In What Ways Could Thumbnails Be Set to Evolve in VR?

Virtual reality is set to be the next major piece of technology, and it will doubtlessly change the way people use the internet. There’s a chance that today’s traditional webpages won’t exist anymore, meaning that entertainment offerings will have to appeal to people in new ways.

Thumbnails have been a revelation in entertainment, as they have served to condense massive amounts of choice. These may still exist in VR universes, but they have the potential to evolve in many exciting new ways.

Thumbnails are Crucial in Entertainment

With the rise of online entertainment, people are faced with more options than ever. The thumbnail has been a great innovation, as it allows people to get a taste of an entertainment option before they click on it.

The online casino at Paddy Power Games is a prime place to see thumbnails in action. There are hundreds of slot games to choose from, and developers have less than a second to draw a player’s attention before they scroll on. Some of the most played games like Age of the Gods and Crazy Time have reached top status thanks to their attractive and instantly appealing thumbnails.

With all the diverse genres available in entertainment, thumbnails need to convey what the title is about so that they draw in their target audience. With slot games, this is achieved through color schemes and the use of common tropes from a genre. For instance, an ancient Egypt themed offering would usually feature pyramids, along with the blues and golds associated with the pharaohs.

Thumbnails even include some dynamic features now, highlighting how they have the potential to become more engaging. The next step for developers will be to transfer these ideas to VR and improve upon them further.

VR Could Bring About New Innovations for Thumbnails

According to a survey from KPMG UK, many believe that the metaverse will become mainstream within the next five to ten years. At this point, internet users will have a brand new way of interacting with content online. Instead of perusing webpages to choose entertainment options, they may be faced with thumbnails in a VR setting, with them appearing in new ways before their eyes.

There are plenty of ways that thumbnails could evolve in this new setting. One of the most exciting developments is the fact that they could be three dimensional and interactive, giving users an opportunity to engage with them before selecting the content.

Thumbnails could become dynamic as well, changing based on user preferences or past behavior. Vox sees huge potential for VR art, and this could spill over into the designs of thumbnails as well. There will be so much opportunity for innovation and creativity, and designers are likely to have a lot of fun.

Thumbnails have become one of the best ways to present content to users in the entertainment industry, and they are going nowhere. They are only set to get better in VR, where the best designers will come up with innovative concepts for them.