Tips For Building A PC Gaming Setup On A Budget

Many people think that you need to spend at least three thousand dollars to build a PC gaming setup, but you can actually do it on a much smaller budget. All you have to do is put in some time and effort and really try to find some deals and you can build a quality PC gaming setup for a fraction of the cost that you might imagine.

Here are some tips for how to build a PC gaming setup on a budget.

1. Buy as Much as Possible from General Stores

Specialized gaming stores can be very expensive, but you can buy many elements of your gaming setup from general stores. You will need a quality desk to put everything on and there are a lot of cheap desks available in IKEA for just $25.

Upon a quick scan of Kmart Catalogue we found all the latest titles of video games and at a much cheaper price than gaming shops or websites, as well as consoles, controllers, chargers, and everything else that you need for your setup.

You can get a quality pair of headphones for less than $30 which is significantly less than some of the pairs available on gaming sites. Be sure to shop around in catalogues or online marketplaces like Amazon to get the very best deals.  

2. Budget $50-$80 for Your Gaming Chair

You need something comfy if you plan on being at your desk for a couple of hours. Whether you’re playing video games or even just watching YouTube videos, and when it comes to deciding the budget for a chair, $50 to $80 will get you a chair that you can expect to last a long time as long as you take care of it properly.

At this price, you can get a comfortable gaming chair with a good amount of movement features and can choose between a typical gaming chair style or a more traditional looking desk chair.

3. Build Your Own PC

Probably the most expensive part of a gaming setup is the PC. It is highly recommended that you do not buy a pre-built PC, because nine times out of ten you can build the exact same PC for cheaper, and in most cases with even better parts than are in a pre-built one.

You always want to get a desktop PC over a laptop because in order to get the same processing power as a desktop you’re looking at possibly spending about three thousand dollars for something that can be built in a desktop PC for a third of the price. A budget of $300 to $500 will allow a lot of headroom for upgrades in the future and will allow you to play games at decent settings.

It is a common misconception that a PC gaming setup has to cost a fortune. Make sure to do your homework and spend your money in the right areas and you can build a quality PC gaming setup on a surprisingly limited budget.