Get Matched with the Best Childcare Job Opportunities

When having a structure in the sector of childhood education, it is important to find competent and trustworthy employees. This is a safe way to keep your childcare functioning at its best.

However, it is not always easy to find job opportunities that match your desires and objectives. Your research can be harassing, and you can feel hopeless. There is a way to drive performant recruitment so you can get a match with the best job opportunities for your structure. This blog will cover everything you need to know about childcare recruitment.

Clear Job offer announcement

Your job offer post needs to be detailed. Describe the position that is wanted in your childcare with the full job description, qualities required, timetable, salary expected, and vacations. Job searchers will be more likely to contact you if all aspects of your job offers match their expectations. You will attract the right person by setting a job post description without any hidden details.

Then make sure that you share your job post on your social media, job search center, and online recruitment agency specialised in childhood activity. This will ensure the visibility of your job opportunity in the right area so it won’t be lost on the web.

Candidates screening

Resumes and applications are very important in your recruitment process. Indeed they tell a lot about the candidates’ motivations, skills, and experiences. It is a first step that you must pay attention to. Take your time to go through each candidate, and if you doubt some profiles, put them to the side. You could always go back to them later if needed.

The interview will be the second step. To save time, you can start by video calling for a first selection. The last step will be a face-to-face interview. Those interviews conducted by you and your team members will go deeper into your candidates’ profiles.

Review past experiences with them, and let them describe their expectations and qualities for the position. Observe the way they express themselves and their body language; those are good indicators of self-confidence and skills needed to work with children.

Candidates background

It is crucial to check the veracity of your candidate’s background. Don’t hesitate to ask for their diploma and training certificate to ensure quality skilled employees in your childcare.

Contact their old employer and references that the candidate gave you to collect reviews on them. Ask them about their ability to take initiative, their relationship with colleagues, or any other points that matter to you. Those testimonies are a must and help you make a final decision for the right person.

Trial activity

After interviewing candidates, let them do a trial activity related to the function they will have. For instance, you could ask them to tell you the perfect daily routine organisation in childcare or to show you ideas of different games they would play with children. To ensure the safety of the children, ask them how they will react when facing an emergency. Put your candidates in difficult situations so you can watch them in action. Those are showing you much more of their abilities than a speech.


Getting a match with the best job opportunities is not an easy task. Childcare recruitment is a difficult task considering all the factors that need to be taken into account to keep your childcare reputation and your children safe, happy, and stimulated. If you take the time needed to make your choice, you will certainly be able to keep your future employee for a long-term contract ensuring the reliability of your team.