Do Front Brakes Wear Faster Than Rear?

Safe stopping power is a crucial part of your overall vehicle safety system. You have your brake system to thank for this, particularly your brake pads and rotors. As you look for an affordable brake pad and rotor replacement cost, learn more about the common causes of wear and what you can do to prevent excessive brake pad wear.

Front brakes wear down more quickly than rear ones. This mainly has to do with inertia. As your car comes to a halt, the weight transfer in the front puts more stress and strain on your front brakes. There are many wear factors, but in normal driving conditions your front brakes can wear out twice or three times as fast as your rear ones.

What Causes Brake Pad Wear?

Brakes are designed to turn kinetic energy into heat energy. When your wheels are spinning very quickly and you force them to come to a complete stop, it results in a significant amount of heat. All that heat is applied to friction pads in your brake system. Brake pads and shoes are therefore common wear items on your vehicle. This might also affect your serpentine belt. Make sure to read about it from Southwest Performance Parts to avoid this and to know some adjustments you need to take for this.

High-speed braking causes more wear than slower stops. Pressing both the accelerator and brake pedal at the same time is another common cause of excessive brake pad wear. If you have a damaged brake caliper, the pad may be held too close to the rotor. You may hear a slight squealing sound as the brake pad is dragged across your rotor and quickly wears down.

You can’t completely prevent a brake pad replacement task, but you can extend the lifetime of your brakes. Explore common brake pad wear issues to see how you can prevent them and extend the lifetime of these auto parts.

How To Prevent Brake Pad Wear

One great tip is to slow down and drive cautiously. If you can prevent high-speed braking and aggressive use of your brakes, you’ll go a long way in increasing the lifetime of these parts. Try to slow your car down before coming to a complete stop, rather than slamming on the brakes at the last minute.

Another common issue is an overloaded vehicle. Added weight creates more inertia, which translates to more heat energy as your brakes are activated. Remove any unnecessary items from your vehicle as you travel to cut down on brake wear.

Check your brake pedal and consider whether it’s performing the same as usual. An overly stiff or soft braking experience could be caused by sticking calipers or contaminated brake fluid. The rest of your brake system needs to be fully maintained to get the most lifetime out of your brake pads.

Where To Turn for Affordable Brake Pads

While these strategies can extend the lifetime of your brakes, there’s nothing you can do to make them last forever. When you experience braking difficulties, hear metallic grinding or see your brake pads are at 25% of their original thickness, it’s time to order new brakes.

Shop for brake pads online or at a nearby auto parts store to receive quality maintenance parts at great prices. Check out the latest coupons such as AutoZone coupons to see how you can save money on name-brand components.