Top 5 Small Cities to Live in Texas

Out of all US states, Texas is one of the most preferred relocation destinations for newcomers. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because there is something about the Lone Star State that no other country can offer. From its delicious food and hot temperature to the low cost of living and excellent job opportunities, it seems like Texas is so much more than cowboy boots and country music. Texas has a business-friendly climate, which has seen major companies relocate to the state. Immigrants can easily start a Texas LLC and other types of businesses.

While most people choose to live in the state’s metropolitan cities, others move to the country’s smaller cities to experience the true Texan lifestyle. These towns, whether they are located near a major city or out in the countryside, are known for their warmth and hospitality and can suit anyone’s lifestyle.

They are perfect for families, retirees and professionals who are looking for peace and coziness while staying close to the state’s metropolitan areas.  

Here are five small towns you should consider living in Texas.

1. Mesquite

Mesquite is a small suburban city that is located in Dallas County. It is a very popular option for newcomers because of its low cost of living compared to other similar cities throughout the region. Whether you choose to live in a house or rent one of those cozy Mesquite TX apartments in the area, your living expenses will be much lower here.

Also, this city is big on rodeo, so if you want to experience the real Texan lifestyle, then you can find it all at Resistol Arena where Mesquite ProRodeo takes place.

2. Keller

A city that welcomes both young professionals and growing families is Keller. This town is part of the Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex, making it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a peaceful neighborhood that is also close to a major city.

Besides this, Keller is a family-friendly city thanks to the excellent public schools, low crime rates and lots of recreational activities to do. Whether you enjoy walking the park, going antique shopping or hitting up the farmers’ market, then you won’t be disappointed in Keller if you choose it as your future hometown.

3. Sugar Land

Sugar Land is located in southeast Texas near Houston and is one of the most appealing smaller cities in the state. It is a beautiful town with a lot to offer in a variety of areas. It is also great for families with children as some of the state’s top schools are located right here.

The only downside of living in Sugar Land is that the housing prices are a bit higher compared to other cities. However, that shouldn’t be discouraging because if you can afford them, all other necessary expenses will still be below the national average.

4. Fredericksburg

Another small town that should definitely make it on your list is Fredericksburg. This city is located in central Texas and it features a European feel which adds a totally new dimension to the South. It is a very nice and quiet town where you can decompress from life and relax amidst the picturesque Hill Country.

The most popular Main Street includes all kinds of fun novelty shops, restaurants and quirky stores where you can try out some delicious Texas gourmet foods. Also, if you are a huge wine fan, then you should check out some of Fredericksburg’s most popular wineries and vineyards.

5. Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs is a small city that is located in the county of Hays. It is quite charming due to its breathtaking views over Hill Country and has that sparse suburban feel as it offers lots of amenities so you don’t need to drive to major cities nearby like Austin. 

What also makes it great is that it balances its small-town vibe with an array of activities that can suit everyone’s taste. Whether you want to hit up the stores in Belterra Village Shopping Center or take a refreshing dip in the Hamilton Pool Preserve, you don’t have to worry about living a dull life in this beautiful city.

Final thoughts

Texas is undoubtedly one of the most diverse and unique states in the US. With its colorful individualism, delicious barbecue, scenic landscapes and excellent quality of life, there is something about this state that leaves everyone in awe.

While the state’s major cities are attractive for newcomers, the best way to get a taste of the real Texan feel is to check out some of the best small towns in Texas. Each one offers something special so it can suit anyone’s taste.

For more information, read our post and choose the city that best matches your needs.