Stickermania: 114 Companies and Organizations That Will Mail Free Stickers to You

Whether you simply love collecting stickers or are looking to promote your favorite brands, getting your hands on some free stickers isn’t always as easy as it seems. Most companies may want you to send a self-addressed envelope or pay for the shipping, for instance. However, the following entities don’t enforce any complicated conditions — if you need free stickers, these 100+ companies and organizations will send them without making any special requests!

Why Does Anyone Send Free Stickers Anyway?

Now, you may be wondering — why does anyone want free stickers, and what do companies and organizations gain in return?

As with most things in life, exposure to a certain brand or cause is a form of advertising. Thus, by giving away stickers, those behind them are basically making each and every sticker holder a brand ambassador.

What this means is that those stickers will provide them with a free ad everywhere the holder goes. If they place one on their backpack, anyone who glances at it will notice the logo and have it etched in their memory. Therefore, awareness will surge, giving the company or organization the much-needed exposure.

In a nutshell, offering and sending free stickers to people willing to promote a brand or cause is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and it isn’t difficult to realize by any means. Plus, there are some true sticker fanatics out there who would love to have as many as possible — they can be any company’s walking ad!

What You’ll Have to Do to Get the Stickers

In general, there are two ways you could get some free stickers. You could either fill out a form on a website or send an email requesting the stickers.

Of course, the first method is the easiest as you don’t have to sing praises to a company in an email and keep repeating how big of a fan you are. Keep in mind, though, that companies and organizations may ask you to sign up for their newsletters in return.

Usually, they will then send you the stickers, which you will receive in the mail in about six weeks. Some even take longer to arrive, but that’s just something you will have to push through!

Other times, a company may ask you to send a self-addressed stamped envelope that it can use to pack the stickers. This should save it some money on the postage costs, but the stickers aren’t exactly free in that case. Additionally, some may only send free stickers with orders. Naturally, the stickers aren’t free in that case either.

Fortunately for you, the following list doesn’t contain entities that require S.A.S.E. or for you to make a purchase. All of them offer free stickers that should come with no strings attached (we encourage you to verify that yourself as well!). Some may only want you to get on their email list, which is free too.

Are You Looking for Some Free Stickers? These 100+ Entities Have Got Your Back


Do you have pets and would like to keep them safe in case of a disaster? The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is willing to send all owners free Emergency Pet Alert stickers if they sign the pledge on its website. Just make sure to allow up to eight weeks for the sticker to come. Once you get your hands on it, place it on your front door or somewhere near it and fill in the necessary information.

2. Action Network

If you’re passionate about politics and the upcoming election, you will, no doubt, want to show off your choice in public. For that, we recommend opting for Action Network’s free stickers. Right now, you can choose from six anti-republican stickers and order yours via the form on the website.

3. Adams Music

The Dutch music company, Adams Music, is apparently willing to send some free stickers to those who ask politely. All you have to do is send an email explaining that you are a big fan and that you’d love to promote them by placing some stickers on your bag, laptop, etc. You can find the company’s contact information right here. There’s a good chance they are able to send the stickers all over the globe too!

4. Adidas

Though the famous sports apparel and footwear retailer doesn’t have a direct sticker form, you may get some free stickers by contacting its customer service. Check out the brand’s website and get in touch right now. Make sure to explain how loyal of a fan you are!

5. All Downhill

All Downhill is a popular show hosted by Michael Patrick Little and Patrick J. B. Simmons that covers a range of exciting topics, including movies and music, as well as philosophy and politics. If you are a big fan, you can actually get some free stickers to promote the show.

Unlike some other entries on this list, though, you cannot just fill out a form and call it a day. You will get your stickers if you reach out to them on Twitter or Facebook and suggest a topic. Alternatively, you can share the show with your friends and family members and explain how you did it, or just send a polite email to Keep in mind, though, that the supplies are limited.

6. Alzheimer’s Association

Alzheimer’s is definitely a nasty condition, and if you have a loved one who suffers from it, you probably want to show your support. Fortunately, the Alzheimer’s Association will send you free stickers if you fill out this form on its website. The point is to promote the cause among your acquaintances, raise awareness, and persuade them to make donations. The “End of Alzheimer’s Starts with Me” stickers ought to help inspire them to fight this disease!

7. American Experiment

The Center of the American Experiment is a leading public policy organization in Minnesota that tackles various issues regarding education, health care, and the like. If you know its cause and would like to promote it, you can get your hands on some free stickers by filling out a form on its website.

8. American Express

Any business owner who accepts American Express credit cards ought to get some of its decals and stickers. These will not only promote the company but also make sure your customers are in the know when it comes to payment methods you offer. Check out the fantastic offering of free stickers right here.

