6 New Hobbies to Try Out in Retirement

After many years of working hard and going above and beyond for your family, you deserve a chance to enjoy your retirement. For some that may mean laying on a beach somewhere for a while or taking an RV on a long road trip. Those are great activities, but if you still find that you need more, then try a hobby.

Many of the countless hobbies can keep you in good shape, improve your mental health, and give you purpose, so you have a reason to wake up every day smiling.

Finding a Hobby Means Finding Purpose

There are plenty of reasons why hobbies can give you purpose as a retiree. For one, everyone needs a reason to wake up each morning, and when you don’t have a job to drive to each day, that can be harder to achieve. Hobbies give you a reason to throw off the sheets when the alarm rings and take on the day. Many other activities can also help you connect with others — whether it be with your family, your community, or even new friends.

You can also discover hidden talents through your hobbies. Perhaps you always wanted to learn to play the guitar, but you simply didn’t have time with your job and responsibilities. This would be a time to try and see if you have what it takes to play a song and find a new passion in your life.

Some hobbies, like woodworking and arts and crafts, give you something to hold and offer to others, so you can earn some extra income. That may be just what you need when you have fewer income streams. The point is that you never know what you’ll like, so be curious.

Here are some hobby ideas to get you started:

1. Walking and Hiking

After being cooped up in an office or worksite for all these years, it’s time to get outside and see the splendor of our wonderful world. A nice walk allows you to get outside, breathe fresh air, and have fun identifying the plants and animals you see. Nature walks are incredible for your physical and mental health because as you move, you’re subconsciously brought back to a more natural place where your worries seem to melt away.

At some point, you may kick things up a notch and try hiking at various forest preserves and national parks around the country, which is even more rewarding.

2. Train For a Race

You can’t completely fight off the aches and pains that come with time. But if you continue walking, lifting light weights, prioritizing cardio, and generally staying fit, you’ll feel great and keep your immune system in check so you get sick less often.

Some people need a goal to stay in shape, which could include getting to a certain weight target or lifting a particular weight. Another idea is to train for a race or a marathon. You don’t need to win first place, but participating lets you look forward to and boast about with your friends.

3. Homebrewing, Distilling, and Aging Alcohol

If you enjoy a good beer or you want to make drinks for your friends in your basement bar, then homebrewing is another great hobby that can keep you occupied during retirement. This craft has been around for thousands of years, and you can join the culture and make a tasty brew out of a few ingredients and some time.

When you get into homebrewing, you’ll need to purchase specific equipment, including a fermenter, a brew pot, and a heat source, like a turkey fryer. You’ll also need to buy ingredients, from barley to yeast and bacteria. You can look up recipes and methods online or speak to your homebrewing friends and make a delicious beer in your own home.

There are other similar processes you may enjoy, such as distilling, where you use a bit of science to purify your alcohol to a desired point. You can also try your hand at aging alcohol, which is when you store spirits in barrels to eliminate the harsh flavors and create a distinct taste. These are all unique talents that you could do for fun or as a side gig to earn extra money.

4. Learn a New Subject or Head Back To School

Now that you have a bit more free time, maybe this is your chance to expand your mind and learn more about a subject you’ve had some interest in or something completely different. You’re never too old to learn.

You can read books at the library about your chosen topic, go back to school online, or take night classes. You don’t need to go overboard. Take as many courses as you want, or pick and choose when you have time. You could parlay that new knowledge into a side hustle like a blogging career where you write about what you learned on your personal website.

5. Travel

If you’ve ever had a passion for seeing the world, this is the time to take advantage and go to the countries you’ve imagined in your dreams all these years. There’s so much gorgeous architecture to behold around the globe, so bring your camera and your sense of wonder. You’ll learn about new cultures and meet fascinating people along the way.

Being amongst that beauty really makes you think about the wonder of the world and your place in it. Trying new destinations can help you grow as a person, regardless of your age, so it’s worth the price of a plane ticket.

6. Gardening

A fun hobby that’s brimming with perks is gardening. You choose what you want to grow, have a blast buying the seeds and the equipment, and then get to work. Gardening is great for your physical health because of the movement required. You’ll be lifting heavy objects, getting up and down from the ground regularly, and more.

There’s also an incredible mental health component because when you can see a small seed that you planted erupt into an amazing flower or vegetable, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment that you won’t get anywhere else.

Gardening can also be an incredible social activity you can do with your grandkids or significant other while creating great memories. If you don’t have space at your home, you can go to a community garden in town, rent a slot, and grow your vegetables while talking with your friends and meeting new people.


These are just a handful of the fulfilling hobbies you can try while enjoying your retirement years, so try one or several. By expanding your mind and exercising your body, you can live out your best years in incredible splendor.