4 Interesting Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom This Year

A bathroom remodel is one of the best home renovation projects that you could do. If done well, it can make your home more valuable and ensure that the space is functional, attractive, and it flows well with the rest of the house. That said, it’s best for you to find the right professional to help you get the job done professionally and safely.

If you’re unsure about what some of the specific bathroom remodels that you can do are, have a look below to see four ideas.

1. Get Better Fixtures

The fixtures in your bathroom may seem like they don’t have a big role to play, but they do. When you go to a home improvement store and have a look at the options that are available, you’ll see just why this is. Modern fixtures such as taps and shower heads may have a larger variety to choose from, and they’re also going to be more durable if you pick those that are high quality.

You can also check durability by finding out if the manufacturers offer a warranty. This is based on the fact that most companies actually offer a three to 10-year warranty, according to Home Guide. While smaller fixtures may not be worth getting a warranty for, more expensive ones will be. For these ones, make sure that you pick those that fit the overall theme of your bathroom and you’ll see the difference that they make.

2. Upgrade the Floor

The floor of your bathroom is another area that you can upgrade when thinking of bathroom remodels to make. If you’re one of the 25% of homeowners who choose a transitional-style bathroom, according to Houzz, you can look for a floor that works with this style. Make sure that you get a floor that’s hard-wearing and that’s not likely to be damaged by water.

The best floor should also be one that’s easy to clean when it gets dirty, as well as one that doesn’t get extremely slippery and hazardous when wet. Pick a color that will hold the entire space properly together so that you don’t have to change other elements in the bathroom that you may not have needed to change just so that the space has a good flow.

3. Refresh the Plumbing

The bathroom is one of the two spaces in a home that needs to have good plumbing at all times. This makes it a good idea to give the plumbing an upgrade when you do a renovation of the space.

This may be an extensive project to undertake, and it’s also one that will need you to only work with a professional so you can get a good outcome. It will be entirely worth it in the end, however. That’s because a homeowner can make back at least 66% of the cost of a bathroom remodel when they sell the house, according to Remodeler Magazine.

4. Upgrade the Cabinets

The final upgrade that you should think of making to your bathroom during a remodel is to give the cabinets an upgrade. This may call for something as minor as painting them and changing details such as the knobs. It could also be as major as installing new cabinets that may be bigger or be in a different area in the bathroom. The specifics of this are all going to depend on the needs you have for both storage and appearance in your bathroom, so plan the changes out in order to do a good job.

These are four of the interesting ways in which you can remodel your bathroom during your home improvement this year. You can be sure that your bathroom will look and feel a lot better in the end. With a good plan, you won’t have to break the bank either, as you can do the remodels at a pace that works out well for you.