Reasons to Buy Property in Business Bay

Dubai is a huge number of communities, and each of them is offering exclusive benefits and lifestyles. Business Bay is one of the most widespread choices among local property buyers. People can advance professionally and financially here, as well as achieve the perfect balance between work and personal life. Keep reading to see the top reasons to buy apartments in Business Bay in the UAE.

Business environment

Business Bay is one of the most important commercial centers in Dubai, where a lot of businesses of various types and sizes are based. Life here will significantly affect the daily routine of professionals and entrepreneurs working in one of the local companies. They will be able to forget about early rises, traffic jams and delays. Proximity to work will help to save money on gasoline as well.

Even those who do not work in Business Bay will like this district since it is close to the center. All major attractions are within half an hour’s drive. There is also an underground station in the community, through which it is possible to get to any district in Dubai.

Bright lifestyle

Business Bay offers a lively lifestyle with a great choice of renowned restaurants and cafes, trendy bars, up-to-date sports centers and spas. Locals can spend days walking around branded boutiques, huge shopping centers, amusement parks and other leisure facilities, and there will still be interesting places in the community that they have not yet visited. The Dubai Water Canal, Bay Avenue Park and Studio Seven Art Gallery are just some of the attractions in the district.

Wide range of properties

The local property market is filled with offers that can satisfy the taste and capabilities of any buyer. Apartments here range from studios to five-room apartments. Lovers of large space and luxury can choose a penthouse for themselves in one of the prestigious residential complexes.

Many apartment buildings in Business Bay are completed and move-in ready, while others are still under construction. The district also offers serviced apartments, apart-hotels and a narrow range of villas choice.

Upscale amenities

Residential complexes of the community offer the best amenities in the megacity. Regardless of the type, almost all properties in Business Bay are large. They also have private parking spots on their territory, which is a great advantage for personal vehicle owners. 

Most of the residential complexes are equipped with gyms, spas, saunas and swimming pools. Many properties also have their own laundries, restaurants and cafes. Locals can exercise, go for relaxing treatments and enjoy gourmet meals without leaving home.

Assistance with the selection of property in Business Bay

The selection and purchase of housing is a complex process that requires support from lawyers and experts from the local property market. Contact Ax Capital to get this help and find your perfect option in Dubai.