Tech Training Essential For Teachers

In the last year, the UK has turned towards digital services like never before. Lockdown and the closure of non-essential retail, hospitality and recreation venues lead us to make purchases online and connecting via technology with our nearest and dearest.

This sudden turn to a digital world might have been a shock for some. But technology and computing companies such as OKdo have quietly been preparing for this digital revolution. With their computer technology already being used to teach children in schools.

Many teachers have not been taught this tech. To fully prepare our children for a digital future, teachers must be trained in tech. Richard Curtin, Co-Founder of OKdo explains why teaching tech to teachers is essential:

“There is in education the need for very low cost, accessible and easy to use technology to be put in the hands of students. But it is also important that educators and teachers feel comfortable and confident to use and teach that technology.”

Teachers need to feel confident and emboldened when teaching our kids. Passing on this confidence is an essential part of the learning experience for children. Curtin went on to explain what happens when teachers feel unsure about what they are teaching.

“We had some experience where we have worked with educators where they’ve been given a single board computer, and it’s been too complicated that they’re scared to use it and that means the children are also scared to use it, and they don’t get that opportunity to learn.”

Curtin does not feel that it is solely the responsibility of teachers to seek training. As we head towards an increasingly digital future, Curtin believes technology companies have to shoulder the responsibility of training educators too.

“I really do feel like it’s important that OKdo and other technology companies support educators and teachers in that learning process. ”

Prioritising technology training for our educators will no doubt help our children in their future careers. Developer and programming jobs are now some of the most lucrative career choices around. To encourage children to seek out careers in these fields we need inspiring educators to encourage them.

The digital revolution may have come suddenly for some. Not soon enough for others. Our educators should not be forgotten when it comes to tech training. Teaching our children and their teachers how to work with tech will only help them to succeed in the future.