The New Home Office Trend: Build Your Own Desk

Many businesses are now offering a flexible approach to working practises, so employees can choose to work between home and the office. Some people much prefer working from home, while others enjoy the buzz of office work. Remote working provides a better work-life balance and allows employees to find a work routine that works for them.

If you are working remotely for the foreseeable future, it’s time to build a workspace at home. You don’t need an entire spare room to make it into your office – an empty corner will do just the trick. You need a comfortable chair, a practical desk and a few decorative touches.

Browse through a few magazines and Pinterest boards to find your dream home office style. You could opt for an industrial style desk with metal accents or a country-chic approach with distressed paint.

Instead of spending money on a brand-new desk, you could build one yourself. Customise your desk to fit your body, posture, and the space available.

The tools you need

To build your own desk, you will need a few power tools and some materials to work with. You will need a measuring tape, 2×6 boards, sandpaper, wood glue, screws, stain and a cordless jigsaw to cut shapes and curves into the wood. If you’re new to DIY, you will need to thoroughly read the instructions and safety guide before starting your project.

How to build a desk

First up, you need to measure the area where you will be putting the desk. Get your measuring tape out and write down the measurements from one end of the workspace to another. You could build your desk to fit into an obscure corner of your home to make use of the extra space. Make sure to measure every section of the space and double-check your measurements before you begin cutting materials.

Your desk needs to be a practical size. It needs to be tall enough for your fit your legs under and large enough for your computer, desk light and stationery. Typically, desks are around 29-30 inches high and come in various lengths and depths.

Cut your wood to the dimensions and sand the pieces down to prepare it for paint or stain. Make sure the type of wood matches the style you are going for and will withstand the test of time. There’s no point going to the trouble of making your own desk if the wood is going to splinter and wear in a few years.

Glue your boards together and begin cutting the desk legs from the 2×4 boards. Or, you could purchase pre-made desk legs to make your life a little easier. Finally, attach the legs to your desk using screws and place them in the desired space.

If you want to get a little more creative, you could paint your desk, stain the wood, and add unique features.