4 Types of Furniture That Sell The Most

Are you considering selling your furniture? The most successful removal always implies selling at least some items, or it better should. Whenever you decide to let go of furniture, you’ll need to buy some new pieces. You can then buy some well-designed customized furniture that fits your needs as this website provides.

With selling the old, you already have part of the amount for new items in your pocket. And why should you not sell furniture you don’t want any longer? As long as it’s in good shape, you’ll certainly earn some bucks. You may upcycle old items and sell them for even more instead of doing a furniture removal or having to get rid of unsellable furniture.

1. How to Determine the Price Tag

As a general rule of thumb, it’s safe to say that it usually sells for about 70 % of what you initially paid for it. However, its value is also determined by its general condition, says Amart Furniture. A sofa with stains is unlikely to get you the 70 % or a table at which legs your cat had some fun.

Any furniture items with serious damage like pets tend to be unsellable. Unless you can repair it, it’s probably best to have some furniture removal guys deal with it. 

Additional factors for your furniture would be its brand and its age. Furniture from the Swedish furniture store is unlikely to earn you a lot when selling. The same goes for any other furniture item in the lower price segment. You can expect to only get 50 % of its original price but have to be prepared for bartering and get even less.

However, if it’s a furniture item that’s received some sort of cult status and isn’t manufactured anymore, the price rises. 

The older your furniture is and has remained in good condition, you’ll get more again. It’s a well-known fact that antiquities sell the most. Should you have furniture that’s at least half a century old, you will be able to sell it for a bit more. It might be well worth it to give it a new finish to sell it faster and earn more. Unfortunately, you can only apply a new finish to furniture made of real wood.

2. This Furniture Retain the Best Value

Sofas are an item no one can live without. Be it just a love seat or a larger sofa, everyone needs it. New sofas aren’t usually on the lower end. The cheapest new sofas are still somewhere around 400 or 500 Dollars. 

People prefer to buy a sofa second-hand that’s in good condition then a cheap one costing more than the used version. Keep in mind, stains will drastically lower the price of your sofa. If you consider selling it for furniture removal, attempt to clean stains first. Though there’s probably nothing you could do if your pet relieved itself on it. Please do not even consider donating such a sofa. The odors of pet urine on sofas are hard to remove.

Dressers also sell the best for furniture removal. The more unique your dresser looks, the more you’ll eventually earn. Tables and chairs join the list along with armchairs. You can consider any furniture item that everyone needs as something that’s likelier to sell. Shelves, on the other hand, will probably not sell as well. Even though people need shelves, you can get rather cheap ones from the store. 

Among items that retain the best value is one exception: beds. A bed is quite a personal furniture item and it depends on quite a lot on taste as to how fast you can sell it. You might be lucky to sell an old bed within two days or it may sit a while. This is why many people invest in high quality solid wood bed frames such as Amish beds.

3. Add Value to Your Old Furniture

Do you have any furniture that’s made of proper wood? We’re pointing to the real wood furniture, not the fake stuff with veneers. The finish of wooden furniture may not look as nice anymore over time. As long it doesn’t have veneer, you can easily sand it down and apply a new finish. Your old item will look as good as new and sell for even more for furniture removal. 

Check out the latest furniture trends and do something different for its finish. It doesn’t always have to be a simple finish. Bright colors to give it a unique artistic appearance might do the trick. Alternatively, you can opt for the shabby look. Even though you apply a new finish you intentionally make it look older than it is. The shabby look has been around for a while and it’s still trending. 

4. Which Items Are Unsellable?

It’s rather easy to determine if your old furniture is unsellable. The more scratches and stains it’s got, the more it moves into the ‘unsellable’ section. The same applies to furniture that’s about to fall apart. For unsellable furniture, you’ve got two options: donation and getting in touch with a furniture removal service.

Offer It For Free

Donate it. You can offer it for free if it’s generally usable. Maybe someone else would love to repair it for his purpose. You could attempt offering it for free on buying and sell groups on social media or on specific freecycle groups. Someone else will add value to it if you don’t have the time or can’t be bothered.

Get the experts in to deal with it

Always consider hiring a team of professionals. Furniture removal services make it rather easy for you to get rid of unsellable or unwanted furniture items. You’ll only have to give them a ring and schedule a pick-up. Should any of your items generally still be in good shape, they will offer them to charities.

You know, pretty much all furniture removal services have teamed up with charities. To avoid adding even more to landfills, they always attempt to donate first what they hauled out. 

Parting Words On Selling Item To Avoid Furniture Removal

It saves you the hassle to offer your furniture online and wait for someone to pick it up. You could certainly also attempt to contact charities yourself, but they usually don’t take furniture that’s got too many dents, scratches, or stains. Whatever can’t be donated, the furniture removal service will make sure to recycle. 

So take your time and make the right preparations for the project. Letting go of that beloved furniture is not easy, but it will be the better solution. Good luck!