How to Get A Slovenian Passport: Reviews on Union Permits

Slovenia is a country of opportunities to realize oneself as a good worker, businessman, and an excellent specialist at the international level.

Considering that the Slovenian economic freedom index is 70.5, which makes its economy the 32nd freest in the 2022 Index, many immigrants are trying to move here and run their businesses. However, there are other reasons why people want to relocate. Amongst them: calm life, high level of ecological care, beneficial education, etc.

Union Permits, is a reliable company, which helps immigrants become Slovenian citizens in the quickest possible way. Reviews about the company, and nuances in cooperation with them you will find below.

Reviews on Union Permits

Reviews about the company are mostly positive. People acknowledge well-organized and trustworthy experts and their expertise can be proven by the following facts. For example, the procedure can be handled just in case the agreement about cooperation is signed; the process can proceed, if the lawyers prepare all the documents, and submit them to the authorities on the clients’ behalf.

In the reviews, it was also mentioned fast registering, because the process of obtaining an EU passport with Union Permits takes maximum a year.

Union Permits reviews

Detailed overview of registering Slovenian citizenship with Union Permits

The procedure which the lawyers suggest its clients try is repatriation. In accordance with the requirements, to be able to use such a procedure, an applicant should have all the proofs of its territorial affiliation.

Slovenian citizenship with the support of Union Permits can be handled in a few steps, which are:

1. Signing the agreement. It is the main step that should be done to start cooperation with the lawyers;

2. Collection of papers by experts. In fact, if the client does not have the documents, the lawyers will help him to find them in the repositories;

3. Submitting the documents to Upravna Enota. The procedure can be done by the experts on the clients’ behalf, if the customer has signed the power of attorney;

4. Taking the oath. Lawyers provide clients with the papers for preparing for the ceremony. The proof of a successfully passed procedure is a citizenship certificate.

5. Registering documents. Experts also assist clients in the registration of ID-card and all needed Slovenian certificates.

Short review of Union Permits

As independent experts, we analyzed all the information about, which we could find on the Internet. There are a lot of reviews which showed us, that the company has customers from all around the world and with different and specific goals. However, the company handled all the cases.