4 Reasons Why People Are Lured Into Buying a Timeshare

The global pandemic changed the way people view life. They recognize a person can be here one minute and gone the next. Many businesses closed and never reopened, people lost their jobs and had to find new employment, and more. Sadly, some industries found a way to benefit from the crisis.

Timeshare developers refused to give men and women a break during the pandemic. They capitalized on the hardships of others by foreclosing on properties and more. Today, many people who managed to hang onto their timeshares are now asking, “how do i get out of a timeshare?” For those who don’t own this type of vacation property, the focus turns to learning how to avoid getting sucked into this money trap. How do timeshare companies draw people in initially?

Impulse Buys

Timeshare developers put on presentations that attract people. They highlight the benefits of timeshares without ever mentioning the drawbacks. They take advantage of uninformed consumers, knowing that once a person learns how much a timeshare will truly cost them, they will run in the opposite direction.

What appears on the surface to be an easy way to have regular vacations at affordable prices is actually a nightmare, and people who buy these timeshares quickly come to regret their decisions.

Full Presentations

Timeshare developers spend a lot of money to hire charismatic people to sell their products. They know that it is difficult to get people to show up for a timeshare presentation, so they look for men and women who could sell ice to an Eskimo and hire them to sell their timeshare.

When approaching people, the salesperson convinces the individual that they have a limited-time opportunity that only a select number of people have access to. The goal is to make a target feel special, and these individuals are good at doing so. When the guest arrives at the presentation, they see a large group waiting to learn more and think they are getting an amazing opportunity they won’t want to miss out on.

Free Incentives

One tactic frequently used by timeshare companies is free incentives. They tell a person that they will get something free just for taking part in the presentation. In many cases, the free incentives are gift certificates or premiums the person must redeem. To benefit from the incentive, the person must go through several steps.

If they don’t do each step exactly right, they won’t get the incentive. Many people become frustrated and simply give up. The timeshare has lost nothing and possibly gained a new owner by offering the incentive.

The Cancellation Process

Most people who purchase timeshares don’t know they can cancel the purchase during the rescission period. Doing so voids the transaction. However, a person must cancel the purchase within a specified period, usually three to 15 days.

If a person doesn’t know they have this option, they become responsible for all costs associated with the timeshare. Developers know this and try to lure people in without sharing this information, which is why many states have put this rescission period in place.

Timeshare developers are expert marketers. They know how to make their products appealing to a wide range of people. When doing so, they emphasize the benefits while hiding any drawbacks. Learn from the mistakes of others and avoid purchasing a timeshare without doing extensive research. This research will prevent you from making a purchase that will cause headaches years into the future.