Displaying Your Faith With Christian Home Decoration

Your home should give a reflection of who you are and the things that you value most in life. But, it’s also a place where you seek comfort, peace, and serenity.

It’s very easy to get distracted on a daily basis with the hardships of life and find yourself feeling lost, down, or just needing guidance. However, you can simply fix that and remind yourself of God’s love as well as your strong Christian faith through displaying decorations and artwork around your house.


Having a constant reminder of the scriptures you love most can be a great way to remember how to be a good Christian. Several scriptures on this website will remind you of the good deeds you should do or how your faith can be an excellent form of artwork and make a huge difference in decorating your walls.

Whether you have a favorite scripture, are looking for one that will welcome your guests, or show them about your favorite aspects of religion, mixing it up with a background displaying beautiful nature or even family photos is a great way to mix up art and faith together.

Bible Verses on Placemats

Another super cool idea that you can use to decorate your home is by getting customized placemats with verses from the Bible on them. You can have them focused on blessings and verses that talk about food to make it even more relevant.

That way, you can be constantly reminded to appreciate and thank the Lord for the blessings he has bestowed upon you just by reading the verses printed on the placemats right in front of you. To match the theme, you can even use a table runner around the same theme with another verse written in calligraphy.


Hanging paintings of those you want to watch over you is a simple gesture that shows your faith. With the artwork already being beautiful, you can spread the love in your home through the beauty of the artwork and paintings.

With so many different options to choose from, you can decorate your walls with the paintings that speak to you the most and help you stay on track or remember the Lord’s good fortune.

Prayer Board

While God’s words are a great form of decoration, you can also display your faith by creating your very own prayer board. This reminds you of the people you want to pray for, helps you spread kindness, or do good deeds just because it’s in front of you.

Your prayer board can be a decorated blackboard where you can easily change the prayer requests whenever you feel like it or even a hanging scroll where you can constantly add new prayers to the new pieces of parchment. This also shows how your home is filled with kindness, how you constantly think of those around you and send them your best wishes.

Verse of the Week

Another idea that is interactive and can be used in the kitchen is framing a chalkboard and having each family member in charge of displaying a verse that touched their heart or helped them through the week.

This adds a spiritual touch to the kitchen as well as a great family activity allowing Christian faith to be a huge part of your lives. You can always get creative in the way that you display it. You can hang it by rope or use vintage frames to make it look even prettier.

Wall Art

So many Bible verses or scriptures make for great inspirational quotes and are a great way to spread positivity or faith within the household. While there are many different ways to display these inspirational quotes, using them as wall art makes for a great form of house decoration.

It will be an excellent idea to cover your walls in the style that you want to display, but add that spiritual touch to your home. These quotes can be painted on or even come in stickers that can be easily displayed. Or, you can use wooden boards where the quotes are written on and hung on the wall.

Showing your faith through art is a lot easier than you might think. While you can hang crosses to share your faith, there are so many other creative ideas that you can use to display your beliefs and share your favorite parts with those around you. It can also be used as a practical way to remind yourself of the Lord’s kindness and blessings or welcome others into your home.