6 Valuable Things You Should Know Before Start Learning Electric Guitar


Before you start taking a tour of your new passion for learning electric guitar, it’s better to understand the related scenarios.

It’s not like you buy an electric guitar today and complete your task within one month and become a good guitar player. This is not as easy as you think. Playing the guitar is a dream for many, but not all are good players. 

Most guitarists only can play the basics or some particular songs. This is just an initial habit in which people come forward with theory instincts. However, this is not very artistic to see. 

Anyone can play a song if they practice with a guitar for some days, but that does not make him or her a guitarist.

Well, when you first start learning the electric guitar, you will be almost clueless. You might have no idea where to start and where it will end. 

However, considering a professional guitarist as your teacher may not solve your problem. In fact, you need to take some crucial steps to learn the electric guitar in the proper way.

Here we will focus on those things that no one will teach you, but you need to remember those for life-long.

Things To Remember

This is not to master your electric guitar, but if you are confused about your learning process from start to end, we will help you with the whole thing. The process of learning is easy after you know the process of going for it. 

We are not your guitar master, but we are providing you with the things that you need so far to engage yourself in the guitar learning process better.

Keep reading to be aware of some factors and remember the key essentials of learning. 

Well, your process may start with finding the right guitar for you. Do not hesitate to scout if you need the best electric guitar. 

Focus More Than Practice

Whenever you start talking about guitar learning, people will ask you to practice more and more. Whether you search online or go to a guitarist, they always say, “Practice, practice, practice….”

Well, it cannot always be your main concern, but 15 minutes of focused practice is better than an aimless practice of one hour.

So, it’s time to focus more on your learning process and know what you will learn so far. 

Focus On Your Guitar Strings

A guitar’s strings will be a big factor in your learning process. As a beginner, you need a better string to go for. Without a better string, things will not come easily on your radar. 

Different strings possess different characteristics. If you want to know what electric guitar strings are for beginners, you may need to go through some instances.

  • Feel.
  • Tone.
  • Playability.

As a beginner, you need something not so loose or stiff. 

You cannot afford a string that is stiff because it will hurt your fingers and also can be difficult to press down. On the other hand, considering a loose string may not help you control it properly and does not hold the tuning as well. 

Apart from that, you need a better gauge for proper playability and a brighter tone as a beginner. 

Listen To Different Genres Of Music

A better guitarist is always a better listener. This might not be enough if you have a good taste of music. If you have the ability to judge between music and also adapt multiple processes, then only you are a listener.

People love to stay in one genre and think that they have a good choice or taste in music. Some people will definitely agree with your taste, but some will not. As an artist, your first instance will be to adapt to new things. 

If you are not open to change, then your taste will be the biggest enemy of your electric guitar learning process. 

Apply What You Learn

Without applying what you learn, the guitar class will not help you a lot. Sometimes we see people go to the guitar class and then pick up the guitar in the next class. In between, there is no practice on their own. 

An expert cannot make you an expert unless your expertise. So, the process is simple!

Give your guitar more time and be a night learner when there will be no one awake to disturb you. If you want to be an expert, go beyond disciplines and keep no boundaries. 

Take Good Care Of Your Instruments

Buying instruments will not be enough, but you need to take care of those. When you are not using it, keep it properly. Electric guitars are difficult to handle as they are more prone to damage than Spanish guitars.

Keep that in a proper bag and also keep other valuable equipment within the case after using it. Apart from that, always keep the battery in a cool place. 

You Can Go For It Alone

The guitar is not a particular thing that you have to learn with the help of a master. Art is not always school-based. Yes, there is a process, but when you are willing to learn an electric guitar, then you already know how to go with the Spanish guitar. 

Things are not complicated with the basics, but you have an open path to becoming a professional. Being an expert with an electric guitar is not simple but very much possible all alone. 

Well, no one is alone in the learning process, but very few get the chance to learn things on their own. So, you have the opportunity now to learn from your own errors. 

However, getting a fellow musician by your side makes this process a lot easier and quicker.

Well, our concern is to go beyond the equipment that you need so far to treat your guitar alone.

  • Capo.
  • Metronome.
  • Tuner.
  • A few different guitar picks.
  • Guitar strap.
  • A cable and a small practice amp.

These are the things that will save you time and money. It’s time to pick your best song as soon as possible.