Behind the Wheel: Exploring the Factors of Driver Fatigue in St. Louis, Missouri 

Behavior is an important thing to ensure safety when driving a semi-truck. What if the truck driver is overtired? Or what if the truck driver is ill? Then, these questions would result in a serious truck accident as they would be unfocused on the road. Not conditioning yourself before driving a vehicle or a truck would impose danger. 

Driver Fatigue in St. Louis is a prevalent case that resulted in a truck accident in Missouri. If you have been involved in a semi-truck accident due to fatigue, contact a truck accident lawyer near Missouri to pull off your case and get compensation. Let’s discuss the reasons for fatigue resulting in truck accidents.

Driver fatigue is a significant contributor to the semi-truck accident, as it is a long-haul trucking scenario. Thus, in the case of an accident in St. Louis, Missouri, several causes of fatigue are listed below: 

Long Hours Driving

Truck drivers are advised to meet the deadline for transporting goods to the supplier. That’s why truck drivers were pressured to make the transportation of goods go immediately to the supplier without having a rest. Thus, long hours of driving occur when the driver is sleepy and does not have time to pay attention to the road. That’s why the accident happened. 

Irregular sleep patterns

Due to the nature of the work of the truck drivers, they did not have a regular sleeping pattern. Wherein, they will have a shifting of schedule as the schedule is demanding in transportation goods or products. Thus, they will have a graveyard shift that will disrupt their normal sleeping pattern and make it impossible to focus on the road.

Pressure to meet deadlines 

Their owner would require them to meet the deadline, and they were strict about meeting deadlines to transport the goods as the reputation of the business would be compromised. Therefore, the owner would incentivize their employee to meet the deadlines, even risking their sleep and rest. Thus, this also leads to accidents, as they will be pressured to deliver the items without having enough rest. 

Poor Health and Lifestyle Factors

Their health would be sacrificed if they did not get enough nutrition from their food. Thus, it will make them unwell while driving a truck. Since they are driving a truck, they do not have exercise to do but just sit for a long time while driving. This would pave the way to create an exercise routine for the truck drivers to provide them with good wellbeing while driving a truck.

Undiagnosed Sleep Disorder 

Other truck drivers would experience illness regarding sleeping or resting as they have an irregular pattern of sleep. This should be taken into action if their sleeping is not normal, as prevention is always a must. They should consult their doctor if they have a sleep disorder. 


Truck drivers must pay attention to what their bodies are demanding, as if they did not care about their health or well-being, an accident would surely come to them. Furthermore, a good body condition would allow the transportation of material or goods to meet the deadline, as there could not be any trouble on the road. Avoid these kinds of causes that make you feel uncomfortable and unfocused on the road. However, if you get involved in a fatigue truck accident, consulting a truck accident lawyer would be the best option.