How To Choose The Best Motion Sensor Lights

If you have children or pets, you will know that it is important to have a well-lit home. Going to the bathroom at night without lights to illuminate can be dangerous.

Motion sensor lights are an excellent solution for illuminating dark areas of your home. When movements are detected within a certain range, they are automatically turned on and closed after the set amount of time has no activity.

There are many motion sensors on the market, such as light bulbs, long strips, rechargeable and battery-powered. How should we choose when faced with these?


Most of the motion sensors on the market use batteries and some are charged with chargers. Your purchase should be a long-term investment. For night lights, this is taken for granted: after all, they only turn on when someone walks by. As we all know, motion-sensitive LED lamps have a longer service life, which is more energy-saving and more environmental protection than standard incandescent bulbs.


In life, motion sensor lights can be used at home for many years. Before buying, make sure that you are satisfied with the appearance of the lamps, including the colors they can emit.


Do you need to see the details clearly at night, or do you need enough lighting to see your way in the dark corridor? The brightness of motion sensor lamps (in lumens) should reflect the actual needs of the area where you plan to place them. Most induction lamps in the market have two lighting modes, one is cold white and the other is warm white, which can help you face most situations in life


Before you start shopping, please know how much you need. If you put it on the stairs, you can basically choose a combination of multi-piece sets. If you put it in the cupboard, you can choose one. The scope and area of use determine how many quantities you buy now!

How do you install motion sensor lights?

Here’s a general overview of what to expect with motion sensor light installation.

Installation methods for lights will depend largely on the light you purchase. Usually, the manufacturer provides some instructions. Most of them are pasted on the wall with magnets or self-adhesive.

Many people think that the motion sensor can only be fixed on the wall all the time and cannot be used as a follower light. In fact, this part is very wrong. At present, hokolite has designed a motion sensor that can be taken off at any time. This sensor not only It can be attached to the wall, and can be used as a flashlight at any time, and it is rechargeable, which can help us greatly save money on extra batteries.

This Rechargeable motion sensor closet light can be used in two ways. It can not only be used as an induction lamp, but also as a flashlight in case of emergency. It does not glare and won’t hurt your eyes. The closet light is made out of a high-quality acrylic case, which has better heat dissipation performance.

The base of the closet light and the body of the lamp is connected by a magnetic force, which is convenient to carry, relocate, and remove at any time. is energy-efficient and safe.