7 Modern-Day Living Room Design Concepts to Try

House decor trends are always changing, and the style that everyone is going for right now is “modern!” It works so well because it’s a broad genre of design so it can be used to fit any room while also adding some variety. It doesn’t really follow a set template; instead, it involves various art movements, including Eclecticism, Rustic, Bohemian, and Minimalism, just to name a few. So what are some modern concepts you could add to your living room?

1. Environment-Forward Rustic

The great thing about this aesthetic is that you can include any Oak Living Room Furniture that you may already have. Rustic living rooms tend to be eco-friendly because they focus on natural materials and upcycled antiques. The keynotes to focus on are wood accents, a neutral palette, comforting textiles, and soft furnishing.

2. Modern Coastal

Coastal design takes in references from the ocean without it being too literal. Choose patterns that are ripply in nature to resemble water; use sand-like colors in your palette, and use glass-like clear elements to round out the aesthetics of the room. The furniture pieces should be low-profile and there should be clean lines all around.

3. Focusing On Minimalism

Modern minimalism usually focuses on clean lines and a uniform color scheme to draw everything together. Minimalism also tends to espouse “no clutter,” forcing you to be choosy with what decor you want to include in a room. Everything in the room is drawn together with an accent piece, such as a sofa or a piece of art.

4. Going Tropical

If you really want to go for a pop of color, then tropical is definitely the way to go. The best way to accomplish this look is to go with bright, solid colors for your furniture and rugs. Use plush rug textures and leaf prints on fabrics or wall decor to finish out the look.

5. Calm And Collected Modern Design

Not all modern living rooms have to be about bold statements and accent pieces. You can create a calm and collected atmosphere by using white and gray as your main colors. Add some natural elements, such as wood or metal, to make this neutral palette stand out even more. You could even add an oversized coffee table to make the room look even more spacious.

6. Going For A Bohemian Style

What’s fascinating about the Bohemian style is that you can use as many or as few colors as you like; there are no rules to follow. Bohemian involves playing with different textures and patterns, usually focusing on ethnic weaves. Use bold paintings on the walls to add an even more eclectic flair.

7. Using What You Already Have

It’s easy to add a modern aesthetic to the decor you already have. Add a few low-profile furniture pieces or a modern light fixture, and you’ll start to notice the difference. Of course, you want everything to blend together, so try to use elements that work with what you already have.

Trying to achieve the modern aesthetic isn’t difficult if you exercise the patience to curate the pieces you’re looking at. If you still need help, feel free to contact your local interior designer to help you find pieces that you’ll love.