9. American Farmland Trust

Do you want to join the #NoFarmsNoFood movement and support your local farmers? The American Farmland Trust has heard you loud and clear, which is why it offers free bumper stickers to those who fill out this form. If you require multiple stickers or would like to order them in bulk, you can also contact Farmland directly via

10. Annie’s

Organic food is (hopefully) everyone’s future, but if you’re already in the organic world, you may want to promote that and potentially persuade others to join you. Luckily, Annie’s, an organic food company, offers some gorgeous free stickers to those who want to show off their support.

You can pick your favorite right here. Do know, however, that it may take a while for it to come. The supplies are also limited, so they may not be able to honor your request. It’s worth the shot, though!

11. Apple Pay

If your business offers Apple Pay services, you definitely want to promote that with some beautiful decals. Fortunately, you can get free stickers through Apple Pay by ordering your very own pack right here. The supplies are limited to one order per business. You will get one glass, six terminal, and two register decals.

12. Audio-Technica

If you’re a massive fan of Audio-Technica’s products and would love to promote the brand, there may be a way for you to get some free stickers. One Reddit user said that they were able to contact the company via the email address available on its Contact Us page. It may not work 100% of the time, but it’s worth the shot if you’re an avid sticker collector!

13. B.U.B.B.A. Saves Lives

Every day, dozens of accidents claim people’s lives on the streets of our cities. Why not let your voice be heard in favor of a cause that wants to prevent such tragedies?

B.U.B.B.A. Saves Lives intends to encourage people to wear their seatbelts for 21 days to avoid future accidents. After those 21 days, the motion should become a habit. If that sounds like something you’d love to try, you can sign up for the promotional kit right here.

14. Backcountry

Are you someone who’s always on the lookout for their next adventure and enjoy everything that gets your adrenaline pumping? If that’s a yes we hear, you’re probably a fan of Backcountry, a premium adventure apparel and gear retailer. If you want to show your support and also empower others to vote, you can use this form to order your very own Goat Vote sticker. Do know that the supply is limited to 5,000!

15. Baxter Brewing Company

Baxter beer fans can rejoice, as they can now show off their love for the company’s products by sporting a Baxter sticker. The brewing company doesn’t exactly have a sticker form you can fill out. However, you can contact them via the Contact Us page and politely ask for some free stickers. Once there, you can also join the mailing list and get information on early access to new beers and updates.

16. Bike Helena

Are you a huge fan of mountain biking in the Helena area in Montana? You’re not the only one — this part of the country is a gem that offers dozens of miles of trails to biking enthusiasts all over the U.S. If you want to display your love for the sport as well as Helena, you can ask for some free stickers. There isn’t a direct form, but you can send an email to and explain how big of a fan you are and where you’d want to show off your sticker.

17. Billabong

Whether you’re an avid surfer or perhaps a snow lover, it’s safe to say that Billabong has got your back. This apparel and accessory retailer offers incredible designs for both men and women in love with summer and winter sports. Should you ever want to promote your passion for the brand or serve as a brand ambassador, you can get your hands on some free stickers. Just contact the company via the form on its Customer Service page.

18. Boardcave

As a surfboard and accessory retailer, Boardcave gets a lot of traffic from surfing enthusiasts and those who are looking to dabble in this sport. Individuals who are eager to show off their love for the company can also register on the website and get some free stickers for their collection. Keep in mind that you have to become a member and follow the company’s social channels to take advantage of this sticker giveaway.

19. Boca Coast

Boca Coast is famous for its flagship product, Bait Fish Chum, and it also works hard on promoting inshore fishing and tourism. If you want to show your support and become a member of its community, all you have to do is like Boca Coast’s Facebook page. You can then fill out a form with your name and address in order to get some free decals.

20. Boxy Mouse

If you’re a fan of Boxy Mouse and its various buttons, pins, prints, and paintings, you may want to show your support for the brand by sporting one of its stickers. Unfortunately, the stickers aren’t available right now — the company is trying to “clear the decks” a bit. Still, check out this link from time to time to see when they return!

21. BroadenSurf

As a social marketplace for various brands (mainly skateboarding, fishing, surfing, and diving), you can bet that Broaden has a massive community behind it. If you are willing to help spread the word about it, you can register to become a member and get a free sticker as well. Make sure to leave your address when filling out the form so that the company knows you want a sticker to promote it further!

22. Brooks Running

If you’re into comfortable running gear, including apparel and shoes, Brooks Running may be a brand you’re already rather familiar with. Should you ever want to promote it by placing a sticker onto your bag, window, or even the wall, you may be able to get one by asking the customer service for it.

23. Buddha Teas

Whether you’re a tea drinker or not, it’s likely that you have heard of Buddha Teas before. The company offers a variety of delicious brews that are 100% non-GMO, kosher, and very healthy as they don’t contain any preservatives or artificial flavors and colors. One Reddit user says that they contacted the company via the contact form on the website. They received a gorgeous Buddha Teas sticker in return!

24. Campsite Reports

If you’re an avid camper, you probably have various campsite ideas and spots you’re willing to share with the world. Fortunately, Campsite Reports is a website where you can upload photos of your favorite campsites and say what you thought about them.

