The Best Guitar Lesson for Beginners: What Should You Look for?

Learning to play guitar is an enjoyable and rewarding experience that anyone can embark on. But as a beginner, finding proper guitar lessons that will help you understand all the basics and get you started in no time is essential.

Many different lessons are available if you want to focus on strumming patterns, scales, or popular tunes. Yet, how do you know which the best one is? This guide will take you through what you should look for in the best guitar lesson for beginners.

A Qualified Guitar Instructor

In finding the best guitar lesson, you should first consider looking for a qualified guitar teacher. Good guitar educators can help you ensure you’re playing correctly.

Likewise, the instructor’s experience also plays a role in choosing an online guitar course. A good instructor should be patient but challenging and be able to explain concepts like—

• Guitar chords
• Guitar basics
• Chord progression
• Strumming pattern

Here are six things to look for in a qualified guitar teacher:

• Experience. Look for a teacher with years of professional experience teaching beginners how to play guitar. The more experienced they are, the better they can adapt their lessons to your needs and learning style.

• Credentials. Ensure your instructor has the necessary qualifications. As such, look for a degree in music or education. Alternatively, look for other valid credentials that prove they have what it takes to give you the best guitar lessons.

• References. Ask your potential instructor for references from past students. This way, you can get an honest opinion about their teaching methods and success rate with beginners.

• Knowledge of chord diagrams. Being able to read chord diagrams is essential when learning guitar. So, make sure your instructor is comfortable with them and can clearly explain how they work.

• Understanding of music theory. Basic knowledge of music theory will help you better understand the construction of songs. Likewise, it can help you develop into a better musician overall.

• Passion for playing. Above all else, look for most guitar teachers who love playing as much as teaching. This passion will come through in their lessons and motivate you to become a great player.


One of the most important considerations when looking for guitar lessons as a beginner is an accessibility. If you don’t have access to a local instructor or it isn’t easy to get to an in-person class, then an online guitar lesson may be your best option.

With online lessons, you can access the instruction from anywhere with a computer or smartphone. You can also learn at your own pace to understand the material.

Best online guitar lessons feature video instruction and written materials, making them great learning tools. This allows you to watch the instructor’s technique while they are playing guitar and ask questions when needed.

Also, many online courses provide feedback so you can receive guidance on improving your guitar playing. And finally, remember the cost of a course. Online instructions are generally more affordable than those from a local instructor because there is less overhead.

Yet, still, ensure that what you pay for is worth it in terms of the quality and content of the material provided.

Structured Lesson Plan

A well-defined curriculum designed for beginner guitarists helps ensure steady progression over time. A good lesson plan should start with teaching a few simple chords.

After that, the instructor can move on to strumming patterns and minor chords. From there, they can talk about music theory and the basics of songwriting. The pace should gradually increase as students become more comfortable practicing guitar.

Understanding the fundamentals will help beginners know their instruments, such as acoustic guitar. Also, learning minor chords gives them the foundation to start playing their favorite songs.

Moreover, it’s essential to focus on the instructor’s teaching method. As such—

• Are they patient, clear, and encouraging?
• Do they adapt their lessons to individual learning styles?
• Are they able to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand explanations?

Variety of Teaching Styles

Every instructor has their approach to helping students learn and play the guitar, so find one whose style is best suited to your needs.

A good teacher can help you develop strong fundamentals in theory and make sure you practice correctly with good technique. Some teachers may prioritize practical playing skills. Then, others may combine both methods of instruction to give you a more holistic approach.

Ensure the instructor can accommodate your learning pace and customize a lesson plan. Ask them about their teaching philosophy and what materials they use in class. Perhaps they’ll have helpful exercises or assignments to help you play chords and scales.

Also, ask for recommendations from other musicians who have taken the same course or guitar lessons. They can offer insight into what makes an effective lesson and which instructors are worth considering.

Ultimately, it’s all about finding an instructor who fits your learning style and meets your individual needs to get the most out of your guitar lessons.