Pass 70-533 Microsoft Exam Easily to Become Certified Azure Professional

Owing an IT certification is a necessity nowadays, as the number of individuals who would like to work in IT has increased recently. To choose the best candidates for a position, employers choose those, one that is certified. IT certifications by leading IT vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware differentiate those whose skills have been testified by globally recognized IT vendors. So, IT certification is a prominent feature that makes you noticeable in the crowd.

Microsoft provides the credentials that help IT professionals to demonstrate their skills and proficiency with Microsoft products. It offers credentials for beginners and professionals, for those who would like to reach their goals. Its certification program refers to a wide range of categories, which include cloud, data, app builder, mobility, productivity, and business applications.

The enthusiasts enrolled in the Azure course, as well as certified Azure specialists, are in high demand nowadays as more people choose to lead their businesses on a modern cloud computing platform such as Azure. Developers use Azure to create, test, manage and deploy applications. Specialists working with Azure need to be certified, and constantly update their skills, as Azure being a complicated platform requires top skills.

The first and prominent Azure certification is of associate level – MCSA: Cloud Platform. To gain it, one needs to take two exams of the four available 70-532, 70-533, 70-535 and the upcoming one 70-537.

This article is focused on 70-533 exam, as one of the few tests offered by Microsoft that grants the certifications in Microsoft Azure Solutions. The test is a stepping stone towards being MCSA: Cloud Platform or MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certified. In the world where almost every company starts using cloud computing technology to manage one’s business, being Microsoft certified is a necessity.

70-533 exam description

70-533 exam refers to the implementation of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions. The exam has been designed for the experienced candidates who possess enough skills to work with Microsoft Azure and implement infrastructure solutions, who are able to provide lifecycle management for applications.

After passing Microsoft exam 70-533 the individuals are able to prove their skills in Azure to the potential employers. The test is tailored to measure the skills necessary to accomplish a variety of techniques applied in the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. The main topics that are covered in the exam are Creating and Managing Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines, Implementing Virtual Networks, Managing Azure Security and Recovery Services, Managing Azure Operations, Designing and Implementing a Storage Strategy.

Microsoft 70-533 MCSA Azure challenges the candidates to attempt about 40-60 multiple choice in approximately 120 minutes. In case you failed the test, the retake policy states that you can take the test for the second time. If the candidate does not accomplish a progressing score the second time, then he/she must wait no less than 14 days before taking the exam for the third time. Note that you can’t take the exam more than five times a year.

To achieve the tremendous results on your first try, it is important to make use of the online resources that Microsoft provides to candidates.
To begin with, practice tests are a very close simulation of the actual exam. Take on more of 70-533 practice tests which can be found on the internet.

Find more details about Microsoft 70-533 exam at Microsoft official website.

Secondly, make use of an online training platform – the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA). Here, the candidates are able to access explanatory videos, articles, and blogs to use them in sharpening their knowledge of Microsoft Azure Solutions.

Another way to prepare for 70-533 Microsoft exam is by enrolling in a study group. Study groups enhance the productivity among the individuals as you get to share tips and documentation to use in preparation. Moral support is also achieved because members get to encourage one another through the process.

Reasons to get Microsoft certification

There are numerous advantages to an IT specialist after accomplishing Microsoft certifications.

First and foremost, certified professionals possess many valuable skills. They are respected for their comprehension of Microsoft products. It puts them out on the business advertise as the attractive and acknowledged workers. The employers prefer certified employees to those who do not have the certification.

Additionally, as Microsoft products are broadly utilized around the world, MCSA and MCSE certifications give the individuals favorable positions for extensive career options. With such involvement in the implementing of the Microsoft products, one is opened to numerous positions in the IT industry.

There are many career options open to an IT specialist with the Microsoft credential. These opportunities related to systems administration, programming, and Windows Server aptitudes that are particular to Microsoft products.

Microsoft certification opens an expert to a community of other experts. Through the credential, one can get access to the various benefits and ensure his/her professional development. What’s more, a certified specialist can influence the development and improvement of services provided by the Microsoft company.

Most importantly, getting certified enhances your professional value. This is expressed in a rise in wages. The bonuses of being certified are indeed worth the sum an individual may have spent on the preparation procedure.

My personal experience of passing 70-533 exam

As far as I can tell, it was an extraordinarily far-reaching and complex test with a considerable amount of questions related to hands-on experience. To clear the exam, a professional must have a strong background in projects with Microsoft Azure, which includes creating applications on the platform. Having that experience, you will be capable of answering the questions without any struggle.

I managed to score a bit more than 800 points out of the possible 900. This is a comprehensive exam, and it requires specific skills from you to complete the tasks related to working with cloud and hybrid solutions, providing support to application lifecycle management. To sit for 70-533 certification exam, you need to have profound knowledge about such concepts as VMs, PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC), VM Scale Sets (VMSS), Azure Container Services (AKS), Azure Site Recovery (ASR), Azure StorSimple, among many. During my exam preparation, I took video courses, used study guide for the 70-533 exam from Amazon, and practiced many 70-533 exam dumps to find the topics needed to pay more attention to.

Without a doubt, achieving a Microsoft credential, especially in developing Microsoft Azure Solutions will open one to the numerous possibilities in the IT world. The range of the abilities gained during the preparation time will not only help you in your daily tasks but also in receiving next-level certifications. Just have proper preparation and use reliable sources that provide solid material.

Get more skills related to Microsoft Azure

In the world where businesses are migrating to the Cloud, Microsoft certifications are in high demand. Along with 70-533 certification test, one should take 70-532, 70-535 or 70-537 certification exams and will finally be the owner of MCSA: Cloud Platform credential. Let’s dwell our attention on these exams; thus, you could choose which to sit for.

Exam 70-532

Microsoft 70-532 exam validates the skill set of an individual in designing, programming, implementing, automating, and monitoring Microsoft Azure Solutions. Primarily, it is targeted at the developers who are ready to advance their status. There are no formal prerequisites to sit for the exam. However, the candidates should be experienced and proficient with techniques, approaches, and development tools such as Visual Studio, C#, and ASP.NET MVC that are used to build scalable solutions.

Exam 70-535

70-535 exam is for those candidates who are interested in architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions. Those who are going to sit 70-535 exam should be proficient in Azure services and able to apply their skills to design both public and hybrid cloud solutions.

Exam 70-537

As for the 70-537 exam, it’s a new one and it is coming soon. The only thing which is known about it is that it will check one’s skills and knowledge related to Hybrid Cloud and Microsoft Azure Stack.


As the world keeps on developing quickly in the tech field, the skills in Microsoft utilities will surely help you to jump into a superior job role. I hope that after reading this article, you will enlist yourself for your next 70-533 exam or choose to take 70-532 and 70-535 exams and pass them with success. Get certified today and increase your value in the IT job market! Just keep pace with the rapidly changing IT world.