You can also contact Campsite Reports to try to get some free stickers. Send an email to the address found here or call them to see if there are any special requests you have to honor to get your hands on your stickers.

25. Cape Fear Farm Credit

Do you live in North Carolina and love farming? Most people don’t even know how tough farming can be, but you can educate them a bit by showing off your support with your very own Farm Strong decal. All you have to do is fill out the form on the website.

Do know, however, that only North Carolina residents can get the sticker. Others will simply be added to the email list.

26. Catholic Democrats

Faith and politics sometimes go hand in hand, and what better way to showcase both your political views and faith than with a great sticker? Catholic Democrats offer two stickers you can choose from — “Faith Hope Love” and “Blessed Are the Peacemakers.” You can order one of these today by filling out the form on this link.

27. Champlain College

Some lovely free stickers are offered by Champlain College as well if you’re interested in knowing more about its programs and admissions. Designed by one of its Visual Communication Design graduates, the college will send you some high-quality stickers if you fill out the form on its website. You can also sign up to get some helpful reminders and texts while you’re at it — they’ll come in handy if you do end up going to Champlain College!

28. Every Town for Gun Safety

Guns don’t kill, people do, but there might be fewer shootings if there were stricter controls and more elaborate gun laws. You can be a part of the change by opting to get a free sticker to promote the cause. Of course, you ought to do your part by inspiring others in your free time to fight for better gun laws. Still, a sticker doesn’t hurt and may even help you promote the cause without really trying (like when you stick it onto your car!).

29. Chipotle

Is Chipotle your guilty pleasure and perhaps even favorite fast food joint? It seems that the whole of the U.S. is obsessed with Chipotle, and it’s safe to say that the company doesn’t really need much promotion.

Still, if you want to show your love for the restaurant, you may be able to get some stickers by contacting customer support. Find the email here and try to be polite; they ought to recognize how much you love the company, the food, and the service.

30. Chobani

Are you in love with Chobani’s Greek yogurt or the company’s coffee creamer? Your love of its products isn’t unique, as many people are absolutely crazy about the wonderful flavors and overall quality. If you want to show everyone how much you support the brand, you can even get some free stickers. Some Reddit users have said that this contact form is all you need to fill out in order to get hooked up with some unique stickers and even some discount coupons!

31. Christian Coalition of America

If you’re pro-family and faith, the Christan Coalition of America may be right up your alley. This conservative political organization aims to preserve and uphold U.S. families and their values. If that sounds something like you would support, too, you can choose from three great decals. Order yours today through this form.

32. Claar Cellars

Are you a wine connoisseur and would love everyone to know that you support Claar Cellars? If that’s the case, you’re in luck, as the company offers a pack of three free stickers to all those who sign up through this form. You will receive newsletters from the company from here on out, but make sure you’re of drinking age if you want to sign up. At the bottom of the page, you can see how the sticker labels look too.

33. Close the Camps

Humanity has to stop viewing concentration camps as a means to an end and stop limiting people’s freedom, no matter their faith or race. If you believe that camps should be closed, you can add your name to this cause today and become a part of the movement. In return, you will get a free sticker that will tell everyone what you stand for!

34. Coca-Cola

Since it is probably the most famous beverage company in the world, Coca-Cola stickers are highly sought after. Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct link you can go to and a form to fill out to get your free stickers. What you can do, though, is contact the company through its website. Once again, say that you’re a big fan and how you’d love to add some new stickers to your collection!

35. Concept2

According to one Reddit user, Concept2, a well-known exercise equipment manufacturer, is willing to send free stickers if you ask politely. You can try sending an email to to see whether they have any stickers for you and would be able to send them your way.

36. Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi is famous for its colorful backpacks, women and men’s outerwear, and various accessories you can sport in the great outdoors. The company now produces and even donates colorful face masks.

Overall, it is trying to better the world, not only through its products but its Cotopaxi Foundation as well. So why not show off your support and respect for the company? You can get a free sticker by simply subscribing to the company’s email list.

37. Goetze’s Candy

Do you have a sweet tooth and often find yourself gravitating toward Goetze’s Candy? Now you can show just how much you love its products by sporting Cow Tales stickers.

One Reddit user says that they got some free stickers after reaching out to the company through its website. Send a friendly email to, compliment the company, and then ask if they have some stickers they may be able to send your way.

38. Crayola

The famous crayon company isn’t only making children all around the world happy. It may also make some adults joyous, too, as some of them may be able to get their hands on some free stickers. According to a Reddit thread, the stickers aren’t 100% guaranteed, and some have had their request denied. Still, it’s worth a shot and doesn’t cost you a penny — just contact the company and hope for the best!

39. Curiosityness

If you love history and are always willing to learn more, then Curiosityness is probably already on your radar. But what about your friends and family? Sadly, they may not know how great of a podcast this is. Perhaps you could persuade them to listen to a few episodes, though.

A good way of subtly promoting the show would be to order a free sticker. And it’s completely free, no strings attached, and with free shipping!

