6 Advantages of Carrying a Pocket Knife

Carrying a knife can be beneficial to you in several ways in your daily life. These knives aren’t supposed to be your backup skinning knife, but to protect you in extreme survival conditions. They come in handy because a sharp blade is a necessity.

There haven’t been any technological advancements in the collection or series of knives, but men have known to carry and collect daggers and swords since ancient times.

Carrying a knife has been a time-honored tradition for men throughout history. It was also used as a dining tool cutlery until the 16th century before.

If you think that it is dangerous to keep a knife, you are right!

A knife can be harmful because its blade can harm, if not put in an appropriate place. You cannot carry it in your pocket if it is merely a blade because it can harm your body. However, knives with a cover on it, such as folding pocket knives, are easy to put into your pockets. They cannot harm unless you unfold its sheet. Moreover, these innovatively designed knives have multi-tasking functions.

Here we will be discussing some benefits of carrying a pocket knife. 

Peel off fruits and vegetables

Fruits or vegetables, which you do not use without peeling off or cutting frequently, we take them for patients in hospitals, shops, or at picnic places also. You will not find any proper tool to peel off or cut fruits and vegetables; therefore, you will find the ease of keeping pocket knives with you. A pocket knife can easily fit in your pocket. Apart from it keeps less space and can be easily folded with its cover. 

You can survive in wild places

There is no other tool than a unique and small size knife to bring on an adventure trip or hiking. To carry a large home knife is not the perfect choice in your luggage. You can use it for carving on trees when you feel any danger in the Jungle. Your pocket knife has tremendous advantages and can be utilized for multiple tasks. For instance, it can prevent yourself if any animal jumps immediately towards you.

Even burning fire is demanding; rub on a stone and ignite the flame with your miraculous knife! 

Get protection from Animals

A pocket knife acts as a survival tool in the wilderness. Sometimes it becomes necessary for you to protect and defend. You won’t find a better tool while you’re going for a camping or mountaineering trip. In times for survival, a pocket knife is better than a large knife useful whenever needed. Also, on that fishing trip, if you’re planning to go on, don’t forget this tool as it’s going to help you with removing the hook from a fish mouth.

For the Woodworks in your home or your shop

Can openers and tins are always in need of a knife to open the lids, but some situations require your pocket knife more often than expected, as a tool to assemble many projects in your workshop. Yes, you may think the ability to cut and open things up is just when the situation arises, but you can also count on a pocket knife as a tool for your workshop projects.

If your kids are doing a school project, or you want to fix a toy by undoing the tiny little screws, this magical tool will never disappoint you.

Trimming or cutting clothes using your Pocket knife

A pocket knife is helpful in the fashion industry, as well. You can find its need in the absence of a pair of scissors. You can use it easily when you have to trim the cloth because trimming clothes require small scissors. So, this pocket knife is useful. You can keep it in your pocket. It will not be harming you in your pocket because its case will entirely cover your pocket knife. So, use it wisely in your workplace.

Furthermore, anyone of your colleagues can be injured suddenly. So, it is good to keep this knife in your pocket. You can cut cloth and cover your or colleagues’ wound using this small tool.

First Aid

It comes into the best of utility when saving someone’s life or providing first aid. Remember the movies where the victim uses a pocket knife to cut the ropes from behind and escapes the room. In emergencies, it is the ultimate savior. Either for ripping apart clothes or cables or any piece of string. But during the first aid, it can especially help you make a bandage too.


So, either you can rip apart the seat belt of your car or use it while you’re enjoying a picnic; it always comes in handy with benefits more than one can imagine.