Anklets Make A Great Gift And Here’s Why

When buying a gift for someone, especially that someone special, jewelry is a natural choice. However, how can one avoid being too “obvious” or cliche when giving jewelry? The simple answer is to give an unusual piece of jewelry, one that isn’t given a lot. In this case, an anklet makes a great choice.

Just in case you are not familiar with the term, an anklet is exactly what it sounds like. It is similar to a bracelet, but instead of being worn around the wrist, it is worn around the ankle. Because it is so very different and unique, as well as for many other reasons, this gift option makes an excellent choice, whether it’s for a new love interest, a long-term partner, or even for someone who is merely a friend.

They Can Be of Very High Quality

Often, when people think of anklets, they think of the kind of cheap jewelry they can buy at the beach. And, while anklets certainly can fall into this category, they don’t have to. In fact, when looking for an anklet, be sure to decide ahead of time how much you want to spend.

While you can certainly find poor-quality, cheap anklets for an easy, fun gift, you can also give real gold, silver, and jeweled anklets that are designed to be meaningful, to send a special message, and to potentially last the recipient a lifetime.

They Aren’t Common

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons to give an anklet as a gift is that they aren’t common. Think about how many times you’ve given or gifted a bracelet in your lifetime. Counting parents, siblings, partners, and friends, it’s probably a lot. And, while there is nothing wrong with these types of gifts, they definitely err on the boring or cautious side.

Now, consider how many times you have received or gifted an anklet. It’s probably a lot fewer, if you’ve ever given or received one at all! The fact that anklets are not typically given as gifts makes them all the more unique, fun, and surprising.

Plus, they give the wearer the chance to enhance the beauty of their feet and leg area—an area that often doesn’t get a lot of “play” in the jewelry department.

They Can Be Given in Tandem

Another nice thing about giving anklets as gifts is that you don’t have to give them all alone! In fact, they go perfectly with other fun gifts. Maybe, for example, you want to treat your loved one to a full spa day. So, you give them not just an anklet, but a full pedicure or gift certificate for a pedicure service to help them show off that gift.

Or, you gift a nice pair of sandals for the same reason. The possibilities are truly endless in terms of what can be paired with an anklet to make it extra meaningful and memorable. And, really, who doesn’t love a gift with an extra gift attached?

They Can Symbolize an Important Bond

Have you ever heard the expression the “old ball and chain” to refer to a long-time married couple or a couple that has otherwise been devoted to each other for what seems like forever? Whether you have or not, the anklet is directly tied to this image. It signals a lifelong and unbreakable bond between two people.

And, while that often means a married or romantic couple, it can easily refer to close friends as well. Thus, no matter who you give an anklet to, when you give this gift, you are hearkening to an old but meaningful tradition, one that symbolically says that you intend to be indebted or tied to the gift recipient for the rest of his or her life.

Of Course, They Don’t Have to Be That Serious

Of course, with all of that said, anklets don’t have to be all that serious and meaningful, at least not if you don’t want them to be. In fact, that’s the beauty of this piece of jewelry. Depending on the type of anklet you give and the intention of the gift, it can also just be a fun gift.

Thus, the versatility of an anklet is really nice. It can be something sweet and cute to give a casual fling or something much more serious. It’s all in how you present it, and that choice is completely yours to make.

Some People Believe They Have Healing Powers

In addition to being a fun and pretty gift, did you know that some people believe anklets can actually have healing powers? While it may not be scientifically proven, some people think wearing jewelry around the ankle can reduce pain and inflammation in that particular area or even reduce the risk of injury to that area?

While what you choose to believe to that extent is entirely up to you and the recipient, it’s still a nice thought, especially if the person you’re giving the gift to is active with that part of the body, such as someone who is a swimmer, dancer, or skater.

They Can Be Personalized

Ultimately, no matter who you give this gift to, why, or the purpose or meaning behind it, you’ll be glad to know that, these days, anklets can be purchased in all kinds of styles and designs. Maybe you want to give someone an anklet with their initials on it.

Or, maybe you want to give them a heart or other charm with a meaningful message engraved on the back. No matter what your desire or the recipient’s style, you should find it super easy to locate an anklet that is just right for that person and for your gift giving intentions.

They Keep A Secret

Many people also love the secretive nature of anklets. While bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and other popular forms of jewelry can easily be seen by all, an anklet is much more private and secure.

As long as the recipient is wearing pants or other covering garments, including something as simple as a pair of socks, your gift to that person and the meaning behind it can be kept as clandestine as you wish. Whether you simply want an intimate gift or have a different reason to keep your secret, an anklet can be a wonderfully discrete piece of jewelry.

They Spark Constant Thought

When an anklet is given as a gift and the person wears it frequently or, even better yet, at all times, the nice thing is that every time the person happens to glance down at or see the anklet, it sparks a memory of the person who gave it.

And, honestly, people look down at their feet a lot. When they put on their shoes and socks in the morning, it’s the first thing they see, putting you instantly in their mind. Plus, should they ever have to take off their shoes or socks to relax for a moment, they’ll think of you, the gift giver, in that instant.

Even better, people tend to look down at their feet when they’re feeling nervous or insecure, and with your anklet, whenever they glance down, they will be reminded that someone loves and cares for them. Almost like a wedding band or a friendship bracelet, but better, an anklet is a surefire way to remain at the forefront of your loved one’s mind on a regular, daily basis.

An Anklet is Hard to Lose

Unfortunately, with jewelry being small, it is very easy to lose. A bracelet can slip off. Earrings and rings become uncomfortable and can accidentally get left behind at various places. But, because the ankle is a less “high traffic” area, once an anklet is placed, it will typically remain until the user takes it off on purpose.

As such, an anklet is a lot less likely to get lost or misplaced than other pieces of jewelry, making it an ideal gift for someone whom you know is forgetful or who may have lost other similar items in the past.

An Anklet is Unisex and Universal

Finally, know that anklets can be and are often worn by people of both genders and by people of all sexual orientations. An anklet is not a gift specifically made for a man or a woman. It is a gift that is appropriate for anyone and everyone and, as you can see, that’s just one of the many things that makes it nice.

No matter who you are, who you wish to give an anklet to, your relationship to them, or anything in between, this gift is always appropriate and always meaningful. In fact, you can even infuse your own meaning into it, which can’t be said for all or even most pieces of jewelry.

As you can see, there are a great many reasons to give an anklet as a gift and not many (if any) reasons not to. So, what are you waiting for? Find the perfect anklet for someone special today.