40. DCCC

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee promotes a lot of causes, which all have some truly incredible stickers. The most notable examples include Stop Sexism, Thank FDR for Social Security, and Obama Legacy. All three are free of charge and only require you to input some of your basic details.

41. DLCC

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee has a straightforward goal — it works hard to elect Democrats to state legislatures. At the same time, it works against Republicans and aims to show that people are resisting various uncomfortable changes that have been implemented recently. If you share the same opinion and are a Democrat at heart, don’t hesitate to show your support. You can get your free “Resistance Is Local” sticker right here.

42. Daniel Defense

If firearms are one of your main interests, you may want to display your love for them with some incredible decals. Fortunately, Daniel Defense, a firearms company, has a neat form you can fill out to get some free stickers for your rifle or to place on your car. You can find the form on the official website.

43. Democracy for America

Are you fighting against corporate America and want to show that money cannot buy your loyalty? Democracy for America has a “Billionaires Can’t Buy Me” sticker that ought to fit most people’s views of the current government and the changing times in the U.S. If you want to sport one as well, don’t hesitate to request the sticker right here.

44. Domino’s

Reddit is the main source of information on getting some stickers, and it seems that even Domino’s has found its way to it. One user says that they received some free stickers after asking for them through a link on Domino’s website. You can also try your luck and see if you get some!

45. Dr. Bronner’s

Similarly to Chobani, soap manufacturer Dr. Bronner’s is rather generous and willing to send a few stickers as well as some coupons to its biggest fans. One Reddit user even got a neat poster to go with the stickers and the coupons. Naturally, that says a lot about the brand’s eagerness to make its fans happy.

You can probably get the same stuff by contacting the company through the form on its website or by sending an email to

46. Dr. Pepper

You would think that a brand like Dr. Pepper would have a direct link for sticker requests, but alas, you will have to ask directly. A few Reddit users say that it’s possible to get them if you’re extra polite when requesting the stickers. You might as well try it by filling out this form — you may actually strike gold!

47. Dr. Rubin’s

If you’re into all-natural cosmetics, then you have probably heard of Dr. Rubin’s and maybe even used some of the company’s products. However, even if you haven’t, you can get your hands on some samples and a free sticker. You can order the pomade and lotion samples or the sticker (or even all three!) through this form.

48. Ducks Unlimited

Wetland and waterfowl conservation is a point of interest for many people, so Ducks Unlimited may not be so unfamiliar. The organization has been achieving its conservation goals ever since 1937. Over the years, its website has even become an excellent resource for all those interested in the cause as well.

If you too feel strongly about the conservation of waterfowl and wetlands, then get your free sticker right here. All you have to do is sign up for the newsletter!

49. Dutch Bros

Reddit users strike again, and this time, they claim that fans of Dutch Bros can get some free stickers if they send a rather polite email. If you, too, are a huge fan of the coffee company (and who isn’t, given its Caramel Pumpkin Brulee), you may be able to get them to send you some stickers via mail and even get a personalized letter. Try sending an email to — you don’t have anything to lose!

50. EOS

At some point, EOS took over the beauty world by storm and became a staple brand among many influencers. If you are a huge fan as well, you may even want to get some stickers to place on your stuff and show off your love for the company.

Some say that it’s possible to get your hands on them by sending a nice email with your information. Here’s the Contact Us page where you can find the emails; we suggest going with the General Inquires one.

51. End Citizens United

End Citizens United is yet another political organization fighting a great cause. It aims to get big money out of politics and protect every citizen’s right to vote.

Thus, it is a haven for Democrats who want real reform, and for that, we applaud it. If you also support the same causes, then you might as well get a free sticker out of it. You can fill out a form right here and get your very own “Corporations Are Not People” sticker.

52. English Club

Unlike most of the entries on this list, English Club won’t actually send you its stickers. Its collection of Mr. and Ms. English Club stickers is available for download to anyone who wants to use them. Then, you can simply print them out yourself and stick them onto windows, notebooks, and more!

53. Exalt Paintball

Paintball is an incredible activity to take part in, especially if you have some friends that also like shooting guns and simulating military combat. But let’s be honest — your equipment would look so much better with some high-quality stickers! Luckily, Exalt Paintball will send free stickers to those who fill out this form on its website.

54. Family Radio

Ever since 1959, Family Radio has been spreading the hope and comfort of the Gospel. Naturally, it has acquired quite a community over the years that supports its every move and is eager to promote the radio every step of the way. If you are a fan as well, you may want to order some free stickers and other promotional materials. Among other things, you can get stickers, bookmarks, and program guides.

55. Fayettechill

Established in 2009, Fayettechill offers a great choice of men, women, and kids’ apparel, as well as a range of accessories and headwear. However, what makes this company stand out is that its goods are eco-conscious and made to last you for years to come. If you’re a big fan and have already tried some of its products, then you may want to promote the company with a Fayettechill sticker. It won’t cost you a dime, as you only have to sign up for the newsletter to get one!

