Advantages of Strategic IT Partnership for Business

IT Strategic Partnership

Oftentimes companies that need to implement an IT project without their own developers turn to outsourcers. Thus, businesses delegate tasks to an experienced team without spending money on hiring employees, buying equipment and renting an office. In recent years, outsourcing has been evolving into a new relationship format — strategic IT partnership. Let’s consider what are the advantages of such cooperation and why this format is becoming more and more popular among businesses.

The relevance of strategic IT partnership

With conventional IT outsourcing, the customer company delegates tasks to other organizations. Sometimes several service providers are hired to perform various types of work. At the same time, more and more companies are choosing the format of strategic IT partnership.

Enterprises are trying to keep up with the rapidly changing competitive market, so they need a technical consultant who will take control of all IT functions. You can delegate the following powers to a strategic partner:

  • marketing tasks: SEO, social media management, email marketing,
  • infrastructure management: support service, network and device monitoring,
  • web development from project management services to integration,
  • tasks of digital transformation and ecosystem building, etc.

Thus, instead of several suppliers, the customer gets one reliable IT partner who uses personal technical experience to improve the business as it grows.

Advantages of strategic IT partnership

Strategic IT partnership is seen not only as a way to reduce costs – different companies are interested in it for several reasons:

  • Unified IT Partner

One partner performs all the agreed tasks – from software development to technical support and consulting. Thus, all the work is in the hands of a proven IT company that knows the specifics of your business. Thus, your IT partner is more responsible for the project and is more involved in it.

  • Full immersion of the IT partner in the business

The IT partner shares the company’s responsibility for achieving its business goals. This helps organizations scale and enter new markets without losses in quality. Any reliable IT partner supports the growth of your business at all stages of cooperation.

  • Risk diversification

Strategic IT partnership is based on mutual trust. The company warns its client about possible risks in order to resolve issues faster. In turn, open and frequent communication helps to find a way out of difficult situations in a timely manner.

  • Established processes

Close cooperation between strategic partners allows both to debug processes and introduce new methods of work. For example, combining Agile with DevOps ensures regular and fast release cycles. Partners can debug this mechanism at the beginning of cooperation and continue working on a proven model without wasting time on organizing subsequent projects.


Strategic IT partnership helps companies to use investment capital profitably. The client receives a reliable technical consultant in the person of an IT company, which saves time, money and helps to raise the business to a new level.

Only a close technological partnership will help enterprises meet the needs of the modern volatile and competitive market. If you need an IT partner, check this website. Andersen is ready to offer long-term cooperation in various fields: from digital development to project management services and technical support.

We will help you transform your business by introducing effective technologies and progressive methods of operating.