Personal Trainer Certification: Choosing The Right One For You

With the increase in awareness about health and wellness, more fitness gyms are being established every day. This suggests that there is an increase in demand for qualified personal fitness trainers to assist the clientele. Regardless of whether the client’s goals are weight-loss oriented or athletics-based, a personal trainer is crucial in showing the right way to achieve their goals.

Besides, being a personal trainer has its perks. From flexible working hours, great income potential, and helping people, working as a fitness trainer can be deeply rewarding. This career allows people to shape others’ lives with the bonus of remaining healthy.

The first step in becoming a successful personal fitness trainer is getting a credible certificate. With the fitness industry lacking a unified governing organization, there are many certification courses for one to pick from. This article discusses the most credible certifications out there and why you should choose them.

Choosing Your Certification

Prior to enrolling for a certification course, a few things should be kept in mind so that one can make the most of the program. In order to exploit the resources available for studying, be sure to choose a course that is complementary to your educational background. This way, the existing knowledge base will aid in the acquisition and polishing of new skills. Also, pick a course in accordance with the time available for studying.

Certain gyms have specifications regarding the certification of their trainers. Therefore, applying for a course with an establishment in mind is ideal as it increases the chance of employment. Moreover, assisting an established trainer at their place of work while studying will help in seeing the application of theory in real-time.

Another benefit of shadowing a professional is that it helps in gaining experience and a client base. Also, before choosing a certification course, it is essential to note that the clients look for trainers who can bring out results. The legitimacy of the certification is equally important. Thus, meeting these criteria will boost any fitness trainer’s career immensely.

Top Personal Trainer Certifications

American Council on Exercise

ACE is a top-tier accreditation for personal trainers in the US. Recognized by the NCCA, ACE is especially known for the specialization courses it offers.

Students can opt to get other credentials like specialization in medical exercise, elderly fitness, and behavior change, along with the basic certification. This certification course offers training based on scientific research. Since they offer high-quality training, the chances of employment are also high.

Also, with the training spanning four to five months, both through live and online support, the learning process is made simple for the student. With the need for recertification every two years, this course ensures that the people with this certification remain up to date with the changes in the industry.

If you have a bunch of friends interested, then be sure to check out the ACE Group Fitness Certification.

International Sports Sciences Association

With a course duration of ten weeks, the ISSA certification is a course that gives a general insight into personal training. Including specializations in senior fitness, youth fitness, sports nutrition, and so much more, this qualification is apt for highly professional settings.

Even though it is not recognized by the NCCA, the ISSA has a great reputation in the field of fitness. Completing this course helps in kickstarting a career in health by providing the students with a professionally designed website without added expenses. Moreover, they offer a 60-day job guarantee and unlimited support from the instructors even after completion of the course.

This course is ideal for those who want to establish their own fitness businesses immediately after certification. Additionally, the course has an ample amount of study materials, and even a student-operated online forum to help the students.

National Academy of Sports Medicine

NASM is another leading certification for personal trainers in the US. With the key features of the curriculum being evidence-based and easy to understand materials, this certification focuses on stabilization and strength endurance, muscle mass formation, maximal strength, and power in fitness training.

By picking this course, the student can choose their own mode of studying, that is, the course can be completed through various modes of studying suited for different learning styles. Besides, it also ensures that the applicants get eighty hours of practical experience at a gym.

With a duration of three to four months, this course offers rigorous training and mentor help for learners who need it. It is also an ideal foundation course in fitness training.

National Strength and Conditioning Association

NSCA is yet another sought-after certification and it spans across the duration of 3.5 months. Well known for their performance-based regimens and strength conditioning programs, this course is perfect for aspiring trainers who wish to collaborate with athletes.

This certification also allows the trainer to help clients with special needs like pregnant individuals, diabetic patients, and people with heart conditions. The course material focuses on crucial knowledge in fields like physiology and anatomy, making the trainers more well-equipped for professional settings.

Being one of the more affordable options in fitness training certification, this course also offers hands-on training and various modes of study.

American College of Sports Medicine

Considered as one of the more difficult trainer’s accreditations, the ACSM personal trainer’s course lasts for five to six months. The course also provides rigorous coursework that is based on scientific standards and research.

Nurturing important skills like client consultation, assessment of the clients’ fitness, creating exercise plans, legal and professional ethics, the course boosts the opportunities for employment for an entry-level trainer. This course also teaches its students how to consider medical history, fitness goals, injuries, and exercise preferences before creating an exercise regimen for the client.

This certification ensures that the trainers remain updated about the fitness industry and build their work based on research. It is also one of the most affordable certifications out there.

Put Your Knowledge To Good Use

The above certifications give its students a basic skillset, adequate knowledge, and tools to become a thriving personal fitness trainer. It is important to get certified before getting out there into the field so that your work meets a specific standard and remains legitimate.

Since fitness is an ever-changing industry, getting more than one type of accreditation is only going to benefit one’s career. Multiple certifications also allow the trainer to cater better to the clients’ needs. Hence, pick and train well for a course that suits the skills you possess and your plans for the future.