56. Finimize

If you’re looking to become your very own financial adviser and learn everything there is to know about the finance world — Finimize has got your back. The website and its corresponding app are incredible resources that will keep you up to date in regard to the latest financial news.

At the same time, you can get access to Finimize guides on topics like personal finance and investment. And for those who would like to spread the word about it, Finimize also offers free stickers. You’ll just have to sign up and refer five friends to get them!

57. FishTrack

If you’re really into deep-sea fishing, FishTrack is definitely a valuable resource to you. On the website, you can find everything and anything that you may be interested in learning about, from how to tie various knots to the latest fishing news. For the most eager fans, FishTrack also has a free sticker to send. All you have to do is sign up for the newsletter, and you will get your very own “Land Sucks!” sticker.

58. Fish for God

Fish for God aims to lead people to Jesus and help them reach the ultimate salvation. If you, too, are a devout Christian, you may want to promote that with a sticker that clearly shows your support for the organization. Luckily, you can get some free window stickers by filling out a form on the website. Just remember to input the full address to ensure that the stickers don’t get lost on the way to you!

59. Five Hour Energy

Five Hour Energy is famous for its regular and extra strength energy shots, as well as its lemonade, raspberry, and peach teas. However, there isn’t a sticker request you can fill out to get your stickers. Instead, it’s suggested that you contact the company through its website and try to get them that way. If you are successful, they will send you stickers with their logo on it!

60. Freestyle

Freestyle is a fan-favorite among sports watch enthusiasts, especially given how colorful and unique its designs are. But the brand didn’t get its popularity by only producing watches. Oh no, it also takes part in some cost-effective marketing and is willing to send its devout fans stickers they can then use to promote the company further. If you are eager to become a walking ad for the brand, don’t hesitate; here is a sticker request form on the website that you can fill out to receive your stickers in the mail.

61. Fruit of The Loom

Famous for its colorful designs, Fruit of the Loom is a fantastic apparel retailer for men, women, and the youngest among us. If your love for the brand goes beyond simple purchases and you would like to promote it by placing stickers on your own accessories, gadgets, and the like, you may be able to get some free ones. There isn’t an exact request form, but you can contact the company through this page.

62. GG Magazine

As an independent publication, GG Magazine is able to decide on its content by actually following the latest trends and updates on world events and more. Thus, you could say that it’s a detailed guide on lifestyle, entertainment, luxury, design, fashion, etc. These are basically topics that most of us would be interested in. If you are an avid reader and would love to spread the word about the magazine, here’s a form you can fill out to get some lovely stickers.

63. Gatorade

Is Gatorade your favorite sports drink company, and sometimes even the reason you actually drag yourself to the gym? Many people around the U.S. share this same opinion and are more than willing to promote this now Pepsi-owned company. If you would also like to help it reach more customers and display your love for its Super Shake, protein powder, and more, ask for stickers through the General Question form on the website.

64. Geezer Skate

If the skatepark is your go-to hangout spot, you may have noticed others wearing some of Geezer Skate’s designs. The company definitely offers some of the coolest T-shirts, tees, mugs, and phone cases we’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, it has entirely run out of stock of its free stickers and can instead offer a 20% discount. We suggest keeping an eye on this link for when the stickers come back in stock.

65. Generate Kindness

The Generate Kindness Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation based in California that aims to promote kindness across the U.S. with its stickers and volunteer event called The 24hr Design-a-thon. To help achieve its mission, it requires all the support it can get — which is where you come in. You can either buy something from its store or make a donation to get your sticker faster. Otherwise, you can fill out this form and wait for the organization to gather enough funds to print and post it to you.

66. Get Drunk, Not Fat

Just because you like to unwind with a glass of some alcoholic beverage from time to time doesn’t mean you ought to get fat. Indeed, some liquors have lots of calories. Sadly, these may not be evident when you drink but will contribute to weight gain over time.

Nevertheless, with Get Drunk, Not Fat, you can calculate how many calories you’ve drunk (or will drink) and know how the alcohol may affect your weight. To support the website, you can also get a free bumper sticker by filling out a form.

67. GoPro

Are you a GoPro fan and will most likely forever use its cameras? The brand is famous for its quality cameras, especially among various influencers that have helped it make a name for itself over the years. You can continue those promotional efforts by requesting some free stickers. According to this forum, you can simply contact the support at

68. Google Pay

Just like with Apple Pay, you ought to display the fact you accept Google Pay somewhere in your store. Fortunately, you don’t have to explicitly say it to each customer or print out your own stickers. You can simply order a kit through the following form. Each kit contains eight terminal, four cash register, and two window stickers.

69. Got Science?

Some people believe that President Trump and his administration are trying to discredit science and scientific discoveries. By doing so, they may be putting in danger the American people who now cannot recognize what’s fiction and what’s the real scientific truth.

Those who want to fight that can easily get a free sticker by completing a quiz on the Got Science website. Once you complete it, you’ll get to sport your new sticker and show everyone you believe in science, facts, and proper research, not what others serve you up as the truth.

