people who don’t have the time to do more than one thing, allowing them to be time-efficient as they get the best of both worlds in one workout. 

There are so many workout routines and classes emerging on a regular basis to ensure that everyone stays fit. This gives you the advantage of constantly trying out new exercises to prevent you from getting bored and ensure that you stay fit and healthy. With the exciting and effective classes above, you’ll be able to look forward to working out instead of dreading it, especially when you see the awesome results they have on your body.