How to Become a Cosmetic Chemist

Makeup and skincare – two things that are gravely hard to resist. Be it a highlighter or a moisturizer, the need for cosmetic products is always there. And come on, all of us know that the ‘makeup world’ has moved past beyond these contemporary cosmetic products!

Now we have lip masks, face scrubs, bath bombs, and whatnot! With people’s growing obsession with their looks, it feels as if the makeup industry has also sworn to bring in more of these fresh, innovative items.

In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that today, cosmetics has almost become a ‘necessity’ because everyone wants to flaunt their facial features! Maybe this is why India’s cosmetic market aloof is expected to grow by a stunning 25% by 2025!

But do you know which other industry is also most likely to grow due to the growth of our cosmetic industry? The answer is the Cosmetic Chemist industry because it’s them who formalize and test the cosmetic products. Wish to know how you can become one? Well, here’s how:

1. Get yourself a science degree

Sorry commerce lads, you’re out of the league! The first step for becoming a cosmetic chemist is to gain a basic science degree. This is the stepping stone for your career in the cosmetic chemist industry. But wait, what is the required specialization? You guessed it right – that’s chemistry.

To become a cosmetic chemist, you must have an undergrad degree in chemistry. This translates to the fact that you must be well-versed with subjects like maths, science, and logic. Unnerving? Well, we know.

2. Gain some on-field work experience

Now that you have an undergrad degree in chemistry, why not try your hands in gaining a little on-field experience? Well, honestly, if you are super serious about becoming a cosmetic chemist, you have no option otherwise, sorry!

Go for fellowship programs, apprenticeships, or internships. In fact, if you have a few good networks, we suggest you gain some work experience under a professional and recognized cosmetic chemist. In this regard, CPD Institute is amongst the industry leaders, who can really help you in gaining some truly valuable work ex.

3. Go for a post-graduation degree

Done with earning your undergrad degree and gained plenty of work experience too? That’s great, but the journey still isn’t over. Now, the next big step for becoming a cosmetic chemist is gaining yet another professional degree. But wait, this time, you have to gain a Ph.D. in Cosmetic Science, which is quite a deal.

However, let us get this straight – for entry-level positions in the industry as a cosmetic chemist, this particular post-graduation degree is not at all compulsory to achieve. But for better career opportunities in the future as a cosmetic chemist, a Ph.D. is a requisite.

4. Research further about the cosmetic industry

Degrees and work-ex done, why not do some researching about the industry? That sounds like a good idea, right? Well considering how productive it is, researching indeed is a good idea. You will not only get a better insight into the whole industry, but you will also learn a few technicalities about the industry.

Apart from this, juggling through the many websites and researching for hours on end will also open a new, wider vista of opportunities for you in this industry. And why just limit yourself to websites? Maybe try getting yourself to know a few people working in the industry?

Trust me, networking always helps you in knowing the industry from a personal, unbiased perspective. And remember, the better is your understanding of the industry and its different dynamics, the more you will feel at ease while appearing for the job interviews.

5. Apply for jobs

*drumrolls* We are in the endgame now, quite literally! Finally, this is the last thing you need to achieve for becoming a recognized cosmetic chemist – a job that provides you recognition. And for that, you must prepare yourself for the job interviews.

So, understand the chronology – find out about the company, finalize what kind of cosmetic chemist you strive to become, and apply for the job through a reputed career site. Wait for the big day, that is, the interviews, and make sure you leave no stone unturned into making the hiring company believe why you are the most well-suited candidate.

Over to you…

Cosmetic chemist is one of the best professions for science grads. But is it easy to become one? Well, that depends. Here, we listed the 5 ways through which you can become a cosmetic chemist. We sure hope this article proves to be a helpful read for you.