70. GrandyOats

Is GrandyOats your go-to granola and cereal brand? Another Reddit user also loves the company and was eager to get some free stickers to promote the brand further. Fortunately, by sending an email to and explaining how huge of a fan you are, you can get the stickers as well. Plus, if you get really lucky, you may even receive some coupons too!

71. Henry

As a major rifle and shotgun manufacturer in the U.S., Henry has a long history of providing its customers with the utmost quality and durable, precise guns. If you are a firearm enthusiast, you may want to look through the catalog first and see what the company has to offer. You can easily order it through this form, and once you do, you will also get two free decals and the latest newsletter.

72. Honeybee Gardens

The popularity of natural cosmetics is not going away any time soon. Fortunately, you can jump on the bandwagon right now by checking out Honeybee Gardens.

If you decide that you absolutely love the company and would like to promote the brand, you can order some free stickers right here. Do note, however, that due to the demand, the company has a few rules in place. It can only offer the stickers on Mondays and accept a limited number of requests. Make sure you’re quick about it then!

73. Hotbodies Racing

Whether you need some new parts and accessories for your bike or installation tutorials for various brands, Hotbodies has got you covered. However, the company doesn’t stop there — it wants to thank its customers by offering free decals too. The offer stands while the supplies last, and you can order your very own pack of free stickers here.

74. The House

No matter if you need a new snowboard, some snow pants, or perhaps camping accessories, The House has everything you may need, and then some! Of course, the popularity of this online retailer doesn’t only come down to its quality service. It has a neat promotional campaign in place, as it’s able to send a free sticker to those who sign up on the website.

The supplies are limited, so you better hurry up. And don’t forget to take photos of the stickers and complement them with the suggested hashtags. The company will surely appreciate it!

75. Houston Astros

If you’re an avid baseball fan and want everyone to know how much you love your favorite team, Houston Astros, it’s high time you requested some stickers. Luckily, all you have to do is send an email to and explain your love for the team. Let’s hope you get a positive reply and are able to decorate your stuff with some neat stickers soon!

76. Human Rights Campaign

It is about time equality became a must all across the U.S. If you believe in the same cause, you may want to promote it by ordering a few free stickers through this form.

Protecting the LGBTQ+ community against discrimination is a duty of all those who have enjoyed their privilege their whole lives. Now, you can actually spread the word on the horrible things the community has suffered. Make sure that everyone knows there is a campaign out there fighting for its rights.

77. Hupy and Abraham

Car-pedestrian accidents are a huge problem in the U.S., and no one knows more about that than personal injury lawyers Hupy and Abraham. That’s why they are trying to raise awareness about these disasters and make sure everyone knows just how devastating they can be.

If you’re willing to help that cause, use this form to order your very own “Yield to Pedestrians” stickers. Keep in mind, though, that only residents of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois may receive them. If you don’t live there, it’s best to send your request to

78. Hytest

Are you a fan of Hytest safety footwear, a company that’s been designing comfortable shoes for over 85 years now? If that’s a solid yes, then you can easily promote the brand wherever you go by asking for some free stickers. The company has made it easy to do this, as you can simply complete this form. The stickers will be sent within 30 days of the company receiving your information.


Have you already tried ICANCHU’s shoes? The company specializes in crafting zero drop dress shoes. These should be just as comfortable as sneakers, and guys can wear them anywhere they go. That basically means you could easily wear them to the gym as well and look extra dapper!

If you want to promote the brand, you can get some free stickers by filling out a form on the website. There don’t seem to be any strings attached. The form is the only request you have to complete to get the stickers.

80. Import Crate

As a company that specializes in air fresheners, lanyards, car decals, and plates, as well as apparel and accessories, Import Crate is serving a fairly large community. It’s no wonder then that many may want to further promote the brand by requesting some free stickers. Unfortunately, there are a few requirements you will have to fulfill, apart from filling out a form. Get all the details right here.

81. In-N-Out

Now, at some point, rumors about the In-N-Out stickers made the restaurant chain put up a statement saying that it cannot honor decal and sticker requests anymore due to many third-party websites generating a higher demand. Still, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get your hands on them. There are complimentary decals available in the restaurants, and you don’t even have to buy anything to get them!

82. Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital

Freak child accidents aren’t as rare as you may think across the U.S., especially in the warmer months. The point of the “Spot the Tot” sticker is to actually remind drivers to check their vehicles and surroundings before driving off.

There might be a child in your vicinity, hiding behind your car or somewhere close by. Make sure you’re cautious by sending your details to the email found on this link and getting some stickers. You can order up to 10 stickers, and they will arrive in three to four weeks.

83. International Forgiveness Institute

The International Forgiveness Institute believes that we can choose to forgive even those who have hurt us the most. There’s no point in holding onto anger and resentment; you can simply free yourself and find forgiveness in your heart.

If you share the same sentiment, you may want to promote the cause with a free bumper sticker. You can order a maximum of two stickers right here.

84. International Rescue Committee

As its name suggests, the International Rescue Committee is looking to protect refugees. It mainly wants to show that they are always welcome into the country, no matter what the naysayers may think. If you believe in the same cause and want to promote it, you can get a free sticker here. Hopefully, you’ll be able to inspire others to support and accept refugees.

85. Jackfruit Company

Though it doesn’t advertise it, Jackfruit Company may send you some promotional stickers if you ask politely enough. One Reddit user was able to get some by contacting the company through this form on its website.

86. Jelly Belly

This isn’t a guarantee, but there is a slight chance you can get some free stickers from Jelly Belly. All you have to do is shoot the company an email. If they have some in stock, they’ll let you know!

87. Jerk Your Meat

If jerky is your guilty pleasure, Jerk Your Meat might as well be your favorite company. Now, you can show everyone how much respect and love you have for it by asking for some free stickers. This form ought to help you get them in the mail fast. Do know, however, that you will also have to follow the company’s social media accounts to claim your sticker.

88. Joe Biden

Are you a Biden/Harris supporter and would like to see a president change this election season? If you are looking to show everyone who you’re voting for and where your allegiance lies, make sure to get your stickers on time. By completing this form, you can request a “Joe Will Beat Trump Like a Drum” sticker just in time for the election.

89. Keds

If you’re in love with Keds shoes and have no problem giving the brand some free advertising, free stickers are available through its website. Just fill out the form right here. Soon enough, you’ll have some new stickers to boast with!

90. Leave the Phone Alone

Staying safe on the road should be the number one priority for all drivers. Sadly, not everyone cares enough about it. We often see drivers using their phones while in the car. As you all know, it only takes a second to put yourself (and others) in danger — or a situation you aren’t able to get out of alive.

To help promote the idea of avoiding phone use while driving, you can get your “Leave the Phone Alone” sticker by completing a request form here. All you have to do is take the pledge and promise to make the roads a safe place for everyone.

91. Lucky Knot

Nautical-inspired clothing is rather popular these days, so it’s no wonder Lucky Knot has so many fans across the country. If you’re one of them too and would like some of their amazing stickers to place on your car window, notebook, wall, or backpack, the company has a special page where you can input your details in order to get some.

92. MilitaryTimes

Though there is a limit to how many stickers you can order (one per person), MilitaryTimes is clearly making an effort and letting people show off their support for the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force. In essence, the stickers are a “Thank you” for the troops who have risked their lives for us regular people. You can order your favorite sticker through the website and get it for free in just a few weeks.

93. MobilityWorks

If you’re a wheelchair user, it’s likely that you often have trouble getting in and out of the vehicle, especially if someone parks very close to you. If that’s a problem you face each day, we encourage you to request some free “Extra Space” decals through MobilityWorks. You can then place these on your car, letting other drivers know that you may require more room. They should understand that they must leave extra space for you out of pure necessity.

94. Moose Tracks

If Moose Tracks is your favorite brand of ice cream, you may want to show off your love for it with some beautiful stickers. Fortunately, the company only wants you to sign up for Moose Tracks Nation in order to get an exclusive MTX Nation sticker. Plus, if you do join the community, you will also get a chance to win unique merchandise every month!

95. Moosejaw

Outdoor gear and apparel retailers strike again, but this time, we’re talking about Moosejaw. If you’re an avid fan of its clothing, footwear, accessories, or gear, you may want to promote the company with some of its unique stickers. There’s no need to jump through hoops to get them, though — all you have to do is complete this form.

96. Morning Brew

Do you belong to Millenials and are eager to stay up to date on the latest news, events, and more from the world of business? Morning Brew, a daily business newsletter, offers bite-sized updates and news for all Millenials on the go. If you want to promote the newsletter, you can also get some free stickers when you refer five friends.

97. O-Mama

O-Mama has got something special in store for all the moms out there. This website/blog for mothers looking for advice and ideas also offers free bumper stickers to those who fill out the contact form on the website. Just remember to add a checkmark in the Special Request section!

98. PETA Animal Rights

Just like in the case of human rights, we ought to do what we can in order to protect animals. PETA has been leading the fight for years now. You can join the battle by slapping on the stickers everywhere you can — your phone, the fridge, your car, etc. Just request your free supply of stickers here.

If you also want to teach your kids why animal rights matter, PETA has a range of kid-friendly stickers as well. They are definitely rather colorful and cute, not to mention enlightening, too — your children will love them!

99. Pelican Coast Clothing Company

If preppy is your go-to style, you’re bound to have at least something by Pelican Coast. Now, you can also promote the brand with its simple but effective stickers. You can get the latest version here by simply filling out the form.

100. Pepsi

Sometimes, the best way to get a sticker is to simply send an email and ask for it. Pepsi doesn’t have a form through which you could request some stickers. Some have had luck and have gotten them by contacting the company directly through its website. It may not lead to much, but at least you can say you tried!

101. Properly Tied

Ever since it launched back in 2013, Properly Tied has been trying to create some comfortable, everyday clothing for all of us who prefer a more classic style. It’s safe to say that the company has experienced lots of success. Now, it even offers promotional stickers to its fans. All you have to do is fill out a form on the website by giving your details and explaining how you’ll use them.

102. Rails to Trails Conservancy

Rails to Trails Conservancy has a rather simple goal — it just wants to build a healthier world by creating a nationwide network of trails. To support that initiative, though, it needs a large audience and lots of details about what truly makes people tick. That’s why you cannot just request the sticker. You have to fill out a survey about TrailLink in order for the organization to send you one!

103. Republican National Committee

Are you ready to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming election? If you are proud of your political views and want everyone to know who you support, a “Make America Great Again” sticker is just what you’ve been looking for. You can get your hands on it right here on the GOP website.

104. Saucony

If you’re an avid runner, you probably have a pair of Saucony shoes or are looking into getting one. Should you decide that you absolutely love the brand, you may want to raise its brand awareness a bit. Luckily, the company has made it easier for its customers to promote it. Just complete the form on its website, and it will send you a sticker.

105. Sinclair Oil

Who says you cannot promote your favorite oil corporation too? Sinclair Oil has a dinosaur-inspired sticker just waiting for you to claim it. All you have to do is fill out the form right here. It doesn’t hurt if you check out the company’s social media channels too, but it’s not a requirement!

106. Skip the Straw

You must have heard of how bad straws are for the environment. Well, it’s safe to say that Florida is taking the necessary steps to put an end to the issue.

There is a campaign going around called “Skip the Straw” that aims to inspire people to switch out their straws for reusable ones or get rid of them altogether. The benefits are many, and not only just environment-related as some may think.

If you are interested in making our world a better place, you may want to sign up and try living without straws. In return, you’ll get a fantastic sticker to promote the cause!

107. TNT Fireworks

Apparently, the best swag can be found at TNT Fireworks. If you become a member of its community, you can get a club package. The contents may vary sometimes, but you will receive lots of free stuff inside, including free stickers, posters, temporary tattoos, and magnets.

The best part? You don’t even have to purchase anything — just sign up!

108. Take Care of Texas

Humanity has to accept its responsibility when it comes to climate change and pollution, that’s for sure. However, once we do accept it, we have to start making things right once more.

Fortunately, Texas is already doing its fair share of work with its “Take Care of Texas” campaign. If you take the pledge, you vow to protect this wonderful state by keeping the air clean and conserving water and energy. In return, you’ll get an official guide to Texas State Parks and a free sticker!

109. Together We Rise

Foster care needs lots of reforms, which is why Together We Rise is fighting a good cause. The organization is trying to help children go through foster care as smoothly as possible. If you are looking to promote the cause among your acquaintances, you can request some stickers on this page.

Keep in mind, though, that they may be out of stock. Remember to check back next month to see if there are more stickers available.

110. Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate change is no joke, and nobody knows that better than the Union of Concerned Scientists. If you share the same sentiment and would like to learn how to make the planet cooler, you ought to check out the website and read up on the latest news on climate, transportation, economy, and more.

In the meantime, though, don’t forget to claim your free “I Just Got 20% Cooler” sticker. All you have to do is fill out this form!

111. WIFE

The Women’s Institute for Financial Education is a major non-profit organization that aims to educate women in finance and help them achieve financial independence. To that end, its sticker is rather witty and superbly effective, of course. If you want to show support for independent women, you can get your “A Man Is Not a Financial Plan” sticker right here. The only requirement is to sign up for the newsletter.

112. Whaley Law Firm

Fires are no joke, that’s for sure. And if one does happen, it’s imperative for the rescuers to know how many people, children, and pets are in the danger zone.

Luckily, Whaley Law Firm dedicates itself to fire safety and wants to make things easier for you. That’s why it lets you order a fantastic sticker you can put on a window somewhere in your home and display how many lives have to be saved in case of a fire. Unfortunately, though, it appears they are only sending the stickers to Louisiana.

113. Wildlife Conservation Society

If you’re looking for ways to fight for wildlife conservation, the Wildlife Conservation Society is the go-to resource for you. Apart from some ideas as to how you can help, the organization offers various resources and the latest news on wildlife and major events. You can, of course, claim a free sticker as well by providing some basic details.

114. Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Peace and justice for all living beings is the main reason Woodstock Farm Sanctuary exists. If you feel the same way about animals and want to help others see why veganism and the rescuing of farmed animals are essential, you can start by getting a promotional sticker. Provide your details here, and it should arrive by mail soon enough!

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, there is a wonderful range of companies and organizations that can send out free stickers to those willing to promote their causes and visions. Still, the list is by no means exhaustive; have avoided listing those who require you to buy something first, pay for shipping, or send a self-addressed envelope. You shouldn’t disregard those companies right off the bat, of course. Just keep in mind that in that case, your stickers may not be free of charge after all!